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Okay so to most of you people out there in the Tumblr-verse, this is just a doughnut. It is not just a doughnut. This is an item that restored my faith in humanity. So I’m sitting in a bus station with iwritefanficnot-tragedies and I’m looking a bit down and fucked over and everything else along those lines. So this random chick next to us asks us to watch her bag for a moment, and we say no problem, so she disappears for a little while and we wonder where the hell she’s disappeared to, some conspiracies do appear and whatnot. So fast forward about five minutes and the girl reappears, and holds this doughnut out to me. “I didn’t quite catch what you were upset about but this is to cheer you up.” I mean C’mon people! This is what we all need to aspire to be. This is the kind of person we should teach our children about, the kind of people that are doing right in the world. So I’m kinda broken right now, and totally in a good way. But this chick bought me a doughnut because she was sitting near us and she thought I was upset about something. This girl is a credit to the universe. And you know what? I wasn’t actually down. I was coming to terms with something really important. Something good. Something brilliant.

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Fuffy and dog emoji thanks

🐶  - adopting a dog together

“this one,” faith says, scooping up the first dog she sees. he’s small and scrappy-looking and doesn’t look a thing like bruiser – the name faith had picked out before they’d even gotten here.

“are you sure?” buffy asks. “there are a lotta dogs here.”

“yeah, but – look at his lil face, b. we can’t leave him here.”

bruiser?” buffy asks.

“what are you sayin’? he doesn’t look tough to you?”

buffy giggles. “he’s cute.”

“he’s not cute, b. he’s a fighter. this guy is coming on patrols with us.”

“okay,” buffy says, adopting a more serious face. “this is bruiser. he will patrol with us, and learn to behead vampires with his fierce teeth.”

“now you got it. here – hold him for a moment, will you? i gotta take a picture. newest family member ‘n’ all that.”

buffy scoops bruiser out of faith’s arms, and he wiggles. “i don’t think he likes me.”

“that’s cause you made fun of his name.”

“i did not! i only… questioned it. you know… once or twice… during the walk here… maybe once or twice at home…” buffy looks down at the puppy, serious again. “i’m sorry, mister bruiser. you are very tough, and will absolutely definitely protect us from evil.”

bruiser stops wiggling and licks buffy’s cheek.

faith snaps a picture.

“you’re both cute,” faith declares. “sickeningly so. makes me wonder how i put up with you.”

“‘cause you love us,” buffy says, and kisses her. “your turn to hold mister bruiser. i still think he likes you more.”

“he’d better,” faith says, but she shifts her new pup so that she’s supporting him with one arm, and catches buffy’s fingers with her free hand. “don’t worry, though, b. he knows he’s got two moms.”

buffy smiles and intertwines their fingers as she tugs faith toward one of the shelter employees.

“let’s get our baby home.”

alright motherfuckers.

it’s time. watching s3ep5: homecoming. and y’all know.. my fuffy ass can barely handle this.., this post ain’t even gonna get to the later Actual homecoming dance scene, just this one.

we start off this scene with the infamous “Buffy and Faith are in the library getting all hot and sweaty” line. a line that Keeps Me Awake at night. i kno the line was just xander being xander, but it makes me wonder if they’ve said any of these things with those two around. buffy’d probably slap his shoulder (lightly) and scrunch her face and call him a perv. faith on the other hand would be like ‘well hey i’d be down for that haha’ and no one really knows if she’s joking (hint: she’s not)

anyways. background info here. scott hope, aka the sickly, twelve year old-lookin’ fellow that buffy was into for all of five seconds, broke up with her. She’s angry and getting out some aggression with training. also: wearin dat sports bra. damn. faith’s like ‘haha guys should break up with you more often’ and if i’m not mistaken, she’s the only character we see who’s giving the ‘fuck that guy, you’re great and deserve better’ kind of encouragement that one needs after a break-up.

and then, faith lehane asks buffy summers to the dance.

the more i watch this scene, the less i see it as ‘subtext’. it’s not even ‘sub’, it’s just ‘text’: buffy and scott broke up, she’s single, and faith asked her out.

ah yes… look at that completely Heterosexual™ reaction. buffy doesn’t exactly know what to say, and she’s obviously surprised at first. up to this point, we’ve only seen her dating/crushing on men (and that continues til the comics, with satsu, though people argue they weren’t Really a thing but that’s a discussion for a different post) but we’ve seen quite a bit of dialogue (between joyce and buffy, especially) that uses being the slayer as a metaphor for being queer. even in the script, it says buffy’s considering faith’s offer, but gets out a flustered, smiley ‘i don’t know about that’. 

