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Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 

I can’t take any really decent pictures right now BUT my babies finally arrived and they look AMAZING!!!  I can’t stop staring at Mulan!  Her face is adorable!!  And her little outfit has so much detail to it!  I’m so glad I held off on getting any of the older Mulan dolls because this one is absolutely perfect!

New Faerie Incoming

I would like you all to meet Vestya, She is from a rare group of faeries known as the “Treasure Faeries”.

I was up until 4 in the morning re rooting her hair last night just so you all know how important my faeries are to me :)

my new faerie insisted on me posting a photo of her so here is a shot of her looking as mischievous as she always does.

I have just finished her this second so she will be going up for adoption on my store hopefully tomorrow as well as her story and bio being available. I am thinking of letting her introduce herself if she feels up for it.

More Photos coming soon

~Burned Raven~

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We all have doll-fever tonight. I’ve spent the last week photoshopping the set we all really want to see made by Disney - the Leading Ladies!  

Alice, Wendy, Anita and Perdita, Maid Marian, Eilonwy, Jessica Rabbit, Esmeralda, Megara, Jane, Kida, Mrs. Incredible, and Sgt. Calhoun.

Alice, Anita, Maid Marian and Jessica were photoshopped by me. Wendy is by vintagedollmx , and Eilonwy is by Kitten_Blue_777. The rest of the dolls at the bottom were all really out at one time or another for sale. Sgt. Calhoun was 17".

Share this and show your support for the Disney Leading Ladies in hopes that one day these, and other characters, will finally get a chance at a Disney Classic 12 Inch Doll. What other characters would you like to see made ?


My complete designer pin collection! They are so beautiful and some of the nicest Disney pins out there! It took a lot of hard work to collect them all, but it was so worth it!