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For #FairytaleFriday, dive into the magical world of Diana and Derci, in the delightful story The Thief & The Naiad. Get your copy with exquisite color illustrations, original score and narration, only on Beyond Books


Literature:  The Wrath and The dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Some things exist in our lives for but a brief moment. And we must let them go on to light another sky.

tootall77hc  asked:

Do you have a list of classic stories retold with queer characters? I know of Marian and Ash but I would love to find one of the Nutcracker! Any other recommendations would be great! Thank you :)

Yup! I don’t know any of the Nutcracker, but here’s a mix of fairytale, classics, and mythology:




  • Beast by Brie Spangler (T) (YA, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block (T) (YA, The Odyssey)

Books Read in 2017: Tides by Betsy Cornwell

“No one swims only in the shallow water”

Mermaid melodies

Characters: Jimin & You

Setting: Disney au – The Little Mermaid

Genre: fluff(-ish)

Words: 2015

Summary: After you meet Park Jimin, you start to think that humans are not that bad as the Tribe said.

For more fairytale aus, check my Once upon a fairytale masterpost.

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We are a month away from our 1 year wedding anniversary and excited to announce we are going to have a Baby Bryant in our arms on March 27,2018❤️👶🏼 never let people tell you who you can and can’t love because you’ll be missing out on your fairytale. Mixed families are BEAUTIFUL. ❤️

castle hallway aesthetic {epic/intimate instrumental tunes for that recurring fantasy of running through beautiful hallways and down grand staircases}


1. mother’s journey - yann tiersen | 2. a game of croquet - johann johannsson | 3. the journey to himmel street - john williams | 4. crystallized beauty - phillip sheppard | 5. the world has left us behind - samuel sim | 6. the first waltz - ilan eshkeri  | 7. bedroom dreams - james newton howard | 8. winterspell - two steps from hell | 9. nero - two steps from hell  | 10. welcome to the grand guignol - abel korzeniowski |


fairytale meme ☆ (4/10)
↳ cinderella

The kind hearted Cinderella lives under the opressive rule of her wicked stepmother and two jealous stepsisters, who’ve made her a servant in her own home. Upon invitation to the royal ball, her stepmother forbids her to attend. In her despair, her fairy godmother appears and gives her the chance to make her dreams come true. Her time with the Prince is fleeting, and the spell ends at midnight. When she flees she leaves nothing behind but a glass slipper, his only hope at finding the mystery woman who’s captured his heart.

*sets laptop on lap* *grabs coffee* *leans back* *throws feet up on desk* 
*carefully wiggles into semi-comfortable position* 

right, I’m just gonna vent a little here, don’t mind me

@deadcatwithaflamethrower pls come laugh at me? 

about 5 yrs ago there was this fresh new show, had some great ideas. the premise goes, Magical Characters From All Your Favourite Fairytales Get Dropped Into Our Horrible, Horrible World. where they get no happy endings (because apparently happy endings begin and end with meeting your Intended Mate but w/e noI’mnotsaltyatallhbu) 

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