and then, faith does something so completely textbook queer i’m surprised i didn’t notice it the first time.

she backtracks real quick to Heterosexual Grounds at the first hint of rejection. the amount of times i’ve done this with girls of indeterminate sexuality is… well, a lot. it’s a foolproof way to see if she has feelings for you or sees you as just a friend, without totally having to out yourself. faith may have jumped the gun here (like… come on, that flustered smile? buffy was defnitely considering saying yes) but knowing what we do with the angel situation, it’s probably better she did. however, by the look on buffy’s face and her response, i honestly think she knew faith was serious. i think she’s probably known faith was into her like that (need i bring up: ‘mixed signals–i have faith for that’ in s7) and i have to ask: if angel hadn’t been back, would this play out the same way? maybe this scene, but later on… i’m not so sure.

tl;dr: faith lehane is a textbook queer and buffy summers isn’t that clueless.

fuffy aus no one asked for (1/ ∞ )
↪ cheerleaders 
buffy anne summers had everything at hemry high. prom princess, a shoe in for next year’s cheer captain: adoration and ass-kissing from students and teachers alike. faith lehane, the metaphorical and literal bottom of the cheer pyramid, hadn’t even been a footnote in her life. but when her parents divorce and her life is uprooted and relocated to sunnydale at the same time faith’s moved to a new foster home, the girls have to start new and climb their way (back) to the top. juggling a new school and a new squad is hard enough without discovering your probable lesbianism and engaging in an affair with the only girl who can take away the one thing you’ve worked for your whole life. but it’s just an affair. no strings attached, right? …right?

OKAY SO I JUST SAW THE CUT SCENES FROM DRIVEN TO WIN AND I ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THEM AND CHICK IS SO GOOD IN THAT GAME???? LIKE UHHH ngl i would have been much more okay if his voice in the game was his voice in the film, it was “eh” but it had more character then his movie voice.

i recommend watching the clips. Its very faithful to chick honestly and hes really makes u feel that hes just become less of a genuinely bitter old man and more of just a goofy, hammy, tv person thats just having a good time. 


I started out with community theater, like local theater. I loved being on stage. I loved telling a story through words and music. I actually ended up going to auditions in New York for Broadway stuff. I didn’t make it there. What I ended up coming back to is, I always was just so obsessed with the storytelling in country music. Shania Twain, Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks — I was so taken in by their songs. So I started singing their songs at karaoke contests and singing every single weekend at something, trying out singing the national anthem here or there.

Just because it was a bad day, or bad week and everything went wrong it doesn’t mean stop being positive. If we are truly hippies, then we will find happiness in the situation
—  Hippierae (me not sure if anyone has wrote something similar to this, just wrote it because this happened to me this week)
1st scenario ever! (Wonho)

‘Wonho scenario where he is unintentionally ignoring his gf and snaped at her when she went to meet him. and later he feels awful for what he said and apologizes?’

First of all this is my first time writing a scenario, so please forgive me that it took me so much time to get it done and that it’s too short, and there are probably tons of misspeling or sth and it generally sucks. I’m sorry! Please forgive me as you forgave Hoseok :D

And thanks to sweet, beautiful and brave @namiangelhan​ for a request. <3
Here goes nothing:

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‘Hello, it’s Hoseok. I can’t pick up right now so please leave me a message after a-’
You hang up and throw your phone on the bed, frustrated at him for not having picked up your call. It wasn’t like you were the type of girlfriend that constantly needed attention and called him all the time, you knew he was very busy and probably very tired due to recording some kind of new show with the rest of Monsta X members. He was away for a week already and you simply missed him. Eatherway you were worried since you’ve sent him 5 text messages today and tried to call him couple of times but he didn’t answer. You were lying on your bed holding an Iphone in your hands, reading old messages from Wonho and scrolling through pictures of him and both of you together wondering about why he’s ignoring you, cause this is how you’ve felt… ignored and you didn’t like this feeling at all. You knew that dating and idol wouldn’t be a piece of cake but this whole situation was new for you, he went away for couple of days ealier due to scheldules, but he never ever ignored you. This was not right and didn’t suite him at all. He always cared for you and he was the one sending you ton of messages and snaps of himself or of what he was doing to make you feel like you were almost there with him. But this time was different, very different. Feeling sleepy and tired you put down your phone. Your eyelids were getting heavy and you felt you’re going to fall asleep in any second.

