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The Gift of Choice (1/4)

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Rating: T || Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Summary: Neither Alec nor Magnus is particularly thrilled at the discovery of their soul marks. Alec because he knows that the design of it means that his soulmate is a Downworlder, something practically unheard of in Shadowhunter society. For Magnus, the idea of being permanently attached to a joyless demon-killer is hardly a thrill. Given that they can choose if they accept their soulmate or not, the decision seems like a no-brainer.

But when Alec finally meets the beautiful, other-worldly Magnus and Magnus meets the gorgeous, self-sacrificing Alec, it becomes clear that the decision might not be as easy as they thought it would be.



Alec is sixteen when the mark first appears.

Though he instantly recognises it as a Destiny rune, unlike the bold sweeps of his Shadowhunter marks, this one is fine and delicate: a faint white network of lightning bolts just above his right knee. Though he has never seen anything like it, he knows what it might be and that it’s definitely not a good thing. That it’s not right. That it’s dangerous.

He keeps it covered and resolves to tell no one. He couldn’t bear it if his parents looked at him differently. Isabelle might understand, but she’s young and idealistic and inclined to believe that everything happens for some big beautiful romantic reason. She won’t understand that this is a cause for alarm and discretion and secrecy.

And Jace…

Jace will never know about it.

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soleilsim  asked:

wizard, graveyard & raven!🖤

wizard: do you believe in aliens?

hell YEAH !!!

graveyard: do you believe any conspiracy theories? if so, which ones?
i do !!! i can’t think of any off the top of my head, but i love those generic ones [like katy perry being jonbenet ramsay]. you could tell me one and i would get behind it 

raven: favorite fairytale?
probably cinderella !!??? u know whats weird tho, my brain automatically thought shakespeare, i feel like his plays have fairytale qualities, even tho some are semi-real. so if shakespeare counts……………..hamlet.

howthisworks-caskett  asked:

Beckett tells Castle she's ready to start trying for a baby.

Cute prompt is cute. 

“And she was a brave warrior, the knight known round the realms for her bravery and skill in defeating the dragon which had threatened the kingdoms for so long. But though the King offered her any manner of rewards, be they riches or land, they were all declined,” the low rumble of Castle’s voice meets Kate’s ears like a caress, gently pulling her from the nap that she couldn’t remember falling into in the first place. 

When she opens her eyes, her husband is on the floor with the full attention of a fourteen month old Sarah Grace Ryan. The girls head full of blonde curls jiggles as she bounces in time to the cadence of the fairytale, her tiny legs working furiously while her hands wave wildly in the air. 

It’s a precious and beautiful image, one which prompts Kate to linger on the couch and watch as Sarah Grace’s brown eyes trace Castle’s face and then split into a grin which is only broken by the appearance of tiny teeth.

And then Rick chuckles, his lips pressing a smacking kiss to her rosy cheek, “Until the King offered the one thing the knight truly wanted - him. A life with happiness and laughter, a place where she was loved. And so they married, and lived happily ever after in a world where the Knight continued to slay dragons and the King continued to talk of the brave feats his wife accomplished.” 

She chuckles at that, pushing herself up onto her elbows in order to lean forward and drop her own surprise kiss against Castle’s jaw, “Hmmm, I feel like I’ve heard that one before,” Kate teases against the shell of his ear, grinning in response to a second gummy smile from the girl in Rick’s arms.

“Hello there precious girl,” she coos, so completely taken with Sarah Grace and the breathtaking ability which Castle has with children. 

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