Fairyland Pukifee Nanuri 2016 plate par Nomyens cosmetic dolls


Daphne by Leilah
[Fairyland Minife SP Sia]


An angel’s postcard par Akara


Ahhh taking pictures outside is so exhausting!! But so worth it!!!
Look at sweet Deri in her natural habitat! That’s how I always see her in my head! 😭 *so happy*

And I got her a horse too! She really needed an animal friend!
That thing is so fricking big though and a lil’ weird in the face… xD And the tack was all fugly and wrong. But anyway… horse!


St.Petersburg dollpa ‘Fairytales 2’ par Marina

Khaled was super neglected this year. Pazuzu steals all the spotlight.

BUT he got two new coats from Nezumitoo! This is one of them, which I call ‘winter gear’ due to how freakishly heavy it is xD

The 'what is what’

Fairyland C-Line Breakaway with face-up by Hearts_Murmur/overlordu, wig by SpritelyThings, kimono by flowergirl, robe by nezumitoo
Iplehouse JID Asa GUY (real skin) with face-up by maiya/Dipole Moment, eyes from Taobao, wig from Angelheim, horns are Soom Turb/Roxen (blushing by Ara), haori from japonsakura,


Painted par Akara