St.Petersburg dollpa ‘Fairytales 2’ par Marina

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Dites bonjour à Trax ! - ADAW 49/52 par Cécile Wurcker

When you are born,” the golem said softly, “your courage is new and clean. You are brave enough for anything: crawling off of staircases, saying your first words without fearing that someone will think you are foolish, putting strange things in your mouth. But as you get older, your courage attracts gunk, and crusty things, and dirt, and fear, and knowing how bad things can get and what pain feels like. By the time you’re half-grown, your courage barely moves at all, it’s so grunged up with living. So every once in awhile, you have to scrub it up and get the works going, or else you’ll never be brave again.
—  Catherynne M. Valente: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Okay, first of all…


But then again, I finally made this dress! It only took me… few years… I actually wanted to make something like this when I graduated for myself but eww, no, I’m not worthy to wear something pretty like a flower dress. Plus think how much it would have costed to make one in human size!

Anyway, I’m glad that I made this! One sewing dream achieved! Now I need to make my wedding dress… But as a side note: I have to say that I’m so proud that how well that ombre effect turned out with just coffee!

Plus I think that Leia deserved to have this one. Poor thing is the first doll that I’ve had for a full year! But to be honest, I hope that I won’t ever do anything as Mahou Shoujo as this is, lol : D


(Also I felt kinda guilty that I had not sewed anything proper for nearly a year so… Now I can feel more relaxed and not do anything productive in weeks…)