“The hell do you think you’re doing in sharkfolk territory, mermaid?” ~ Dark Waters


Ahhh, read it, it’s perfect! n_____n Felt like I needed to do another pic…I may do a traditional version too, just because I love it so much! <3

Also, I borrowed Approvesport’s idea for Gajeel’s sharkskin pattern. Yay, awesome ppl everywhere!!!!

Fairy Tail CivilWar AU

Notes: I am a graylu shipper but also a Nalu one, I honestly don’t support Gruvia but for the sake of this au not being a shipping war I’m just gonna not touch on ships as much as I Would Love.

The great magic council has decided to place a Mage registration act. Which makes mages reveal their information to the world making it easier for civilians to trust them. They are also required to be in a guild, if not they can and will be immediately prosecuted. They will also be privately distributing missions to those whose powers are deemed “dangerous” and “uncontrollable” making the towns a safer place. This splits the Mage community in 2 particularly Fairy Tail which is one of the most well known guilds in fiore whom has defended their country plenty of times.

Natsu: he is essentially the tony stark of the group. He does things recklessly and may or may not destroy towns from time to time. Although so, he does finish the task but leaving many hurt. He decides to have the law as wants to regain trusts from the civilian who have grown to be wary of mages

Gray: righteous as Captain America, Gray believes releasing private information into the public may bring danger to their loved ones. He feels this personally as he has lost many and doesn’t want to lose any more.

Loke: gray’s right hand man. He is shown to be quite the player but he is also a person with the most guilt after losing his owner by not being able to protect her. He strongly feels that the act will bring that feeling of hopelessness to the many mages during guild wars when family members could possibly be accounted for.

Lucy: She sides with the act itself as she does believe that trust is needed between them and civilians. However, she does find natsu’s methods to be unconventional at times. As such she doesn’t really pick a side in the war as she knows how important like is to Gray and she really doesn’t have much to say about the act as she no longer has anybody to protect besides her fellow mages who she describes as “can take care of themselves”

Gajeel: he is one of Natsu’s close and personal friends. Although they argue a lot they are the same kin , the last of the few dragon slayers and have each other’s backs. Gajeel struggles as he tries his best to keep his lover out of the conflict.

Erza: arguably the strongest female Mage, she is most definitely the best warrior. After losing her best friend who she considered family in a conflict, she decides to side with Gray as she believes the act will only bring chaos to the many who are related to mages.

Gildarts: he occasionally appears from time to time but after hearing about the act he quickly rushes to Natsu’s said as he himself has messed up often because of his uncontrollable magic. He also feels like he owes a debt to Natsu for saving his daughter once.

Laxus: he was once driven mad by power and he was actually knocked into sense by Natsu and Gajeel. After Gray realized Laxus was still affected by a poison he requests the help of Wendy a healer as well as dragons slayer who is also on his side but is not as involved into the war. Laxus feels indebted to Gray and sides with him.

Panther Lily: Lily comes from another kingdom of Exceeds and there he is a hero and commander in chief. He has kept his people safe as well as their signature magic wave which many have captured them for. He fights in the war purely because he wants his people who are all practically mages to be recognized and be able to integrate to the normal world.

Mystogan: he is an enigmatic man who wants his privacy as he is a prince of a country where magic is running out. He believes that the act will possibly endanger his citizens as he cares for all of them and they don’t have magic within them, instead they use tools. He techinically doesn’t belong to a guild and although he would love to, he has a kingdom to take care of


Juvia: she is part of fairy tail and an admirer of Gray. She sides with gray as she doesn’t support Natsu’s ideals as later in the war he allows Gajeel to jail whoever who doesn’t register.

Levy: She herself is a strong Mage and is the lover of Gajeel. She is currently pregnant with his child which brings many worries as to what kind of world the child will be born into after the war. She stays in hiding throughout the war until Gajeel is severely injured and is out of commission, she then decides to remain neutral

Makarov: he is the master of Fairy Tail and has to follow through with the act as he is part of the council. He secretly provides information to gray as well as giving advice to Natsu. When confronted by Lucy as to why he is helping both sides he responds with “I can’t possibly show favoritism to my children, can I?”

Mest: A newcomer to the guild, he choses gray’s side as he has his family who he wants to protect. The fact that mystogan his idol is there is just a perk. (😂)

Cana: the daughter of gildarts, she is a huge alcoholic and a close friend of Lucy. Although her father chooses to side with Natsu, Cana remains neutral but in her mind she choses Gray’s side as it is right


When Dragon’s Play Nice for their Mates.


