“The hell do you think you’re doing in sharkfolk territory, mermaid?” ~ Dark Waters


Ahhh, read it, it’s perfect! n_____n Felt like I needed to do another pic…I may do a traditional version too, just because I love it so much! <3

Also, I borrowed Approvesport’s idea for Gajeel’s sharkskin pattern. Yay, awesome ppl everywhere!!!!

When Dragon’s Play Nice for their Mates.


Here’s a little gift from me!

A section from the Douji I draw. Natsu and Gajeel suck up each others presence for their two mates, Levy and Lucy, who are friends. The tension is hard as steel and growing hot so the girls force him to simply hug and get over themselves. … It works…..Kind of?

lol Anyway! I love Nalu! And Gale! Hope you all like this as well! 

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New Chapter of my Gajevy King and I AU fanfic!!!

This is, as always, a preview to the new chapter! read the rest in fanfiction.net.

Summary: When a stubborn young King (Gajeel) brings a foreign teacher (Levy) to educate his younger siblings as part of his plan to change his Kingdom he never thought he would be getting taught a few lessons too. Gajevy AU inspired in the movies/musical/story of The King and I.

Pairings: Gajevy, slight Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza.

Rated: T for strong language.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Just as the ambassador stumbled through his words a huge blue cat ran through the hall passing The Kralahome and Levy’s group pushing Romeo to the ground straight to the throne room, where it pranced around a few fish in its mouth and at it’s tail the royal cooks chased after him for stealing their fish.

“Hey!! You won’t get away with that!!” shouted Romeo as he followed the cat into the throne room.

“Romeo, no wait!!” exclaimed Levy following her brother trying to stop him.

The blue cat ran throw everyone pushing the guards, the ambassador and his men dropping and stomping in the expensive presents, crashing and tearing sounds where heard everywhere as the guards and Romeo tried to catch it as well as the cooks but the cat was really agile, it seemed like it could fly. As two guards approached it from its flanks the cat leaped causing the men to clash with each other as it landed in front of the blond girl.

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Club Fairy Tail

So this is my first fanfic. I’ve been reading them for years, so I’ve finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keys, and write a Gajevy ff. They are my absolute favourite OTP! and what’s another fanfiction amongst the hundreds already posted!
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It’s just after midday, and hell, I’m already yawning my head off walking into the bosses office. Considering I worked the late shift last night as well; tired is an understatement. I work at Fairy Tail, arguably the best night club in Magnolia. Certainly the biggest with the best reputation. Well, if by having the best rep means having the best music and fights in the country counted as the best then we had it in the bag. I work as a bouncer/bodyguard and general maintenance man. The pay is good and the crew is tolerable. Any job where I can whale on drunken dickheads wanting to stir shit up is fine by me!
I was just working on some of the ceiling lasers in the main room when Cana parades by with a mop calling out Markarov wants me. Ambling up the private stairs I storm into Markarov’s office and find the boss at his desk with two guys in suits and a little girl. I lean against the door frame and wonder why two suits would bring a little kid into a club daytime.

“Ah Gajeel, I would like to introduce you to tonight’s new headline.”

I glance at the two guys, wondering if the suits look was their defining look or something. I grunt and acknowledgment.

“I’ve just got to finish these papers for this contract so would you show our guests around? I think they wanted to see the main stage setup, lighting and whatnot.”

I turn and walk out expecting the others to follow for the tour. Fairy Tail was essentially split into 5 areas of music/rooms the loosely formed a circle. There’s an outside area to the back of the building names ‘Soho Bar’ which served as a smoking area and a chance to escape the heat inside. The music here is quieter and easier going ‘House’ music and the single bar quieter. To get back inside the main building you could either go upstairs to ‘The Roof’. It wasn’t a proper roof per say, it was a proper room and all, with two bars inside and is where you would expect to hear your typical ‘up-beat pop/radio’ music style. The Roof also had a staircase that lead back down inside to the centre of the building. Additionally from outside In Soho Bar if you entered the right of the building you would find yourself in the Dubsteep room. The smallest of the five rooms which half was inside and half out. Follow through Dubstep your in the R&B Room where the bass is so low and loud on a good night, you leave with a chest ache. The entrance to the club is between R&B and the Main Rom. The entire left half of Fairy Tail is the Main Room, reserved for the best acts and the headliners of the evening.

