OTP New years Pining
  • Person B: *over dramatic Sigh* I wish I had someone to kiss at Midnight...
  • Person C: Why don't you just kiss A?
  • Person B: *Failing at hiding blush* What!?
  • Person D: Yeah, you should just Kiss A. Everyone knows you want to.
  • Person B: I-I do not..
  • Everyone: *flatly* Yeah, you do.
  • Person C: Besides you've been pining after A for forever. Just get together already.
  • Person B: No, I haven't and A doesn't even like me.
  • Person A: Yes, I do. I've been waiting for your sorry ass to make a move for forever.
  • Person B: ...

Guys I have a new AU for all your shipping pleasures so just hear me out:

The FBI Agent AU


Obviously, there is not enough FBI Agents to only monitor one person. This Agent, however, is lucky enough to only monitor two. He has been monitoring these two people for years and, honestly, feels like they’re close friends. He notices that they are both rather lonely, but they’re interested in most of the same things.

To put it simply: He started to ship them.

So, he started to plant things on their computer. He made each other show up in their recommended friends on Facebook, or “Blogs to Follow” on Tumblr.

They may live states apart, but that didn’t stop him. Nothing could stop him. They were made for each other.

Eventually, he would go as far as to advertise them the same vacation spots. The same hotels. Something, anything to get them into the same area.


Started watching Black Clover and I’m noticing I’ve got a soft spot for loud, angry, problematic main character underdogs always beating up people and shouting about being the best. 

(Ya can’t say I don’t got a type….)