Feminist Fairytales - Beauty and the Beast

A little girl tells you her favorite stories.

My lover, what big teeth you have.
They feel best
Seizing upon my cheek.

Oh, what sharp claws.
They grasp at my sloping hips
as if if you pulled us together hard enough
we would never have to separate.

What big eyes,
flickering between half-wild
and half-tamed
when you look upon me.
Like I am the only girl who runs with wolves
for miles around
and you are lost in your own forest.

Call me a path finder.
Call me a way home.
I can make you howl
as well as any moon.

—  (a.v.p)

A story about a princess who isn’t too keen about sitting around all day while the rest of the world existed. Her guardian dragon has the unfortunate job of being, well, her guardian. I have been wondering what happens when fairytale logic meets the hard rules of westerns.

Might revisit this character and make some changes…

Click for larger view (and some captions). More to come soon!


Fairytales on Ice?

Finally done with this piece! Presenting all the characters and their respective roles. Will probably do a chart so you guys can see their relationship with each other. If you haven’t read the comic yet check out the first part here



haha wow looks like victors story isnt really helping yuuri feel any better.. lets hope whoevers at the door has more luck!! tune in later for part 3!!

written by the amazingly funny @llyn-on-ice go check her blog out!!