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After coming across this prompt@pemprika and I couldn’t stop thinking about it; hence the birth of this comic. It was just too good an opportunity to pass up! MUCH LOVE TO THE benevolent and beautiful Sharon who patiently and willingly put up with my nitpicking and constant expanding of the canvas (blame drawpile for making it so easy to expand)!! This was our first comic collab and it turned out to be super fun A+++ thank the holy au prompt for that god bless 

also quoting sharon:

more comix to com in the future cuz fun af

I’ve learned more about myself and my partner in a long distance relationship than I have with people I’ve dated right in my area. The thing is, It’ll test the hell out of you. It’ll test your faith in the relationship, your morality when no ones looking, your maturity during times of adversity and your love for your significant other. Of course they’ll be sleepless nights alone and long waits between visits, but that time apart helps build a foundation before you just up and live with the person. 

Once your LDR is done testing you, it begins teaching you. With nothing between ya’ll, but miles apart and a phone call away, it’s definitely going to teach you how to communicate- and once you reeeally communicate with your significant other, and learn what they like, dislike and will not tolerate, you gain a mutual respect for one another. Them expensive ass plane tickets will teach ya ass something too; quality time is much more important than quantity time. It don’t matter if its just for a weekend, you learn to put differences aside and you cherish the hell out of those days spent and when you hop your ass back on that plane, and the minute you’re no longer in arms reach of your lover anymore, it’ll teach your ass appreciation. 

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Hi I read your theories daily. You have an amazing way of explaining things. My question is this. Do you think that Castiel and Kelly will become romantically involved the way that I do?

Thank you :)

Though I’m super surprised how you could think I in any way might think this is a thing! lol….  2 posts: here and here show why I absolutely do not think in any way that they will become romantically linked.

Cas is her protector, this isn’t because of HER but because of WHO HE IS and his faith and morals (note, this is an important theme this season and is the title of the next episode, where DEAN I believe is figuring out who he is whilst helping MARY remember, just saying).

Kelly has been raped and tortured. She is not looking for a hook up.

Kelly will most likely die, I head canon killed by Lucifer, but I’m just speculating based on my readings.

But really, if she doesn’t die, how does she fit in the narrative? Even if she does, hoe does she fit with Cas?

Cas’s story is linked to the NEPHILIM, not to Kelly herself. He cares for her because he is a good person, not because he’s romantically interested in her.

CAS has showed NO INTEREST in a romantic or sexual relationship over 9 years except the one time he was alone, vulnerable and basically raped himself.

Because WHO is Cas emotionally linked to? WHO did Cas rebel against his family for, who he has been with for MILLENIA? WHO taught Cas about free will? WHO never gives up on Cas? WHO did Cas get his grace back for when he didn’t even want it for himself? WHO did Cas sacrifice himself for in this way? WHO has Cas been desperately trying to protect this season? WHO has Cas explicitly told that he loves them? WHO is an emotionally stunted mess of a being who thinks giving a guy a mixtape is a love declaration? WHO has been trying to tell Cas he is family all season? WHO is currently going through a self awareness / acceptance arc which will be made SO MUCH STRONGER in the next episode as he has to face his childhood, his repression and sublimation? WHO cares so much about Cas that they basically have either metaphorically or literally been screaming CAAAAAAS all season?


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Reblog if you want to see a Google Hangout focusing on Religion and Tech Theatre

No promises on this happening, but feel free to write your particular faith, whether you’d want to participate, and what you’d like to see talked about in the tags.

The Worst Foils

Tarvek to Gil’s face: Do us all a favor and keel over, Wulfenbach.
Tarvek when Gil is nowhere nearby: *calls him by his nickname, expresses unshakable faith in his durability and morals*
Gil when Tarvek is nowhere nearby: That bastard, who cares?
Gil to Tarvek’s face: *wrapping Tarvek in a clingy octopus hug* Can we stay like this forever.

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You know how it's bad when lesbians don't date bi girls? I'm a Christian bi girl and I was wondering if I'm doing the same thing when I say I only want to date girls who are also Christian. Am I?

no, that’s completely different. not dating bi girls is just being biphobic, but lots of people only want to date people of their faith because they have shared morals and a big thing in common. there’s nothing wrong with wanting to date inside your religion.