It was Friday night, you sat on your couch with a bowl of ramen while you were watching some kind of new tv show. You wouldn’t bother to spend your time cooking for dinner again since you knew you would eat it alone. You felt bad without Hoseok being beside you and you also felt bad for not getting any text message from him for a second day in a row. You were about to go take a long, hot shower. Just when you stepped into the bathroom you heard your phone letting you know that a new message is waiting for you. You rushed back to the livingroom where you left your Iphone. You took it in your hands and a smile appered on your face when you saw he the message was from.
’ Hi, sorry for not answering yesterday I was very busy, I’m all good.’ that’s it. That was all Hoseok wrote. You were happy that he was fine but you had a feeling that he just wrote this so you won’t bother him for some time.
’ I’m good too, thanks for asking. Call me when you can pls.’ you wrote back being a little annoyed. He didn’t even ask how things are home. You didn’t want to believe that he  simply does not care about it because you knew him and you knew that he loved you and cared about every little thing you were doing.
'He’ll be back tomorrow anyway so all will be good’ you said to yourself and went to take the shower, you actually now needed it more than few minutes before.

It was almost midnight when you’ve heard the rustling noises from your front door. You sat up straight not knowing what to do. You were actually worried that someone broke into your house, but then you saw Hoseok standing in your bedroom door with bags in his hand, which he just threw on the floor. You were automatically relieved when you saw his gorgeous face. You got out of bed as fast as you could just to hug him and tell him that you missed him, thinking that probably he will tell it back to you  and apologize for ignoring you. But all your hopes vanished when you saw how irritated and exhausted he was.

'Are you okay?’ You followed him to the kitchen. 'Have you eaten ? ’
'No.’ He answered coldly to you after taking a sip of orange juice. ’ I’m going to sleep.’ He kissed you on the forehead before leaving you alone.
That’s all?
You wanted him to come home to you so badly  but this is not exactly what you were expecting.You didn’t want to pick a fight because it was very clear that he was exhausted, so you just got back to bed.  When you entered the bedroom you saw Hoseok lying on his back and staring blankly at the ceiling.

'What’s wrong?’ You asked as you sat on the edge of the bed.
'Nothing.’ That was his answer.
'Oh really?’ You looked at him rolling your eyes slowly.
'Really’ You just sighed putting your head on the pillow and covering yourself with a blanket, getting ready to fall asleep again.
’ You sure that everyth…’ You started.
’ Yes, everything is fine. I’m tired and I want to sleep ok? So can you please give me a break?!’ He raised his voice.
'Give you a break?! Like you ignoring me for couple of days wasn’t enough….’ You were shocked by the words you heard from your boyfriend. He was away for so long and he doesn’t even want to answer a couple of your questions.
'Just please stop talking already.’ He turned his back, now facing the wall. You didn’t know what to do, so you just turned of the lamp beside your bed and closed your eyes trying to contain the anger that was now piling up in you.  After an hour of trying to figure out what you did wrong to deserve what Hoseok said to you, eventually fell asleep.
When you woke up the other side of the bed was empty, first you thought that maybe your boyfriend went to the bathroom to take a morning shower, but you couldn’t hear any sound of flowing water, so he was just not home. You got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get some water but you froze in place when you saw Wonho wearing an apron and bustling around the kitchen probably making a breakfast.
’ Good morning babe’ He said sweetly giving you a peck on the lips. You just blinked quickly a couple of timew still being dumbfounded. ’ I hope you’re hungry’ he added few seconds later putting some delicious meal and two cups of coffee on the kitchen table. He took off the apron and grabbed your hand leading you to your seal.
’ What’s all this?’ You asked looking briefly at him and pointing on the food.
’ Ummm… Breakfast?’  he smiled trying to be cute. ’ Look bebe, I’m sorry for all this, you know… I really am. I never wanted you to feel bad or ignored, I screwed up and I am aware of that. It’s just…a lot of things happened so fast and I was overwhelmed and tired and stressed out and… please forgive me… please?’ He was kneeling infront of you holding your hand in his and looking into your eyes. You knew he was telling the truth and you felt he was truly sorry. You just smiled lightly hugging him and kissing his chick.
'Your faith now depends on this meal Hoseok, if it’s bad you’re screwed if it’s good I will think if i can forgive You or not’ you both chuckled a little.
'Thank you’ he whispered in your ear kissing it. You forgave him and he knew that. Everything was all back to normal now.

“I was 11 and I had this demo CD of me singing Dixie Chicks and Leanne Rimes songs.”

“I was influenced early on by all of the great female country artists of the ’90s and all of the cool music they were putting out. Like Shania, Faith, the Dixie Chicks. It was such great music, and it completely drew me in to country music.“