Another Humanization added to the ones I’ve done, this time of Reuniclus!  Right off the bat, I knew I’d give her a hijab to mimic the gel around reuniclus, however her outfit was more of a challenge for me to think about. It wasn’t until I looked up hijab fashion that I found out they made wedding dresses for woman who wear them! Let me tell ya, hijab wedding dresses are so pretty.. like… I was floored. So I immediately threw away any ideas I had for her outfit and gave her the wedding dress. She was so fun to draw although the patterns on her dress legit cramped my hands XD

Who’s the lucky groom she decided to marry? You’ll see soon enough >w>
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It happens over a lifespan without him even realizing it.   Fakir is not one for sloppy writing, but it happens anyway.  Not too obvious for most to pick up but Fakir can pick apart everything once he looks back with a sharp eye.

There’s bits of her hidden everywhere.  In the margins, between the lines, she is anywhere and everywhere.  Her essence overflows from the pages.  Her bright, blue eyes can be found in his first book’s protagonist.  Her insecurity lingers on the love interest of the second.  Her smile shines only for the hero of the third.  

And to his embarrassment, he finds parts of himself mixed with hers.  The sidekick of his first book tries and fails at being a protector.  The protagonist of the second finds himself promising to be with the love interest forever.  The hero of the third softens and learns to smile back because of her.

No one but him could trace the path they both traveled through his stories.  Still he found it affecting him all the same.  When Drosselmeyer’s story had first ended, he had worried the two of them would fade away forgotten by the rest of the world.  But looking at this, he knew they might as well be immortal.

In a way, Ahiru would live forever.

The Prince and the Huntress Part 8

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An: long part this time! and as always I’m accepting tags for this.

Fairytale AU

Prince dean X  peasant hunter reader


Today was market day.

As always that meant waking up before the sun, and gathering together your furs and anything you wanted to sell or trade. After packing them all up you set out for the long walk to town.

Two hours later you arrived at the gates, just as people were starting to come. Since you had been coming every market day for years you had your own booth and you knew everyone there, not to mention the ins and outs of the market. Absentmindedly walking the familiar path you didn’t notice how people quickened their pace to pass you, or the looks you were getting as they saw you approach and walk by. Not even the ones who hurried over to the other side of the street in an effort to avoid you, drew your notice.

You’d gotten used to it long ago so the fear and prejudice didn’t even register anymore.

You made it to your booth and started to set out your wares and prepare for the first customers. You didn’t have to wait long.

As much as people didn’t like dealing with the orphan, wild girl who lived in the forest, they did because they knew well enough that your furs were some of the best. Even with the horrible rumors and whispers about you, business was still good. 


“I don’t know Dean, I still think we shouldn’t have left.” Sam said as he and Dean made their way through the mass of people clogging the market streets. “Relax Sammy.” Dean said “There’s no way dad will find out, and come on, you told me yourself you hate spell lessons with Rowena.”  “She is a bit of a bitch.” Sam agreed “That’s the spirit.” Dean said, clapping Sam on the back “Now come on, Soak it in. enjoy it! You get to feel what it’s like to be a rebel for once in your life.” “Shut up.” Sam scoffed, pushing him away. Dean stumbled a few steps, laughing, the sound booming even among the noise of the crowd. Sam too was chuckling and smiling, his whole face lit up.  

It was a few minutes before the mirth faded and when it did the smiles still lingered a little longer.

“Come on, lets go check out the blacksmith, see what he has.” Dean said “You go do that, I kinda wanted to look at the bookstall. I’ll meet you at the gunsmith’s booth.” Sam replied, taking a few steps away “Ok, don’t get into too much trouble.” Dean said teasingly   Sam stopped and looked back. He scoffed, smiled and asked “shouldn’t I be telling you that?” “Yeah.” Dean agreed then suddenly he smirked “But it wouldn’t do any good, I wouldn’t listen.”   He slapped Sam on the back one more time before heading off.

The sheer size and amount of stalls and people peddling things was huge but Dean navigated it fairly well.  He’d been to market day a few times before, though not often. Why go to market day when there were monsters to hunt and people to save in the woods?

