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Rapunzel is actually a princess who was reared up by the witch who kidnapped her as a baby and has learned magic herself. Now a powerful sorceress, she lures unsuspecting princes to her tower and lets them climb her hair, only to trap them there with her, starving them to death and enchanting their corpses to do her bidding.

Theme park the Efteling
  • Theme park the Efteling

In the Netherlands, there is a very awesome theme pasrk called the Efteling, full of fairytales and rollercoasters and stuff

since I’m going to apply for a job there this tuesday I decided to make this post, showing you about around The Efteling, so play the theme and scroll down

we start at the fairytale forest, the oldest part of the park, here you can see the caastle of sleeping beauty

here you see little red riding hood 

and madam holle, an old woman who makes it snow on earth just by doing this

next on the list is the decoration in one of the shops

in the forest there is even a talking tree, who tells little children stories (they love it)

and of course there are rollingcoasters, like this one; its about one of the stories in  One Thousand and One Nights

moving on, there is a rollercoaster about The Flying Dutchman, inside the building, where you have to wait, they decorated totally like you are walking in houses in 1600

and that’s not the only attraction about a boat, see here the reason that some people throw up

but hold your shit cuz here is another rollercoaster who makes people go bleeh

and if your not shitting your pants right now here we have a rollercoaster about a dutch fairytale called Joris and the Dragon thats right, DRAGON

and a show with whatever this is

but don’t be scared because the Efteling still has some magic left for you! this ride is called the dream journey

with fairies!

but maybe you should be scared… cuz that theme you’re listening? that is from this attraction; Villa Volta; a haunted house, you sit down on a bench and everything starts spinning

so if you ever visit the Netherlands, don’t stick at Amsterdam, come to Kaatsheuvel (near Tilburg, two hours from Amsterdam) and visit this magical place! Because the Efteling has more magic than I showed you of course, see you soon!


When Elise awoke, the sun was high in the heavens; yet she could not see him, for the lofty trees spread their branches thickly over her head; but his beams were glancing through the leaves here and there, like a golden mist. There was a sweet fragrance from the fresh green verdure, and the animals of the forest moved about her unafraid.
— The Wild Swans, by Hans Christian Andersen.

Artwork: Princess Elise Sleeps, by Anne Yvonne Gilbert.