fairyland canyon


Bryce Canyon National Park

My first impression of this vast “canyon” of eroding landscape and unique sandstone spires was that it was almost equally as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon. The deep orange-colors and textures, a record number of “hoodoos”, scattered snow covering and the complimentary blue skies made for incredibly unique and beautiful and atheistic; one of my favorites so far. I spent the better part of two days so I could hike down into the landscape. A free bus tour provided by the park took me on a 3 hour journey through the entire park while stopping at scenic overlooks and learning some fascinating natural history. 

My Itinerary for the day was as follows:

  • Parked for the day at Sunset Point
  • Hiked 6mi on the Navajo Trail and Peekaboo Trail loop 
  • Took a free 3-hour tour to all the way to Rainbow Point and several other viewpoints
  • Camped in the nearby Dixie National Forest for the second night in a ro

Day 2

  • Hiked 8mi Fairyland Loop Trail
  • Got a shower for $3 at the General Store
  • Ate at the Bryce Canyon Lodge Lunch buffet (much needed calories)