An angel’s postcard par Akara


Daphne by Leilah
[Fairyland Minife SP Sia]


St.Petersburg dollpa ‘Fairytales 2’ par Marina


Artist’s choice Fairyline Sia for another one of my best friends in the hobby! I have been dying to do a pink heart theme on a doll since forever. She has lip line detail overlaid on painted heart lips, white and red heart freckles, and sky blue eyeliner for an OTT sugar-sweet look!

Her eyes have also been modded wider so she’s not as sleepy-looking :)


Ahhh taking pictures outside is so exhausting!! But so worth it!!!
Look at sweet Deri in her natural habitat! That’s how I always see her in my head! 😭 *so happy*

And I got her a horse too! She really needed an animal friend!
That thing is so fricking big though and a lil’ weird in the face… xD And the tack was all fugly and wrong. But anyway… horse!