Mehmet then processed into the heart of the city to inspect the buildings that he had visualised so clearly from afar – past the church of the Holy Apostles and the mighty aqueduct of Valens toward St. Sophia. He was probably sobered rather than impressed by what he saw. It resembled a human Pompeii more than the City of Gold. Uncontrolled, the army had forgotten the edict to leave the fabric of the buildings untouched. They had fallen on Constantinople, according to Kritovoulos, with a measure of exaggeration, “like a fire or a whirlwind … the whole city was deserted and emptied and appeared ravaged and charred as if by fire … the only houses left had been devastated, so ruined that they struck fear in the hearts of all that saw them because of the enormous devastation.” Although he had promised his army three days of looting, it had effectively been picked clean in one. In order to prevent even greater destruction he broke his promise and ordered an end to the looting by nightfall on the first day – and it says something for the underlying discipline of his army that the chavushes were able to enforce obedience.

Mehmet rode on, stopping to inspect particular landmarks along the way. According to legend, as he passed the serpent column of Delphi, he struck it with his mace and broke off the under jaw of one of the heads. Passing the statue of Justinian, he rode up to the front doors of St. Sophia and dismounted. Bowing down to the ground, he poured a handful of dust over his turban as an act of humility to God. Then he stepped inside the wrecked church. He seems to have been both amazed and appalled by what he saw. As he walked across the great space and stared up at the dome, he caught sight of a soldier smashing away at the marble pavement. He asked the man why he was demolishing the floor. “For the Faith,” the man replied. Infuriated by this visible defiance of his orders to preserve the buildings, Mehmet struck the man with his sword. He was dragged off half-dead by Mehmet’s attendants. A few Greeks, who were still hiding in the farthest recesses of the building, came out and threw themselves at his feet, and some priests reappeared – possibly those who had miraculously been “swallowed up” by the walls. In one of those unpredictable acts of mercy that characterised the sultan, Mehmet ordered that these men should be allowed to go home under protection. Then he called for an imam to go up into the pulpit and recite the call to prayer, and he himself climbed onto the altar and bowed down and prayed to the victorious God.

Later, according to the Ottoman historian Tursun Bey, Mehmet, “mounting as [Jesus] the spirit of God ascending to the fourth sphere of heaven,” climbed up through the galleries of the church out onto the dome. From here he could look out over the church and the ancient heart of the Christian city. Below, the decay of a once-proud empire was all too apparent. Many of the buildings surrounding the church had collapsed, including most of the raised seating of the Hippodrome and the old Royal Palace. This building, once the centre of imperial power, had long been a ruin, totally wrecked by the crusaders in 1204. As he surveyed the desolate scene, “he thought of the impermanence and instability of this world, and its ultimate destruction,” and remembered a couplet of poetry that recalled the obliteration of the Persian Empire by the Arabs in the seventh century:

The spider is curtain-bearer in the Palace of Chosroes
The owl sounds the relief in the castle of Afrasiyab.

It is a melancholy image. Mehmet had achieved everything he had dreamed of; at the end of an enormous day when he had confirmed the Ottoman Empire as the great superpower of the age, he had already stared over the edge of its own decline. He rode back through the wrecked city. Long lines of captives were being herded into makeshift tents outside the fosse. Almost the whole population of 50,000 had been led away to the ships and the camp; maybe 4,000 had been killed in the day’s fighting. Separated from their families, children could be heard calling out for their mothers, men for their wives, all “dumbfounded by such a catastrophe.” In the Ottoman camp there were fires and festivities, singing and dancing to pipes and drums. Horses were dressed in the robes of priests and the crucifix was mockingly paraded through the Ottoman camp, topped with a Turkish cap. Booty was traded, precious stones bought and sold. Men were said to become rich overnight “by buying jewels for a few pence,” “gold and silver were traded for the price of tin.”

If the day had unfolded in pitiful scenes and terrible instances of massacre, there was nothing particular to Islam in this behaviour. It was the expected reaction of any medieval army that had taken a city by storm. The history of Byzantium could produce many similar episodes that were only incidentally conducted on religious grounds. It was no worse than the Byzantine sack of the Saracen city of Candia on Crete in 961, when Nikephoros Phokas – a man nicknamed “the white death of the Saracens” – lost control of his army for three days of appalling carnage; no worse than the Crusader sack of Constantinople in 1204 itself, and more disciplined than an irrational outburst of xenophobia that had preceded it in 1183, when the Byzantines butchered nearly every Latin in the city, “women and children, the old and infirm, even the sick from the hospitals.” But when night fell on the Bosphorus and on the city on the 29th of May, 1453, and slanted in through the windows of the dome of St. Sophia and obliterated the mosaic portraits of emperors and angels, the porphyry columns, the onyx and marble floors, the smashed furniture and the pools of dried blood, it carried Byzantium away with it too, once and for all.
—  Roger Crowley, Constantinople: The Last Great Siege, 1453, pp. 232-234

Martin Luther King, Jr., on the notion of “the good.” Notice he does not understand the good of the Good Samaritan to consist in the outcome of his actions or the attainment of an ideal. He understands the good to consist in the disposition that makes the concern for others the central element of one’s life.

