Fairytale Friday | Hansel and Gretel

Dark and disturbing, windy and cold,
Hansel and Gretel, seven years old.
Running for safety, scared for their lives,
before the next thunder-storm promptly arrives.

Then after much searching, what a surprise,
a house made of candy, before their own eyes.
Lollypop windows, a gingerbread door,
chocolate supporting the roof and the floor.

Despite their best efforts, no moment to waste,
they run to the fanciful house for a taste.
Like nothing before, it all tasted so good,
they ate just as much as their little tums could.

When all off a sudden, from out of the blue,
a little old lady came out in to view.
Wrinkled and warty, and partially blind,
“I’ve better confectionary waiting inside”.

Finally I can post the whole image of my “Little Mermaid” piece created for StoryBook show, and inspired by original version of H.C. Andersen, which I find quite tragic, including the end.
Show is curated by @mikecuffe for @moderneden gallery
20 x 20 in.
Graphite, acrylic wash, pastel on Fabriano paper mounted on deep cradled panel
Photo refs. credit @alliwynnart
#littlemermaid #fairytale #storybook #jelartist #jelenaart