Breaking Boundaries, Finding Happiness: Being Transgender In Korea
Living as a 'sexual minority' in Korea forces individuals to climb a steep and precarious stairway to happiness.

“I want to become a person who breaks down boundaries. There are many walls and boundaries in people’s hearts and minds that separate them from other people. I want to be a person who breaks down those invisible walls and boundaries, "transgender author KIM Bee said at the Empathy Monthly Forum.

After I decided I would write something about her talk, I found myself staring at the blinking cursor for a good hour without writing anything. Her life was too intense and too beautiful to encapsulate on a page. I wanted to write about KIM Bee the person, and not just KIM Bee the transgender author.


Love Will Find You (Revisited)

I know you’ve lost your faith in love
I can hear it in your wistful sighs

Yet it’s as certain as the morning sun
exploding daily in the eastern skies

Have a little patience my dear friend
love dances to none but her own rhyme

It’s not over I promise, it’s yet to begin
but maybe today is just not her time 

While I see your sorrow in every tear
it’s true that love cares for her own

Remember I told you love will find you 
and then you’ll never again feel so alone

It has been often said that the mind is the devil’s playground. There is a lot of truth in that statement as so many of the spiritual battles we fight against our enemy take place in the mind. Maybe it’s the guilt of a past sin that our spiritual enemy continues to place into your mind or the cravings of an addiction that you have not fully overcome. Perhaps, he whispers negative words that give you doubts about your faith or your ability to accomplish what God has intended for you to do. Do as Romans 12:2 says today and allow God to transform you through the renewing of your mind. Pray and ask God today to remove the negative thoughts our spiritual enemy continues to infiltrate your mind with and allow God to renew your mind and replace the negativity with clarity and purity. Let God help you fight the battle in your mind and gain victory.
—  Experiencing God’s Renewal