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Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

Briar and Rose: The First Giant, part II

The princess Briar was very determined to catch the giant that was plaguing the farms closest to the sea. Bad enough that he was coming up out of the water at midnight like some kind of sneak-thief, bad enough that he was apt to take some half-dozen cattle in a night. He was also cleaning them there in the field and leaving the bloody bones for the farmers to pick up, and that was just plain un-neighborly!

And then, of course, there was the other matter of wanting to fight a giant. Why, if she and Rose succeeded, they might get their very own ballad at the next bonfire night and wouldn’t that be something! Letting such dreams tumble around her head, Princess Briar led the way down to the beach where she and Rose liked to spar during the day. Rose was, she had learned, absolutely hopeless as fisticuffs or broadswords, but he was quick as magic with a dagger or a staff and she supposed that was just as good.

“Briar,” said Rose when they got there, “I’ve been thinking.”

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This is Aurora’s Castle in the Efteling, a themepark inspired by Grimms fairytales. It is located in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, so if you ever want to visit the Netherlands, and yes we are bigger than only Amsterdam! Visit this themepark, you will enjoy the nature and the fairytales.

What if Cinderella had an attitude problem and Snow White liked cider too much? What if Ariel enjoyed human company more than her own kind’s and Aurora just liked her solitude more than the human touch? What if the only rabbit hole Alice ever fell down involved a pipe and a substance not discussed as such? What if they locked Wendy up for hallucinating about Neverland and a boy who never grew up? What if fairytales weren’t as innocent as they sounded and even princesses weren’t perfect? What if I told you your damage doesn’t define you and the way you survive is no one else’s damned business?
—  Nikita Gill, Fairytales Aren’t Perfect Either

Fendi’s 90th anniversary show “Legends and Fairytales” held at the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), Rome, last summer. The show’s inspiration came from the work of the Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen, and the collection of norse fairytales known as “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, 1914. Sadly, the talented Kay Nielsen died poor and in obscurity in 1957, while his dreamy, delicate and intricate illustrations have regained popularity these recent years. Nielsen’s work belongs to the so called “golden age of illustration”, that is the early 20th century.