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mmm ily do u have any kaspscom hcs???

YEAHH!! this ship is one i don’t see much of but we’re gonna change that right ophie?

- They’re kind of something….no one sees coming
- Eddie’s a litte ball of fire and Ben is a pool of fresh water
- But they’re a balance that just works.
- Eddie can talk for hours. On a particularly bad day he’ll sit with his head in Ben’s lap, eyebrows furrowing deeper and deeper into his line of vision until Ben’s fingers, carding through his hair, relax them back to normal
- They’re big into being quiet together though too. sometimes they’ll read together, underlining their favorite lines in stories and stopping to giggle for too long if a part is funny
- Ben isn’t much taller than Eddie but he takes advantage of his height anyway, stopping every once in a while during everyday tasks to press a kiss to eddie’s forehead or nose
- eddie wrinkles it after but his cheeks tinge pink anyway because he likes him. he really does
- Eddie has 3 composition notebooks full of love notes from Ben. He keeps them under his bed and reads them when it’s raining or when he’s mad at the world
- Ben’s sweaters and hoodies are HUGE on him but he likes to drown in them
- Ben’s a hand holder. If he isn’t holding Eddie’s hand what’s the point? why are we here?
- Their juniorish year of high school they start running together! it’s nice at first but Eddie starts getting grumpy because Ben started getting faster than him
- BEN LOVES OLD CHEESY ROMANTIC MUSIC! Sometimes on lazy days they’ll slow dance together and step on each other’s socked feet while they full on snort laughing into each other’s necks until they get the hang of things
- Them. Honestly

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i personally don’t get why everyone wants to pretend that richie had bad parents. if people want to relate to a kid with shitty parents look at someone else because it isn’t like all the losers had perfect lives !!!

yeah like look at BEVERLY who had a horrible home life

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steddie and you get your soulmate's favorite songs stuck in your head

“I’m glad we got that sorted out, I don’t think I could stand being Richie’s soulmate,” Eddie laughs, before his smile becomes more mischievous. “I didn’t know you liked Abba.”

Stan’s face heats up, and he wraps his arm around Eddie’s shoulder; pulling him close, he mumbles into his hair, “That’s enough out of you, cookie.”

(Send me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write you a three sentence fic. )

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i uh finished class so here’s another hc while i go home. eddie always thought it was cliche that couples borrowed clothes but one night they had a sleepover & eddie forgot pjs bc he’s a chaotic gay disaster & so bill lent him a hoodie & pj pants & in the morning bill was like oh u can give that back whenever & eddie was like uh how about never

He only returns it to Bill when it stops smelling like him so he can wash in his washer and get more of that sweet Bill sent

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to be fair ace discourse doesn’t exist outside of tumblr bc we all have bigger fish to fry but for all you freaks in russ’s inbox, no one gives a fuck if you don’t fuck !! ace discourse is so fucking stupid bc sexual attraction is such a deeply personal & individualized thing & it doesn’t belong in the lgbt community purely bc it’s “different” or whatever you fucks are saying. grow up & go outside. look at the sky. pick some flowers. grow up !!!!!


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10 & 12

10 - what are your go-to love songs?: only exception by paramore, i get to love you by ruelle, cherry wine by hozier, and strawberries and cigarettes by troye sivan

12 - what would be your ideal date?: hmmm i’d say, go to the farmers market and buy each other either flowers or herb plants and just other stuff, and then going to a nearby cafe and getting smoothies. after sitting and talking and goofing for a hot minute, going out to the museum of art and just wandering and taking pictures and my local museum has an outdoor garden too so we’d do that as well and that visit would probably be abt 3-4 hrs long? so afterwards going to an outdoor movie and sitting in the trunk and watching the movie w a bunch of blankets and then heading home and sitting outside in the driveway on the car’s hood and whispering goodnight and then a quick kiss on the cheek and texting when we both finally lay down until eventually we fall asleep

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@ ur post about nancy wheeler, i really want to like her but i went through your tag and read everything and it's all vvv valid and it kind of opens my eyes to why i was uncomfortable with certain things in the season and why i never liked j*ncy. do you think it's possible to save nancy's character, though? like do you think it's possible to turn her into a good character with an actual story?

yeah, i felt the same way. i really liked her in s1, so s2 was hard to swallow :( i’m glad that you read my essay though and want to thank you for that!

nancy at this point is a trigger for me. her treatment of steve during s2 reminded me of my abusers, so for that reason, i’ll never be able to like her again. as for everyone else, tbh, i think all nancy has to do is hold a gun or do smth “badass” and everyone will praise her for being a “queen.” if they gave her an actual character and other interests aside from jonathan, it would certainly be an improvement. i read that the duffers said that the teens are getting their own supernatural storyline or something this season, so i imagine that will limit nancy’s storyline to only that. (of course, we’ll get to see jonathan and steve’s interests and personalities, though jonathan doesn’t have one at this point either). 

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bill i love u so ur the only person i trust enough with this but what actor is enough of a twink to play 2019 eddie? i’ve been looking but all white boys look the same to me & my knowledge on famous men is far too limited so i need to consult an expert

OPHELIA the problem is i’m gay and useless and i just want dennis christopher to be eddie :/ #makeeddiegreatagain

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bones & teacups for the ask game !

Bones: Name one strength and one weakness.

Strenght would be how patient I know I am, and a weakness I think it’s the fact that I can’t say no to anyone, basically.

Teacups: Favorite beverages?

I love green tea, lmao. And just tea in general, and coffee with milk. I’m also a coke fan, because I’m unhealthy as hell… and as for alcohol, I love vodka. Neat and in Cosmo. Absolute Vodka is my favorite one– and tequila, whiskey. I’m not big on beer, tho.

send me a thingy!


“better off than some twenty seven year old that says homophobic things & throws a fit when teenagers call her out”

You’re right - you are so much better off than me.  That’s why, with your two jobs and college education, you’re spending your time on tumblr, sending me messages about shit that happened months ago (that I have apologized for repeatedly) rather than moving on and focusing on your education.  

I’m also disabled, which is why I can’t maintain gainful employment, but let’s just ignore that in favor of being an asshole, amirite?

As far as teenagers calling me out, go for it - but do it for something I’ve actually done wrong, not for me telling a person that they can identify with whatever term they feel comfortable using.

Now, since you’re so much better than me, how about you go work your two jobs, get your education, and leave me the fuck alone?


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