Dean was wondering in the general direction of the blacksmith’s, looking at the wares of the other stall as he passed, when something caught his attention.

Or rather, someone.


Dean recognized her immediately, even though the small crowd lingering in front of her booth. For a minute he could hardly believe it. He was so used to seeing her in the forest, hunting, that it was almost strange to see here in the town and weaponless. It helped a little that she was still wearing her usual hunting gear. She was like a forest animal thrown into a bustling city, obvious and out of place among everything else.  Dean liked that bit of wildness, the roughness to her. It made her seem more alive and more real than anyone he’d ever met at court. That’s probably why he couldn’t convince himself away from seeing her again before.

 And why he couldn’t stay away now.

 Smiling, he went over and joined the crowd, waiting for his chance.  He waited till she was finished dealing with a rude customer then stepped forward, picked up the first fur he saw and asked “How much is this?”   She turned to face him, about to answer but as soon as she saw him she froze.

Dean took an indecent amount of pleasure out of catching he off guard and the shocked, stunned expression on her face.  “Dean.” She said in surprise “Unless you know someone else this handsome, yeah. it’s me.” He replied, huge smirk in place “Of course it’s you. No one else has as much of an ego.”  Y/N said  “Not true.” Dean protested “I know a few people that are even more full of it then me.” “Then remind me never to meet them.” She replied “will do.” Dean said   “So, What are you doing here?” Y/N asked after a minute “What, not happy to see me princess?” He asked “No, just surprised.” She answered.

There was another minute of silence before Y/N asked “Did you come here to get something or just for the banter cause one is free and the other isn’t.”

    Dean let out a long, loud, laugh at that. When it finally subsided he answered “I was just headed to the black smith when I saw you, I actually didn’t know you were here.” “Well, a girl’s got to make a living some way. I come here every market day and  sell my furs.  I do alright, enough to get me through till the next market day.” Y/N said

 “Why furs?” Dean asked, picking at one in front of him.

 Y/N shrugged “I knew how, it wasn’t hard and it made a decent profit.”  Just then a woman walked over and held out a fox fur asking “How much? ”When the coins had been handed over and the woman walked away Y/n Turned back to dean and said “Sorry Dean, but I have customers right now.” “No, it’s fine. I get it.” He said disappointment lacing his voice and obvious in his face. 

Y/N thought for a minute then said “Tell you what, meet me back here at 12, the end of the market. I’ll be done then and we can walk around. I can show you a few places in return for showing me that cave of yours.”  “Deal.” Dean agreed, brightening up immediately “I’ll see you then, Y/N.” “See you then Dean.”


When you’d turned around to find Dean standing there you’d been surprised to say the least.

As he walked away you were still surprised but pleasantly so and looking forward to 12 o clock. time passed quickly enough and almost before you knew it you’d sold all the pelts but three which you traded for food and other things you needed. 

You were back, waiting at your stall by 12, the time when most people left for the long journey home. It always ended early so people would have time to get home or at least somewhere to stay before dark. It wasn’t safe for people after the sun went down and everyone had sense enough to know it.

You only had to wait a few moments before Dean came rushing up, panting and slightly out of breath like he’d been running.

“Sorry.” He said “I had to stop at the gunsmith shop for my brother Sam.”   “It’s fine.” You assured him. “So, you have a brother?” You asked as you lead the way, Dean walking next to you.  “Yeah.”  He said you could hear the happiness and pride in his voice and you couldn’t resist looking at him. The happiness and pride were echoed on his face, in his eyes. “His name’s Sam.”  At the name a wide bright smile spread on his face. It was clear he loved his brother.

“Sam, and Dean. Wow, your parents must have been very patriotic.” Of course you knew about the two princes, crown prince Dean and prince Sam. Everyone had. You might not live In the town or visit it on a daily basis but that didn’t mean you didn’t still keep in touch with news.

You lived in the forest, not under a rock.

Plus, you hadn’t always lived in woods remember, you were raised in the town and you grew up hearing about the royal family.

