A Brief Defence of 'Jupiter Ascending'

I see a lot of people panning the new film Jupiter Ascending with the criticism that it is an aesthetically beautiful, but fundamentally flawed work. The movie does have problems; all do. The biggest flaw that I’ve found is not with the film per se, but with its audience.The film is, fundamentally, a Modernist work with strong Romantic tendencies.

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The Story of the Statue

So, anxiousaclassi made this post and once again I could not resist:

what if instead of fading due to grief, elves turn to stone. in the middle of dale there’s a statue of the long disappeared elvenking, and no one looks at it because of the look of sheer loss and pain on his face. little do they know that bard died there decades ago, and the statue isn’t a statue.

The Story of the Statue

There was a fairystory, a folktale, popular among the people of Dale. They told it to travellers and to their children and grandchildren. They all knew the story of the statue.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there used to be a huge Elven kingdom in the forests of Mirkwood, ruled over by a cold and beautiful king, though his name has been lost to time. He defended his own lands and people ferociously, but he cared little for the suffering of others; “Other lands are not my concern.” The king would say, dismissing all who came before him.

All but one.

The fabled Dragonslayer, a simple bargeman who took down Smaug the Terrible with only one arrow, who re-founded Dale and saved their ancestors in ages past.

He was the one who thawed the heart of the cold Elvenking.

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