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Warning: Spoilers.

Okay I’m just putting it out there. The parallels between Zervis and Gruvia are obvious right? From the chapter name and having to fight the one you love most, and also, the girls dying.

Well Zeref brought someone back to life. What if Grey does too?

THEY BOTH BRING BACK THE PERSON THE LOVE MOST. (For Zeref it’s Natsu, not Mavis but… Anyway.)

WHAT IF THAT’S HOW GREY DEFEATS END. By bringing back Juvia, somehow, and contracting the Ankeseram curse.

((OR, he’s just going to fucking drop her outside the guild.))

Maybe I’m grasping at straws, and that’s probably it, but it’s interesting to think about regardless.

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Uh guys... Be prepared for our hearts to break in Fairytail 499(possibly)..

So I just happened to glance at the 499 spoilers and already I know our hearts are going to break in tiny little pieces, though I do trust that our beloved Hiro- Sensei likely has an ace up his sleeve to remedy this(cuz that’s what he does lol).

Thanks to Hanna, @x-benihime for alerting us to the spoilers! Have a good night girl!

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