Dean chuckled and said “Something like that.” “Any other family?” you asked “Yeah, my dad. It’s pretty much always been us three. My mom died when I was pretty young, I don’t remember her much.”

you were both silent for a minute, lost in thought. “Anyway, what about you? Do you have any family?”  he asked “I used to, then the plague came along.”

Another minute of silence

 “Is that why you went to the woods?”

“Yeah. There just wasn’t any reason to stay, so I left.”

“Seems kind of a weird place to go.”

Maybe” you shrugged “but it seemed as good a place as any at the time and I was drawn to it. My dad was a trapper and he would tell me all kinds of stories about the forest and the monsters that lived there.”  You let you a rueful laugh “It sounded a lot better in the stories.”  “That’s pretty impressive, you surviving this long, all on your own. Not many people could do that.” Dean said

“Thanks. It helped that I was more prepared than most people who walked in there.”

The two of you had been walking the whole time and, catching sight of an interesting booth you walked over to it, looking at the wares.

“So, what about you? how did you get to be hunter?” you asked “It was because of my dad too. After my mom died he wanted us to be protected, to be prepared so he taught us everything he knew. I just kind of took to it.”

“And what about Sam?” You questioned, putting down what you were looking at “Him not so much.”

“Can’t say I blame him.” You said as the two of you started walking off again “Yeah, I can’t either. The life isn’t easy.” Dean agreed “So, where is this place you wanted to show me.” He asked, changing the subject “This way.” You answered, crossing into a side street heading away from the market. 

The rest of the way the two of you asked and talked about happier things, getting to know each other. Silly things like, favorite color, flowers and animal. You asked him what his happiest memory was and found out more about Sam. He asked about your life before hunting and that turned into swapping hunting stories.

You were laughing about a funny one he was telling when you first smelt it. There was a salt tang in the air and a reek of fish.

A seagull cried as it flew over you.

“Here we are.” You said right before turning the corner

“Welcome to the docks.”

Before you stretched a line of ships in either direction as far as the eye could see. They were all shapes and types and sizes, some so huge they towered above the houses and others so small they could only fit two people. in between and behind each one could be glimpsed either the clear blue green of the sea or the bright blue of the sky.


Dean had heard of the docks plenty of times but he’d never been there. If he knew it was this interesting, he would have gone sooner. The amount of them, the different types was incredible and the sight impressive.  All sorts of people were hurrying to and from and walking around on the docks. In the sips crew members could be seen scurrying around like ants while black dots that also represented people hung suspended in the rigging.

He was brought out of the daze when Y/N spoke beside him “These ships go all over the world, Europe, Africa, Asia and plenty of other places. I love talking to the deck hands, hearing their stories. What they’d seen and done.”    “It’s very impressive.” Dean said “I can see why you like it. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before.” “Come on, I want you to meet someone.” Y/N said, heading off in the crowd.

Dean followed after her. He thought that the person was going to be a deck hand or crew member se he was surprised to find he was heading toward the main building.  People were coming in and out of the building, giving their reports, booking and unbooking passages and more. Anyone who wanted to go to sea had to go there first and get permission to sail.  

The building and the warehouse next to it was the heart of the dock.

Dean didn’t think much of it until they stepped inside and heard Y/N ask for Benny. Then he started to panic.

He knew benny. He used to be captain of a ship until Dean’s father had promoted him to dock master around three years ago. Benny was coming in and out of the place all the time give reports or speak to king John. Dean had talked with him plenty of times when he’d been visiting and he viewed benny as a friend. He was less happy at the thought of seeing Benny this time. There was no way Benny wouldn’t recognize him and if he said something it would be all over.   

There was no easy way to explain that he hadn’t told Y/N the truth, no possible good way to say it.

Dean ran thought the options, make a run for it and face her question’s later or stay and hope Benny didn’t say anything. Just when he made his mind up to bolt Benny walked down the stairs. “Y/N! nice to see ya’ darlin’.” He drawled in his heavy southern accent, giving her a hug “Nice to see you too Benny.” Y/N said smiling “Benny this is a friend of mine, Dean, Dean meet Benny.”  

