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Our Story

[December 24th, 1991] 

While Jamie and Claire’s studio remains the same, the flowers change with the turn of seasons: their petals have become felted cloth, now neon-bright as they hang from a child’s mobile. The pots along the sill are gone, their soil-dust trails cleaned and roots transplanted to a community garden. In their place, sits a collection of shiny, new tools for a shiny, new crib, which stands half-assembled beside the cot. All the while, the flower mobile blooms above it, suspended in silent wait for spring. For Faith.

Come April, Jamie and Claire will bring the sunshine into their home, no longer needing the single window and its lancing, evening light. Come April, they will have marigold walls, yellow linens, and bright rubber duckies floating in the sink. All of this for the baby that will sleep inside the shiny, new crib beneath the flowers that will never die.

Faith. This is the name they have given their future, no longer an unfurnished corner in their studio, but a growing presence inside Claire’s belly.


“That bad is it?”

“Worse than bad. I look like a whale who’s just fucked a Christmas tree.” 

Jamie opens his eyes, his wife framed by his fingers, and he moves his hands to stifle a laugh.

“And a few wee penguins at that…”

You’re not helping,” Claire whines, examining her reflection in the mirror. Rounded cheeks, rounder stomach; sharp lines blurred by months of pregnancy. All afternoon, she has scolded and cajoled, bribed and threatened her cottons and nylons – “Stretch, stretch, stretch, damn you!” But the fabrics are stubborn, loath to surrender their claim on Claire’s body to the child pushing against them.

“Jamie, I can’t go out wearing this!”

“I dinna see how you’ve much choice in the matter, Sassenach,” Jamie replies. The sweater – the same one she’d worn the evening they met – hugs her stomach. Tight but still discreet, only a flash of flesh above her waistline. “Party’s at 8. We’ve no time to go shopping for a proper outfit. It’s either that or what God gave ye.”

“Oh, wouldn’t that be a treat? A naked, pregnant woman sipping virgin egg nog in front of the buffet. Happy bloody Christmas!”

“Angus wouldna mind.”

“Well, so long as the host is happy…”

I wouldna mind…”

Claire snorts and twirls, as if to say, “Are you sure of that?” (He is, absolutely, and to the marrow of his bones.)

Jamie sighs. “D’ye want me to wear mine too?”

“You mean your lager-stained pullover? With the Santa looks that looks like he’s got vomit in his beard?

“Aye, that’s the one.” 

“Yes,” she replies, grinning. She remembers where it lies amongst the rest of their clothes, just as she remembers its wooly scratch against her breasts two years before. Jaime’s hands (so much larger than hers, even then) lifting it up and over, laying her bare beneath the fluorescent lights of his dorm room. “Yes, I want you to wear your Belligerent Santa jumper.” 

Jamie nods.

“And no beer for you, either. Just store-bought non-alcoholic egg nog. My misery needs company.”

“Fair is fair.”

“And – ”

“There’s more?”

“Much more.”

Ach, weel. Anything for the most beautiful woman in the room.”

“Oh, Rupert will be so grateful for the attention, Jamie.” 

“What are friends for?” He draws closer, vibrating. “But what about you, Sassenach?”

“Me? You’ll look more ridiculous than I will. I’ll be peachy and taking shots of fake egg-nog!”

Claire finds the sweater and throws it to Jamie, watches him catch it. The hem is still an unraveled spool, which she winds and winds around her finger. Once, twice, three times until it marks her skin in a pale, white ring. She pulls it taut, feels the slow draining of her finger as the blood retreats. Electricity between them (the pipes groan, the winter thaw come at last).

“Now,” Claire purrs, “put that on so I can take it off you.”

“D’ye think we have time?”

“Of course we do,” she says. (It will not always be this way but right now, in this moment, they are young and immortal.)

“Well then,” Jamie says, bowing. “Your servant, madame.”

Fear of hypocrisy .

Imam al-Bukhaari  said in Kitaab al-Eemaan (the Book of Faith) in his Saheeh:

Chapter: Fear of the believer inadvertently cancelling out his good deeds.

Ibraaheem al-Taymi said: When I compare my words with my deeds, I am afraid that my deeds belie my words.

