Things Tv Fans Do

Doctor Who: Looking at police boxes intensely because you know exactly who could be inside

Once Upon A Time: Checks to see if any neighbours resemble a fairytale character in some way 

Supernatural: Hearing a suspicious sound and immediately suspecting a supernatural being

Friends: Clapping along every time you hear I’ll Be There For You 

Desperate Housewives: Narrating simple facts about your live in your head with Mary Alice’s voice 

The Walking Dead: Having a life plan prepared in case of a zombie apocalypse

Pretty Little Liars: Getting a text notification and being suspicious in case it’s actually ‘A’

Glee: Hearing a song and planning a whole storyline based around the singing of that song 

Downton Abbey: Talking in a posh accent for ages because you are too upper class for any peasants

And then he said quietly, “Maybe sometimes, the best thing - the only thing - I can do is to let them go… because maybe, just maybe sometimes, I’m playing the dragon and Prince Charming. Maybe I’m the one to save from the princess.”
—  Double Actor // lily rose.

favorite lesser-known fairy tales : {the bremen town musicians}

“From that time forth, the robbers did not dare go back into the house. However, the four Bremen Musicians liked it so well there, that they never left it again. And the person who just told that, his mouth is still warm.” {x}


10 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture

Norway started out as a kingdom in 872 and has existed ever since. It has also saved quite a bit of its traditional architecture. Traditional Norwegian architecture makes it look like a land out of a fairytale. Stave churches – so named because of the Norse words for their load-bearing poles – were extremely popular back in the 12th century, and their unique shape matched with all-wooden construction make is simply spectacular.

Norvegian vernacular (as in, built to local requirements and using local materials) architecture is wonderful. Moss and even trees grow on the roofs of wooden or stone buildings, making Norway a sort of Norse Shire. Have a look, and plan your next holiday accordingly!

via: boredpanda