faith in humanity restored just a little bit

for real though, do you understand how big of a step the lover is for queer representation in south korean tv/cinema? how often is there a kdrama with a queer character, let alone a queer character who gets a happy ending?

there were no stereotypes. joonjae didn’t fall into an internalized homophobia spiral when he realized his feelings. joonjae and takuya weren’t treated as lesser characters next to the straight couples. they had their ridiculous moments and their sad ones, just like the other couples did. and they got their happy ending, too.

i know someone might say it’s “just a kdrama”, but please don’t underestimate the power of television or the importance of queer representation. you don’t know how much hope this drama could give to someone struggling with their identity and feeling like they can’t be happy.

this is really, really great. thank you, mnet. thank you, writer kim. thank you, directors kim and jung. thank you, cast.

Want your faith in humanity restored a little bit?

This is a gathering of the general public of Swansea to mourn the death of a homeless man who was regarded as one of the most humble & polite people you could meet.

Whether he was known as “Tea Cosy Pete”, “Tea bag” or just “Peter”, everyone always had nice things to say about him.

Pete once found a wallet containing a large amount of money and walked all the way from the city center to Mumbles to return the wallet to the owner. He even refused to accept a reward from the owner of the wallet.

That’s the kind of person he was, he would NEVER accept money off of people. The most he would accept is a cup of tea.

It may seem silly that a whole city is upset about the loss of a homeless man, but he wasn’t an average homeless person.

There was so many stories as to why he became homeless, my favourite being that after his wife left him, he vowed to never spend a penny of the riches he had until she came back to him. 
All of the stories revolved around him being selfless & things like that.

Anyways, R.I.P “Tea Cosy” Pete.

Okay so to most of you people out there in the Tumblr-verse, this is just a doughnut. It is not just a doughnut. This is an item that restored my faith in humanity. So I’m sitting in a bus station with iwritefanficnot-tragedies and I’m looking a bit down and fucked over and everything else along those lines. So this random chick next to us asks us to watch her bag for a moment, and we say no problem, so she disappears for a little while and we wonder where the hell she’s disappeared to, some conspiracies do appear and whatnot. So fast forward about five minutes and the girl reappears, and holds this doughnut out to me. “I didn’t quite catch what you were upset about but this is to cheer you up.” I mean C’mon people! This is what we all need to aspire to be. This is the kind of person we should teach our children about, the kind of people that are doing right in the world. So I’m kinda broken right now, and totally in a good way. But this chick bought me a doughnut because she was sitting near us and she thought I was upset about something. This girl is a credit to the universe. And you know what? I wasn’t actually down. I was coming to terms with something really important. Something good. Something brilliant.

I meant to make a post about this earlier but got too busy to do it. But today, my day was made and a little bit of faith in humanity was restored for me.

For those of you who don’t know, I work at a retail store as a cashier (most of the time). Today a woman came in with her two children and were going grocery shopping. I get all of her items rung up and tell her her total (just under $120) when she tells me she wants to use her food card to pay for it. I had to tell her that the store unfortunately doesn’t accept those cards and her face fell. She apologized and told me to go ahead and void the transaction. That was when a gentleman behind her stepped forward and said that he would pay for it. They spoke back and forth for a quick moment, her saying that he didn’t have to, it wasn’t necessary, it’s way too much, she has no way to repay him, etc. and the gentleman telling her he didn’t care that it was nothing to worry about, he insists it was his pleasure. I swear, the woman looked like she was ready to cry when he did it.

Seeing that made my day. It was the nicest thing I have ever seen happen. I’ve only ever heard of instances like this happening. And today I witnessed it. It was…amazing, to say the least, to see a stranger offer to pay for this woman’s groceries just out of the goodness of his heart because she couldn’t pay for it. He spent $120 on a stranger and her two kids and didn’t bat an eye at it or think twice about it

A boy who lives near my hometown has terminal cancer and he really wanted to see the spongebob movie but was too ill to go. Someone contacted Tom Kenny (the voice of spongebob) and himself and all of the actors on spongebob got together and made a special audio just for Julian, along with sending him a personal copy of the spongebob movie. If that doesn’t restore your faith in humanity even a little bit, I don’t know what will.