fairytale boutique

My look from the Fairytale Boutique Harajuku Fashion walk In Los Angeles 1/31/2015! 

Photographer: Bob Bernal Jr.

Alice and the Pirates- Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK and Coffin Trunk purse

Angelic Pretty- Musee Du Chocolat parasol

HMHM blouse

Smoky I- Rose headdress 

Demonia Shoes

I hand painted the socks myself <3 



OOTD from the cat tea party at Fairytale boutique. 

JSK: AP Cameo Window

Shoes: Mojo Moxy

Accessories: Forever 21 + Locket Ship belle Cameo, modcloth purse, bodyline socks

Head piece: Created by me

Lace over skirt: Created by me

It was so hot I was about to melt!!! The LA heat is no joke!!!

I also really want to step up my coordinate game. ;)


the best pics i took from the Fairytale Boutique Holiday party today! 

Everyone came out super well dressed and had the best attitudes it was a lovely event in a spectacular location and loads of yummy food, great prizes, and shopping. I really hope this because an annual event because it was a BLAST

Pastel Fashion Masterpost

Based upon Pastel Bomb - Fashion Blog

Finally did it. Finally made a clothing & tutorial master post, including all of the references I use. Will be updated as more are discovered. 

Table of Contents: 

♥ Pastel Goth & Nu Goth ♥

  1. Major Shops - General
  2. Major Shops - Shoes
  3. Etsy Shops - General
  4. Etsy Shops - Accessories
  5. Storenvy Shops
  6. Big Cartel Shops

♥ Tutorials ♥

  1. Hair
  2. Make Up
  3. Nails
  4. DIY - Clothing, Accessories, Etc.

♥ Discount Codes ♥

♥ Shopping Blogs ♥

♥ The Master List: ♥☽

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becauseflove  asked:

I'm nw45 skin tone and I was wondering what shade of pink I could dye my hair

 It really depends on if you want a warmer or cooler look.  like if you want a warmer pink, try dying it with a color that’s more rich pink and if you want a softer look, pick a lighter pink or dilute the regular pink with white conditioner.

here are some ideas of what warmer vs cooler pinks look like against warm skin tones:


sources: Notice Magazine | Fairytale Punk Boutique | Vantablacc | Shantrinas 


sources: Blue Ice Queen | Aleygrashouse | wellmuddasick | shinjukugewalt

>> please do not repost the images in this ask, it took me a long time to dig through my archive and compile these // Thanks! <<