At your words the man looked over a dean, noticing him for the first time “Dean, yeah I know Dean.” Benny said, a sly smile on his face. “You do?”  Y/n asked surprised, looking between Dean and Benny

“I sure I do, His dad’s a friend of mine. I’ve known him and his little brother for a few years now, ain’t that right Dean?”  Benny asked

“Yeah.” Dean said after clearing his throat awkwardly

“You never mentioned him, and he never mentioned you.” You said

“Well, I didn’t know you knew him. Till now.” Benny replied with a shrug before asking “So, how’d you and Dean meet?” Benny questioned

“While hunting.” you answered since Dean was trying to stay out of the conversation as much as possible “I helped him take down a werewolf.” Benny chuckled at that “That doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

 “Sorry darlin’, you know I’d love to stay and chat but I’m mighty busy.”

“Of course! Sorry benny, We’ll come back another time. It was nice talking to you”  You said, heading to the door with Dean in tow “You too.” Benny said.

Relief washed through Dean as the both of you reached the door. Benny hadn’t given him away as the prince and He hadn’t gotten chewed out. Well, maybe it was a little early to say that.

“Oh, and Dean. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Dean froze in his tracks

“Yeah, sure.” He replied then said to you “You go ahead, I’ll meet you outside in a minute.”

“Ok.” You said, flashing a smile before leaving and closing the door behind you.

To dean it may as well have been a cell door slamming behind him.

“I know what your going to say.” Dean said as Benny walked toward him “I’m gonna go ahead and say it anyway. You need to be honest with her brother. I like you and I like her and I don’t wan’ to see either of you hurt.”

“I’m not going to hurt her.” Dean protested “Really? Cause how d’you think she gonna feel when she find’s you’re keepin’ this from her? And trust me, she is gonna find out sooner or later, just’ a matter of time.”   

“I’ll tell her, I just haven’t figured out how or when yet.”

“Good, you better. Just make it sooner rather than later, you hear me?”

“Yeah, I hear you.”

“Alright, see you around brother.” Benny said, clapping him on the shoulder

“See you later Benny.”



You sat outside, enjoying the sun and the breeze until Dean came out. When you heard the slam of the door closing you looked to see him walking up. You stood up and fell into step beside him “So, what did Benny want to talk about?”

  “The usual; Sam, my dad, work.” Dean replied.

Before you could say anything he asked “How’d you meet him anyway?” “Just from hanging around here so much.” You answered “I started coming here regularly when I was 10 except it was dangerous for a ten year old and the dock security kept kicking me out. I just kept coming though. I got to be a big enough problem that the dock master himself came to talk to me. I still didn’t stop and they got desperate enough that they were willing to let anyone pose a solution. Benny was the one who came up with it.”

“And that kept you from coming?” Dean asked you laughed “No, but he offered to look after me when I came here, make sure I didn’t get into too much trouble and they actually accepted. He befriended me and there’s been no trouble since.”

“So, that’s why you like it here.”

 “He’s part of it yeah, and this is my favorite place. I always come here every time I visit town.”

“Ever wanted to sail on one of those boats?” Dean asked, eyeing a hulking three masted ship

“All the time” You replied smiling  “And ever since my parents…” you trailed off, your look going dark  for minute before brightening again “I’ve always dreamed of traveling, just hopping on a ship, weighting anchor and setting sail for anywhere. Leaving all this behind.”  “Where would you go?” Dean asked a smile on his face

“Everywhere. I’d travel the whole world.”

“Sounds nice.” He said

“Well, you can come with me, if you like.” you said “We could even bring Sam if he was willing to go.”

“Yeah maybe.” Dean said, though there was hesitation in his voice.

You looked up at the sun to see it was waining. “I should probably go, I have a long walk back home.” You said

“ok. I’ll see you tomorrow at the clearing?” Dean asked

You knew what he meant.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” You replied

“Bye Y/N.” Dean said

“Bye, Dean, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.
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001. love
002. anxiety
003. guilt
004. self-loathing
005. responsibility


001. smile
002. handshake
003. hug


001. earth brown
002. blood red
003. lion gold
004. forest green
005. sandy grey (just motherfuCKING earthtones okay)


001. trees
002. crisp, open air
003. the earth just after rain
004. blood
005. war (it’s a scent!)