Here’s a little gift from me!

A section from the Douji I draw. Natsu and Gajeel suck up each others presence for their two mates, Levy and Lucy, who are friends. The tension is hard as steel and growing hot so the girls force him to simply hug and get over themselves. … It works…..Kind of?

lol Anyway! I love Nalu! And Gale! Hope you all like this as well! 

I own nothing.

The Iron King And I Chapter 3: The Meeting, a Fairy Tail + King and I Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

New Chapter of my Gajevy King and I AU fanfic!!!

This is, as always, a preview to the new chapter! read the rest in fanfiction.net.

Summary: When a stubborn young King (Gajeel) brings a foreign teacher (Levy) to educate his younger siblings as part of his plan to change his Kingdom he never thought he would be getting taught a few lessons too. Gajevy AU inspired in the movies/musical/story of The King and I.

Pairings: Gajevy, slight Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza.

Rated: T for strong language.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Just as the ambassador stumbled through his words a huge blue cat ran through the hall passing The Kralahome and Levy’s group pushing Romeo to the ground straight to the throne room, where it pranced around a few fish in its mouth and at it’s tail the royal cooks chased after him for stealing their fish.

“Hey!! You won’t get away with that!!” shouted Romeo as he followed the cat into the throne room.

“Romeo, no wait!!” exclaimed Levy following her brother trying to stop him.

The blue cat ran throw everyone pushing the guards, the ambassador and his men dropping and stomping in the expensive presents, crashing and tearing sounds where heard everywhere as the guards and Romeo tried to catch it as well as the cooks but the cat was really agile, it seemed like it could fly. As two guards approached it from its flanks the cat leaped causing the men to clash with each other as it landed in front of the blond girl.

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Spellbound Pact

I had this AU idea of Levy as a witch/sorceress-in-training a while back…. The student has a familiar that helps train him or her learn the ropes and become a successful witch/sorceress. In this AU Levy has PantherLily as her familiar and they make a great team. Levy has such a passion to learn that during her studies she stumbles across a mysterious book that contains a complex spell called “The Spellbound Pact” where you make a contract with a spirit. Spirit summoning is normal in this AU, but what makes this spell different is that the spirit you call is from a place called “The Void”, a sort of magical prison. She becomes obsessed with learning about this spell, she sneaks into the restricted part of the library to find more information about The Void. She comes about a mysterious photograph of a former warlock who was condemned to The Void. She shares her findings with Lily. He takes one look at the photo and blows up, he forbids her to attempt the summoning….but she does it anyway.

“N-NOOO PANTHERLILY!!!!” She didn’t have anytime to grieve her loss for the spirit swirled around her, he laughed as he flexed his hand, his nails elongated into sharp points. “Gihi, now it’s your turn…” Levy clutched her wand to her chest; he was going to pay for what he did. She summoned him; she would get rid of him! “I will dispel you back to The Void!” She pulled at her magical energy from deep within her and pointed her wand at him, but to her horror nothing happened. “GIHIHIHI!!! WHAT WAS THAT?” He laughed at her. “You don’t have enough magic to dispel me, you stupid little witch!” Levy bit down on her lip. Oh no, he’s right…what do I do?? What do I do?? She thought as she watched him laugh hysterically at her dilemma. Suddenly she remembered something Lily had said to her earlier. I have to say his name to gain control of him and enact the pact…but, what was his name!? Oh if only I had listened to Lily. The spirit called out to her from across the chamber. “Oy…you got another plan, I see you thinking over there…” He then appeared behind her. “It won’t work.” He whispered in her ear, his voice felt like ice on her neck making goose bumps blossom all over her skin. His name, his name… I have to stall. She raised her wand and said “Disappear!” A cloud of pink smoke enveloped the room. He chuckled, crossing his arms. “I already told you, that is not gonna work on me.” The smoke dissipated and he frowned…she was gone.

Err, I draw better than I write, but I did fix up this little bit. There is more, but nehhh, I’d rather doodle. Hahaha, anyways I’d imagine that Levy and Gajeel go on cool adventures and learn a lot from each other and eventually they begin to have feelings for one another so much so that Levy tries to find a way to free him from The Void so that he can be a human again and they can knock boots. Aww, happy endings!!! xD