This is where I lead my merry band of followers. Immediately they began discussing the room and asking me frequent questions about the lighting setups and placement and quality of speakers. I found it weird that the two suits kept asking the kid for their opinion and asking what she would prefer.

On closer inspection I realise that the kid isn’t a kid; she’s just a shrimp. If he had to guess he would say she might be between 18 and 20 at most. Shorty here can’t be any taller than 5ft 4 and a foot of that height could be from the wavy, wild mess of blue hair. Her voice is a little high pitch and her short orange dress looks like it was picked out by and 12 year old but that’s where the childishness stops. For starters she’s got a mature but cute face, when she is looking about the room I can see an analytic eye and calm collected thoughts. She gave off the aura that she was actually in charge of the trio before him, the way the two suits gravitated around her only confirmed Gajeel’s thoughts.  Her stature is one of confidence and composition, comfortable in her own skin and a new situation. And well, her figure left a lot to be desired for. Nice bust, trim waist, an arse to drool over and strong shapely legs.

Damn that ass. Gajeel was pulled back into the conversation when a couple more questions where directed at him. However took his time continuing to enjoy the view as he followed the shrimp’s ass back up the private stairs to Markarov’s office.

“So my dear how do you like the arrangement in the Main Room? Is there anything you would like to change or alter? I’m sure Gajeel wouldn’t mind tinkering about the roof.”

Actually I very much would mind, old man. Leaning up against the door frame I glower.

The shrimp takes a quick glance at me and our eyes meet for the first time for a fraction of a second. She smirks and my glower lessens.

“No thank you, your Main Stage set up is awesome; I can adjust to what you have here. I just want to head back to my apartment to get my stuff to set up… for… tonight…”

She has directed this at the two suits who frown and she trails off her sentence at their expressions.

“We discussed this before, Levy-Chan! We’re heading to the studio to discuss the new single’s release.” Pony-tail suit whips out his phone and begins typing away while the fat suit looks imploring.

Turning away from Markarov to face the suits, the Shrimp’s complexion turns into a (cute) scowl that leaves me impressed at how quickly the two suits change their attitude.

“Levy!” They wine “We discussed this last night! We still need to discuss the cover art for the EP.”

Her eyes narrow and arms cross “And I told you last night I won’t be going as I will not be appearing on the cover like those idiots want. I will go home and you two will go and negotiate an alternative.”

The two suits share a look and type away at their phones as Shorty transforms back into a friendlier expression back to face Markarov and apologised for the show.

I’m sensing their conversation is coming to a close to I turn and return to my jobs from earlier, less I got roped into another unnecessary request.

It’s a few hours later and I’m currently lounging around my place, passing the time before I have to head back to Fairy Tail to start my night shift. Then I got what I would later realise to be the text from the Boss that changed my life.

Your bouncer tonight for the new act – Levy –
> M.

Not really impressed with playin’ body guard with the Shorty but it’s better than bar work. At least I don’t need to talk to people, and any chance to beat up dickheads and get paid for it is a good deal! Markarov texted me Levy’s apartment’s address and time to pick her up, glancing at the time I figure I can squeeze an hour nap before getting ready to collect the Shrimp

You know when you’re in the middle of a really good bit of your book and you can’t put it down? Yeah, every moment of my life essentially. My friends all laugh at me when I get absorbed in a book, a riot could start around me and I just won’t notice, except when it disturbs my reading directly.
Currently I’m trying to get dressed while reading and listening out for the door bell to ring. I’ve got my first live session tonight, débuting at Club Fairy Tail! I am nervous and excited, hence the reading while getting ready to try and help calm my nerves. My dedication to my books only rivals that of my dedication to my music. To me I can’t distinguish between the two. And I know that sounds ridiculous but I feel as though they just go hand in hand! When I’m reading, I can hear music in my head, any song, mine or other artists. Likewise, I find the reverse happens; reading can help me create a new song that comes to life through the novel, each song unique to the book!

