faith and hope tour


This is a photo of me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written one of these, but I’m trying to watch Deadpool on a flight to Seattle and I can’t focus because I’m full of thoughts I need to put down. Better late than never again, I suppose.

We’re coming to the end of leg one of The Stories For Monday Tour, and it’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride thus far. Thank you “Western Conference” America for bringing The Summer Set back to life on stage.

I FEEL so much more when I’m on tour. Love. Hope. Faith. Fear. Happiness. Loneliness. Adventure. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. I’m alive again and firing on all cylinders.

The silver lining to “almost breaking up” last year is that now, every single night, we go on stage more grateful than we’ve ever been. We are having fun again snd it shows.

I think we hit a wall at the end of Legendary and jaded ourselves. We were exhausted and it made us apathetic about rushing into a new album. We needed the break. Because now, every minute in every city matters. From each fan in every meet & greet, to evert local cup of coffee. From the biggest shows to the most intimate. You never realize how much you truly love something until you’re about to let it go.

To say the least, It’s been an adventure playing for 90 minutes every night. When we started this tour it was important to me to not just “make it” through the set each night, but to make damn sure that minute 61 of our show was just as exciting and impactful as minute 1.

With that being said, I think these are the best shows we’ve ever played. For a man who wanted to give up on music last year, it sure feels like I’ve come a long way.

See you soon.


Mission and Prayer!

Thursday night of this weekI will be sharing and singing at a missions prayer meeting in Stone a bit about my wife and I as we embark on early adventures into mission with WEC

It got me thinking about the importance of prayer when it comes to mission. This week I have been very encouraged by the focus on prayer each day and before youth clubs etc. You see without prayer…or without God’s coming into our labour (mission) then it ceases to be truly what God’s mission is to redeem the world.Then it becomes our agenda, our events and programmes. But when our efforts are characterised by prayer and seeking God then we are open to a change of direction and our focus is where it should be the God of mission not some agenda.

Not only does it offer focus but it makes all that we might do more effective when God is part of it all.

So be encouraged, whatever you are doing, may it be your act of worship and may it be sustained and build upon the foundations of prayer.

Faith and Hope Tour Part One


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I am just back from the first Faith and Hope Tour events which happened in northern Ireland. I played at Bangor Crusaders friday night, Strean Presbyterian, Newtownards Sat night and shared in two church services on Sunday in Scrabo Hall and Ards Elim, as well as leading the youth bible study in Scrabo hall.

I really enjoyed sharing music and discussion with the folks at these events.

Friday night involved an informal chat with some questions about my music, my faith and future from Simon Russell. I led some worship and played some songs sharing the message of hope in them. Saturday was a bit different, it was more of a youth cafe event which was broken up by an interview from Andrew Frazer, youth leader. On Sunday in there church services I shared some songs and talked about hope in relation to the songs and Sarah and I shared about our progress with WEC international. The youth Bible Study was more of a discussion where the young people fed back their ideas about hope, what it is, and sources of hope. We watched a clip from “Rango” where the Councillor (turtle) explains to Rango that the people in his town believe that the water will come, and that they get though each day because they believe. An excellent moment is when he says “people need to believe in something”. I used that to spark ideas about being hope to other people. Like Rango the new sherif brought hope to the town dirt we can be hope to other people. I shared some ways in which we can be hope to people in the world who are in need and to our firends. i shared some songs such as “Let justice reign” and “wish you all the best” to look at how because of our faith we can be hope to others.

I had a great time this week sharing and really feeling like I was connecting with people as I shared about hope.

Its great. I am excited about more of these faith and hope events. Each will be different, and that is what is exciting about it, it is a very differnet tour for me and approach to using my songs.

Art from the Faith and Hope Tour

When I was doing the Faith and Hope Tour in England and Scotland I took part in a variety of concerts, creative workshops and discussions on hope using the songs from my album “Beyond the Sun”. 

A few of the events involved some sort of creative response.

Here is one of those very responses, a picture of hope in Aiden’s view (11 years old)

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