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Love Like Salt // Samifer Fairytale

Words: 3570

Summary: King John rules over a beautiful and blooming kingdom, but his time is limited and he needs an heir. To find it, he asks his three sons how much they love him and while the two eldest please him with their answer, his youngest son, Sam, does not. In his anger and rage, he sends his son away, but he is not aware of the consequences or what Sam will find outside of his kingdom. Because Sam finds the love that he was denied by his father in a very unusual place.

fairytale!au, family drama, love, prince!sam, not human!lucifer, minor character death

Note: Inspired by one of my favorite fairytales, in a fairytale-like narrative. Thanks @spnyoucantkeepmedown for beta'ing this so I could post it today ♥

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 Once upon a time there was a king who had three sons and ruled over a very wealthy and beautiful kingdom. His people were happy and so was the royal family, but the king was not the youngest anymore and he knew it was time to choose which of his sons would rule over the kingdom when he would not be there anymore. For many days and nights the king contemplated until he eventually came up with an idea. Knowing that he could only give his kingdom to the most loyal and trustworthy son, he decided to test their love for him. One evening, he called for them to find out.

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We spent all day exploring Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau and surrounds. Stunning day for it. We just arrived at our hotel in Füssen and we are happily exhausted. I’ll post more pictures soon.

Jimin asks you to be his fake girlfriend pt.3 END

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“I didn’t know I owed you anything, we’re best friends, the least you could do was help me out. Although, your way of helping me out was a lot more than expected.” He wagged his eyebrows at me which caused my face to heat up. I knew he was referring to the kiss we shared but I didn’t expect him to be so straight forward about it. I pushed his arm slightly and turned away from him, trying to hide my face, but why was I even hiding? It’s not even a big deal. 

“Oh shut it Jimin, you said you’ll tell me what you meant!” 

“I was only joking Y/N, I’ll tell you. But not here. Let’s go to mine and we can talk there.” He stood up before me and held out his hand for me to hold. There was no reason for me to take his hand at all, we didn’t even have to pretend anymore but I took his hand into mine anyway, interlocking our fingers as if we’re living the lives of a real couple in love. He went on to drag me out of the cafe and walk in the direction of his home, his hand still holding mine.

“Why are you still holding my hand?” I asked him, obviously showing a lot of curiosity in my voice.

“You took it willingly, you didn’t have to but you did. I mean I was only trying to help you up.” He was teasing me, and I could feel it. I was about to shake his hand off of mine but his grip only tightened. “Jaehee could be spying, just hold onto my hand until we get to my place.” He side whispered to me. He was right, with how sketchy of a person Jaehee is, there’s always that possibility - so I held on and walked closely next to him. 

The walk there went by quicker than I expected it to, neither Jimin or I said another word as we walked. The silence between us wasn’t awkward, however calming. He was always able to make me feel at ease, which is one of the many reasons why I loved spending time with him. No matter how long the two of us stay silent for, an awkward atmosphere between us never lingered. Not once. Jimin unlocked his hands from mine, leaving my hand feel slightly empty to open his front door. Stepping in, I took my shoes off and walked further in, going to the kitchen I poured myself a glass of water and chugged it down, not realising that I was this dehydrated. This place was like my own second home so it wasn’t strange for me to do what I want here. Jimin walked over to me and pulled me into his embrace, his sudden action took me by surprise but nonetheless it was a feeling I enjoyed. 

“What’s up Jiminieeee.” I called out as I patted his back. 

“Nothing, I just wanted a hug.” He said pulling away.

“So…” I said, hoping he’d catch onto what I was trying to say. Which I know he did but being the giant butt that he is, he pretended not to know. 

“So…” He copied me and laughed. 

“Jimin!” I whined.

“Jimin!” He mocked. 

“Yah, Park Jimin I swear to god! I know you know what I’m trying to get out of you so tell me like you said you would before I leave.” I wasn’t serious about leaving, but it was the only thing I could say that’d make him talk.

“Fine okay! But it’s not something easy for me to say.” He swallowed hard, which only made me anxious. I was beginning to have second thoughts about knowing. “Y/N…” He took one of my hands into both of his and looked me so intently in the eye.

“Uh… yeah?” That was as far as my response could go. I couldn’t really think straight with this aura. It felt strange, something that I’ve never once felt before being around Park Jimin. 

“I like you Y/N, no actually I love you.” He licked his lips and waited for me to respond.

“I like you too, no I love you too Jimin. I always have done.” I let out a slight laugh. I somewhat knew it wasn’t the love he was talking about but I didn’t know how to deal with it. 

“I know that you know that I didn’t mean that sort of love Y/N. I see you as a woman, and I have done for so long now.” He was right, but how could he not be when he’s known me for so long? He can read me like a book.

“Gosh, Jimin I know. I just don’t know how to process this. I don’t know if I can return the same feelings. We’ve been best friends for all our lives.” I admitted, but something was tugging at my heart, I didn’t want to say those words to him. Afraid I’d hurt his feelings. But he needed to know.