The intercom buzzes suddenly and I walk over to the TV screen attached and don’t recognize the guy buzzing.

“Can I help you” I ask through the intercom

“Yeah I’m here to collect your for the Master, Shorty” Comes the gruff voice and disgruntled attitude.

“Wanna try a sentence that actually makes sense buddy?”

“Fuckin’ hell, Markarov sent me to pick you up; I’m watching your ass tonight at Fairy Tail.”

I didn’t dignify that crude language with a response, just buzzed him up, its clear now I can see Fairy Tails insignia on his black jacket.

I double check my pack is all set with my laptop and headphones and other stuff like wallet and apartment keys when a knock at my door interrupts me

Looking at the guy on the other side of the door now, I recognise him form earlier, who gave us the tour of FT. Standing in the doorway with his hands in his pockets, he looks apprehensive and put out, but to my surprise he gives me a quick once over, and this cocky, albeit, sexy fanged grin stretches over his face as he leans his shoulder against the door frame.

“Well, well, Shorty! That’s a damn fine way to greet someone.”

I glance down and try to keep my expression neutral when I see that I am, in-fact, greeting him without my skirt on. Struggling to keep the blush down I grab the guy by a long tendril of hair and drag him into my apartment and slam the door behind him. He splutters another curse and rubs at his scalp while I move with as much dignity as I can towards my bedroom in my nice top and undies with the seafood pattern on.

Spellbound Pact

I had this AU idea of Levy as a witch/sorceress-in-training a while back…. The student has a familiar that helps train him or her learn the ropes and become a successful witch/sorceress. In this AU Levy has PantherLily as her familiar and they make a great team. Levy has such a passion to learn that during her studies she stumbles across a mysterious book that contains a complex spell called “The Spellbound Pact” where you make a contract with a spirit. Spirit summoning is normal in this AU, but what makes this spell different is that the spirit you call is from a place called “The Void”, a sort of magical prison. She becomes obsessed with learning about this spell, she sneaks into the restricted part of the library to find more information about The Void. She comes about a mysterious photograph of a former warlock who was condemned to The Void. She shares her findings with Lily. He takes one look at the photo and blows up, he forbids her to attempt the summoning….but she does it anyway.

“N-NOOO PANTHERLILY!!!!” She didn’t have anytime to grieve her loss for the spirit swirled around her, he laughed as he flexed his hand, his nails elongated into sharp points. “Gihi, now it’s your turn…” Levy clutched her wand to her chest; he was going to pay for what he did. She summoned him; she would get rid of him! “I will dispel you back to The Void!” She pulled at her magical energy from deep within her and pointed her wand at him, but to her horror nothing happened. “GIHIHIHI!!! WHAT WAS THAT?” He laughed at her. “You don’t have enough magic to dispel me, you stupid little witch!” Levy bit down on her lip. Oh no, he’s right…what do I do?? What do I do?? She thought as she watched him laugh hysterically at her dilemma. Suddenly she remembered something Lily had said to her earlier. I have to say his name to gain control of him and enact the pact…but, what was his name!? Oh if only I had listened to Lily. The spirit called out to her from across the chamber. “Oy…you got another plan, I see you thinking over there…” He then appeared behind her. “It won’t work.” He whispered in her ear, his voice felt like ice on her neck making goose bumps blossom all over her skin. His name, his name… I have to stall. She raised her wand and said “Disappear!” A cloud of pink smoke enveloped the room. He chuckled, crossing his arms. “I already told you, that is not gonna work on me.” The smoke dissipated and he frowned…she was gone.

Err, I draw better than I write, but I did fix up this little bit. There is more, but nehhh, I’d rather doodle. Hahaha, anyways I’d imagine that Levy and Gajeel go on cool adventures and learn a lot from each other and eventually they begin to have feelings for one another so much so that Levy tries to find a way to free him from The Void so that he can be a human again and they can knock boots. Aww, happy endings!!! xD