Ibn Abi Mulaykah said: I met thirty of the companions of the Prophet  all of whom feared that they might be guilty of hypocrisy,

Hange’s Choice

Stay with a friend or witness a once-in-a-lifetime scientific event? That was Hange’s choice. Only there never really was a choice. Hange never considered leaving her friend or her dying Commander. Aside from a few glances to the rooftop, her focus stayed with Levi and Erwin. 

Think about it. A few dozen yards away, a dying human is receiving a serum that will transform him into a mindless titan. Armin goes through the process of eating a shifter and returning to a healthy human form. Yet Hange, “titan-obsessed, mad scientist” Hange, barely spares it a glance. The person who lives for discovery and understanding gave up the opportunity to witness this process in person.

Some things are more important than science. Friends. Comrades. Saying goodbye. As Armin is returning from his titan form, Hange is gently closing Erwin’s eyes.

(Thank you @akira1love for pointing this out to me earlier today! I had completely missed the significance of this.)

Bittersweet Faith - Part Four (Epilogue)

TITLE OF STORY: Bittersweet Faith


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld


GENRE: Romance, Angst      

FIC SUMMARY: Loki wants an heir and he thinks the only way to get one is to steal a child from a Midgardian. He takes the baby from a single mother, leaving her heartbroken and hopeless.


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR’S NOTES: Finally finishing up this series. Hope you enjoyed it. I know it took me forever but my life’s a mess and I don’t have much inspiration to write anymore when I get no feedback. 


One | Two | Three


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“They will definitely come back.

Let them show the Universe what Samurai are.”


Darkened Light, Starless Night - Chapter 1

Chapter One | Chapter Two

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanley Pines, Stanford Pines
Word Count: ~1800
Summary: Things don’t go back to normal overnight, and Stan has doubts that there’s even a normal to go back to at all. (blind faith au)
Notes: hey! this fic is inspired by Blind Faith by @pinesinthewoods, and picks up where that one ends, so go read that first if you haven’t already!
also on ao3

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Midnight Oil

London in 1885 was a time of propriety, social graces, and respectability…on the top layer. But take a wrong turn down an alley and you’d find yourself in another side of Victorian England entirely. One minute, Walter White is the owner of a respectable apothecary. The next, he and a certain smart-mouthed newsboy named Jesse Pinkman are thrust into London’s criminal underbelly: a world of back-alley knifings, nimble-fingered pickpockets, pawnshops, dockside garroting, raucous music halls, and shadowy individuals who would like to see the pair dead. Now they have to navigate a hidden underworld of London where the alleys flow with blood, lust…and a certain drug called opium. 

Breaking Bad Victorian AU

Co-written by: Porkchop_Sandwiches & VillaKulla
All The Wealth The Past Has Made: Or A Personal Account Of The Lunar New Year, 186 - OurImpavidHeroine - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mako/Prince Wu (Avatar)
Characters: Prince Wu (Avatar), Mako (Avatar), Original Characters, Lin Beifong
Additional Tags: Post-Series, Post-Canon, Romance, Diary/Journal, Polyamory Negotiations
Series: Part 14 of The Abdication of Hou-Ting LIV or: How Wu Learned to Stop Being Foolish and Love the Detective

Fire Lord Izumi welcomes the families of her father’s dearest friends for a Lunar New Year celebration at her holiday residence on Ember Island.

Wu is invited along because he’s royalty; naturally he details it all in his faithful diary.

Chapter 3: In Which The Rest Of The Family Arrives


Decorations are made; the Zaofu Beifongs arrive.

Next chapter is up! Enjoy!

♡ proverbs 31 devo ♡

Hello there! 

Christian women often are told that they have to be a certain way, or act like they are perfect. But have you ever read what God wants us to be?

As I pondered upon this, I remembered Proverbs 31. This chapter is written by a king, whose mother taught him how a woman of God should act. What does she say? Open up your Bibles!

Now as I read, I created a list.

1. We should have faith. Serve God with your whole heart, and believe that He will do good. 

2. Have a faith-filled relationship. This chapter mentions a lot about taking care of your husband, but every single relationship should keep God first. Don’t give your husband or boyfriend a reason to doubt you.

3. Be a sister. Pray for your church and church family. You never know when they will need you, so always be ready to be there for them. 