Any pagans willing to help me out?

I’m doing a quick survey for my final project and was wondering if anyone felt comfortable enough to fill any of the questions out? I’d really appreciate it!

Were you raised in a religious household?

How/Why did you come into your current faith?

What need(s) does paganism fulfill for you that mainstream religion did/does not?

What sense of community do you get from your religion?

Does your religion affect your interpersonal relationships?

How do you perceive the relationship between your faith and your morals?

(totally optional) What is your age, gender, hometown and profession?


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How can I steer people away from witchcraft? Like wearing bracelets with plastic eyeballs for protection against "evil eyes"? Or charms and crystals, that type of thing. It gets me mad, like they're inviting demons into their surroundings, my surroundings. I tell them that the difference between my medal of St Benedict and their witchcraft is the Church's Blessing, but they don't want to hear it. Know any sound doctrine against witchcraft?

Witchcraft is real, it has power—but it’s from Satan, and God’s power is always stronger. Your sacramentals and prayers and the Spirit in you is far greater than the evil one—and that makes the demons angry. 

Warning people about spiritualism and stones and all that demonic stuff is the first step. Telling the Gospel and the Truth is your mission and obligation as a Catholic. Guiding the sinner in the Truth is a Mercy. 

If you read stories of exorcists—that’s powerful. In the Old Testament–the Law calls all witchcraft, divinations, card readers, mediums, soothsayers, all that pagan crap an abomination before God. I have had COUNTLESS experiences with people who do such things and I KNOW it is real and it has some allure. IT’S SATANIC. Satan lures people with “supernatural wonder” and “power” and has people seeking their own divinity and power—-the first sin of mankind. Spiritualism puts you in control and makes you “powerful”,  independent, a deity. “I can heal, I can cast spells, I can get what I want if I do this or that”—-some people treat Christ like that too—-those are evil doers. God is purely Grace and a Gift—he works through you—-not of yourself and NEVER SEEK TO SUMMON GOD’s POWER—-he either gifts you with it or not. Pray to Him and he will do it and He will—-but don’t do it in your name unless you want to go to hell! And it’s real and many people go there for paganism, spiritualism, yoga, and witchcraft. 

Also, sorry to burst your little fantasy land—Harry Potter fans—but Cardinal Sarah—-listen to him—says that book is the gateway for many who fall into REAL witchcraft—because it makes it so wholesome and attractive—-of course not everyone falls into from HP, but it’s a Satanic tool that makes people more open to the idea and makes them colder towards true faith and morals. 
I used to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan and let me tell you—I wanted to be like them, and go to Hogwarts and do what they could do—-and it got me into spiritualism a fair bit—-but God saved me from that temptation! God is good and merciful.

Doing a search on “catholic Church against witchcraft” will provide some resources 

-Julia Therese

Text Posts for Christian Life

A collection of text posts that I wrote to help my brothers and sisters in Christ on their journey of faith.This collection will be updated.

1. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ

This one is about unequally yoked relationships and why they should be avoided.

2. Love, Forgiveness, and Apologizing

This is a post about showing love through forgiveness and what a real apology looks like.

3. “No, What’s Your Personal Opinion?”

To the sibling in Christ who is being mocked for being faithful to Christian morality, this one is for you.

4. Seven Thoughts After a Few Months of Wearing a Purity Ring

These were my thoughts after wearing a purity ring in a secular environment.

5. Done with Dating: Why I’m Choosing Christian Courtship

I have left secular dating culture and this is the story behind that.

6. “What Is That Ring on Your Left Hand? Are You Married?”

This one is for Christians who are thinking about wearing purity rings.

7. My Testimony

It took a while, but I finally shared the story of my faith journey.

8. “Satan Knows Your Name But He Calls You By Your Sin. God Knows Your Sin But He Calls You By Your Name.”

This one is for Christians with same-sex attraction who feel pressure from society to join the pro-homosexual marriage movement. 

9. “The Importance of Modesty”

Unconditional love does not mean unconditional approval. This response to an ask explains why Christians must dress in a way that honors God. 

honestly if you’re an adult who is more preoccupied with whether or not it is TECHNICALLY LEGAL to create content that has been documented to harm kids and which abuse victims have come forward to TELL YOU has harmed them, i have no faith in your basic moral compass. anyone who’s 18+ and only opens their mouths on issues of abuse to say “my shipping has nooooo real world repercussiooooons” or “fake ideological purity is controlling my creative output :( freedom of speech :( it’s just fiction :(” is so ugly hearted and cowardly, lmfao.