001. old jeans
002. worn-out white t-shirts 
003. hiking boots
004. soft sweaters
005. leather jackets


001. sword
002. golden crown
003. pictures of his siblings without him
004. maps
005. empty beds


001. drinking
002. smoking
003. self-destructive, reckless behavior
004. saving everyone
005. older men tbh 


001. perfect soldier posture
002. air of authority
003. charming smiles
004. hands clasped behind back
005. reserved/contained expressions


001. deep, dark forests at nighttime that threaten to swallow you whole
002. fallen, cracked crowns
003. dawn breaking
004. birds flying across a perfect blue sky
005. tall fields of summer grass swaying in the breeze


001. civil twilight   –  highway of fallen kings
002. marcus mumford  –  wretched man
003. hozier  –  in the woods somewhere
004. bon iver  –  holocene
005. steven stern  –  soul of a man


In the early 1800s a man named Little Jon lived in this so called earth cabin (swe. ‘backstuga’) located in southern Småland, Sweden. An earthen cabin is built partially buried in the ground, in this case there’s three walls of stone and one wall made of wood. In Sweden earthen cabins was common in the forests from the 1600s until the late 1800s. Link

Fairytales are the biggest deceivers of them all,
and these are the greatest lies
that we have been telling our daughters
from when they are so very small.

Because when girls grow up they realise
that not a single one of those fairy tales are true
so instead the tales I will tell my children are going
to be made of these antiquated stories made brand new.

I’m going to tell them about Red Riding Hood
never stopping to speak to any forest creature
and reached her grandmother’s house
just in time to take an axe to the neck of the big bad wolf.

And about how Snow White would have been killed
had she not learnt self defence from her father’s soldiers
and known how to go for the eyes, the nose, the throat
when the huntsman had grabbed her wrist to force her closer to him.

And about how Cinderella did not let her step mother
get away with treating her like she was a servant in her own home
instead she visited the best lawyer in town and
got the witch and both her girls thrown out, all on her own.

I’m going to teach them about how wrong
the Prince was to try and kiss Aurora in her sleep
because consent is the most important thing
and how she slapped his face instead of wept in relief.

And Alice, dear Alice who went into Wonderland
so completely unprepared, was stupid to be
drinking potions that could be poison
Eating cakes that could have killed her then and there.

What kind of lessons would they learn if I told them
being irresponsible and ‘having an adventure’
was more important that being a good, strong
sensible human being?

What kind of a person would I be if I let them think
such behaviour wouldn’t lead them to be
taken for granted, taken advantage of,
or a much worse fate that I cannot see?

Because the biggest truth about fairy tales
is that they lie to little girls about
always being sugar and spice
and they will get a prince if they play dumb and nice.

The fairy tales we should tell our daughters
should be about strong women with real flaws,
immense amounts of courage
and incredible qualities.

Let us raise girls who don’t just wait to be rescued,
but take their destiny in their own hands,
pick up swords and weapons of their own
and charge to battle dragons and their enemies.

—  Nikita Gil, Feminist Fairytales For Modern Day Little Girls

MYTHOLOGY: mermaids

  I am a creature of the Fey
Prepare to give your soul away
My spell is passion and it is art
My song can bind a human heart
And if you chance to know my face
My hold shall be your last embrace.

I shall be thy lover…

I am unlike a mortal lass
From dreams of longing I have passed
I came upon your lonely cries
Revealed beauty to your eyes
So shun the world that you have known
And spend your nights within my own.

I shall be thy lover…

You shall be known by other men
For your great works of voice and pen
Yet inspiration has a cost
For with me know your soul is lost
I’ll take your passion and your skill
I’ll take your young life quicker still.

I shall be thy lover…

Through the kisses that I give
I draw from you that I will live
And though you think this weakness grand
The touch of death your lover’s hand
Your will to live has come too late
Come to my arms and love this fate

I shall be thy lover…

I am a creature of the Fey
Prepare to give your soul away
My spell is passion and it is art
My song can bind a human heart
And if you chance to know my face
My hold shall be your last embrace.

— Heather Alexander

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“you want a songbird? i’ll give you your goddamn songbird.”

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