4. Health. You can’t be superwoman! Don’t overdo yourself, keep your own personal health in check. 

5. Serving. Be obedient to God! Do what he tells you to do! Let go of your pride whenever The Lord moves on you.

6. Industry. We women shouldn’t be lazy. Whether you have a job or you clean the house, don’t be useless! God never intended anyone to sit around! 

7. Be a homemaker. Take care of your household. Cook meals, keep your home a sanctuary, be a mother/wife. 

8. Manage time wisely. If you are given responsibilities, make sure that you complete them all. 

9. Beauty. Make sure that you never lose your inner-beauty. Even if it does get hard. 

10. Show Jesus. Be a witness for your saviour! If you know someone is lost, pray for them. Always keep a smile, after all, you could be the only Jesus someone sees.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this devotional! It was week number one for my ministry, Virtuous Women, which I encourage you to go read about on the up-coming page that will be linked here! God bless!

Blind Faith: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Phew! Done with the first chapter! This is my fic based on the Blind Faith AU, where Stan and Ford get stuck in the portal together. Lots o’ angst in this story. Thank you to my sister, farfallavendetta, for editing this chapter and helping make it much better!! Hope you guys like it.

Stan groaned and stirred on what felt like stone ground. What the hell happened? Was he mugged? Had he gotten beaten up again? Was he going to wake up in some alleyway stripped of his coat and shoes? No, those were still there. Stan wiggled his fingers, his toes. So far so good. Nothing really out of place, no bruises…except… He hissed as a sharp searing pain lanced through his shoulder. Then everything came crashing back on him like a tidal wave. The basement, the portal, the fight… a searing pain, the lurching feeling of seeing his brother suspended midair, then grabbing him around his waist. White light, breaking through a gelatinous membrane, a tingling sensation, then nothing.

That meant…


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anonymous asked:

will there be a fourth touch faith chapter and a fifth and a sixth and an 80th (I want to read this gold until the end of time)

And yes, there will be at least two more parts to Touch Faith, maybe three, I still don’t know! But it’s going to end eventually, sorry! Thank you so much for saying this tho!

In Defense of Attack on Titan 90

I’ll admit, this timeskip really came out of nowhere and the 104th seeing the ocean so soon caught me off guard as well. However, I have faith that future chapters will provide what the fans are looking for.

The Titans have been completely cleared out from Wall Maria and nearly all of Paradis itself, and this has been considered by some to be anticlimactic. But there’s one big element to Attack on Titan that’s being forgotten: the Titans aren’t the real enemy. Ever since the start of the Uprising arc and perhaps even earlier, we’ve been well aware that humanity in the Walls has more enemies than the Titans. And with the revelation that only Eldians can become Titans, this further solidifies their place as a problem to be solved rather than a great enemy to be overcome. Eldia’s great enemy is Marley, and their next move is coming.

There’s definitely going to be a final conflict, but it won’t necessarily be with the Titans. Zeke, Reiner, and the other warriors are still out there at Marley’s command, and they’ve always been the real enemies of Eldia. In a way, things haven’t changed. Before, the Titans were the enemy and the Walls were humanity’s safety. Now, we know that the whole world is Eldia’s enemy, and the ocean is Eldia’s new Wall. I’m not sure when or how it will happen, but there are still enemies to be dealt with and a final battle to be fought.

I can understand the discourse a bit more when it comes to individual character developments though. I also wanna see Reiner’s reaction to Bertolt’s death, and if that isn’t covered then I’ll be really disappointed. However, I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing the warriors all together in a flashback in the near future, and a chapter like that would be the perfect time to see how Reiner handled Bertolt’s death. I also have a feeling we’ll learn more about Ymir’s situation when that moment comes around. But this is all just my speculation. 

As @hamliet has said recently, Isayama isn’t one to forget or neglect plot points that are important to his story. Furthermore, Isayama has said that he knows exactly how his overall story will play out (though he admits to being uncertain about individual characters). Based on this, chances are this timeskip wasn’t some last minute decision. If we haven’t seen things like the “Ackertalk” or Levi’s thoughts of Erwin’s death yet, then I’d imagine that either the effects of these events on each character’s personality will be seen in future chapters, or they weren’t going to change the characters in any major way in the first place. 

To me, Floch’s argument with Eren sort of symbolizes the story’s situation right now: while some issues can’t be easily dismissed, these characters are reaching the endgame just like us, and holding onto the past isn’t going to help their fight in the future.