“I get that Y/N, I do. We have been best friends for all our lives. But isn’t there the slightest possibility of you liking me more than just a friend because I feel something, something that’s more. I know something’s there. I’ve felt like this for years now, have you never even thought of me as more than just your best friend?” His eyes were searching mine as if to find an answer. 

“I don’t know Jimin, I don’t want to ruin anything between us and it’s just ugh Chim, can’t you give me some time to process all of this?” 

“But you kissed me Y/N.” 

“I know, but I did it to help you prove your blatant lies as true. You asked for my help and that’s what I did.”

“Y/N, come on. I know you inside and out. You can’t possibly kiss me the way you did, with that amount of passion and say that it meant absolutely nothing. that it didn’t make your heart race like it did to mine. I just simply can’t accept that.” When I say that he could read me like a book, I wasn’t lying. It’s true that his kiss made me feel something, a something that I have never felt before. A something that made my heart beat like crazy, smile like crazy. But the possibilities of this risking our friendship was too high, I couldn’t sabotage so many years. I’m not saying that I like him back because I honestly don’t know my own feelings. But his friendship meant so much more to me than the feelings I may or may not have. I couldn’t tell him the possibilities or the maybes I have in my head when I was uncertain, that’d be unfair.

“Come on Chimmy, don’t be like this hmm?” I used my free hand to caress his face, but his eyes never left mine for a second.

“If you really don’t feel the same, then let me kiss you.”


“If you don’t kiss me back then I’ll take it as you don’t share the same feelings as I do. But if you do, then I’ll assume you like me too. Regardless of the results, I won’t let it ruin our friendship I swear.” 

“This is silly Jimin, how does this possibly prove -” My words were cut off as he pulled me closer, one of his hands on my lower back and another on the back of my head. His lips now on mine, I couldn’t move. I was too in shock to do anything. The feeling was different to when I kissed him in the cafe. Not in a bad way, but it was definitely different. Maybe because this isn’t supposed to be fake. Maybe because we’re not juggling with fake feelings but with real ones. But this kiss, it made my heart beat so much more, it’s as if there were electricity circulating between us and that’s when I knew what my heart was trying to tell me. But he pulled away, only to wear sadness upon his face. 

“I’m sorry Y/N. I get it now.” He was awkward now, yet another unfamiliar atmosphere clouded us. Jimin was going to walk away, but I couldn’t let that happen. Not before I showed him how I really felt. 

“Yah Park Jimin.” I called out to him, grabbing ahold of his wrist and pulled him back. He stood now, facing me but his eyes were looking elsewhere. “You didn’t give me enough time to respond.” I laughed and held his face in both of my hands, getting up on my tiptoes I placed a gentle kiss on his plump lips. I was going to pull away but he didn’t allow me. Instead, he held onto me tighter. Smiling into the kiss like he did earlier, I couldn’t help but smile too. 

“What does this mean then Y/N?” He said in between placing kisses all over my face, from my forehead to my cheeks then to my nose and finally placing one last on again on my lips. 

“It means, I love you.” Once I said those three words he let out a giggle that echoed through my ear and he picked me up and twirled me round. Something I thought would only ever happen in movies and fairytale stories. He gently placed me back onto the ground and smiled again at me, his smile so pure that it made my heart flutter. 

“I love you too.” 

I think this will be the end! Thanks for reading, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated ~ Have a good day!

Girls made of snow, language made of thorns, and putting ourselves back in the narrative

I’ve had some ideas swirling around my head ever since I finished reading Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust that condensed while I was reading Leigh Bardugo’s short story collection The Language of Thorns, so I want to talk about it a little.

It started with the realization that Girls made of Snow, while it is a Snow White retelling (or perhaps better called a reimagining), completely leaves out the whole seven dwarves part of the story. In my review, I pointed this out as something I liked — the story didn’t need to sidetrack there, and it kept us focused on the real core of the story: Lynet’s relationship with her stepmother, Mina. Lynet being Snow White, Mina is the Evil Queen.

The book alternates chapters between Lynet’s present day and Mina’s journey from the daughter of a sorcerer to the bride of Lynet’s father, making Mina the second main character. This is where the book’s “feminist fantasy reimagining” tagline comes in. The point of Bashardoust’s story is to explore the stepmother-daughter relationship and how they could come into conflict without it being about who is the fairest of them all.

The point of tension Bashardoust goes for is about politics and power, a much more satisfying reason than “well, women get angry when another woman is prettier, that’s all”. But the framework of Snow White also gives her plenty of room to work with how women’s appearances and age are seen and judged. What if Lynet’s beauty binds her to her dead mother in a way that strangles her, while Mina struggles with knowing her beauty gains her what respect she commands and aging could steal it away? The commentary that emerges isn’t new — I think we all realize how damaging the value placed on women’s appearances is — but using the cultural touchstone of Snow White makes this version powerful. It’s probably my favorite thing about the book, even above giving Lynet a female love interest, which is something we’re going to circle back to.

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