fairytale boutique


My outfit for fairytaleboutique’s 2nd anniversary party. I had cat earrings but forgot to take pics to show them, oops.

It was so much fun but I had to sit on the floor a lot ; ; (I asked if they had any chairs to accommodate people with disabilities and they said for emergencies only so I totally understand. I’m just grateful I felt good enough to attend the party! :D).

anonymous asked:

hi there umm i just wanted to say your outfit for the Alice themed event at fairytale boutique was so coool! I would have talked to you more or introduced myself but it was my first time at a Lolita event by myself. i recently moved back to L.A. so I was really nervous about attending an event by myself. Anyways umm yeah I just wanted to say you were adorable :D

Awww thanks but who are you?

Next time, don’t be afraid to say hi ;) <3