Do You Feel Little Balls Or Knots On The Strands Of Your Hair?

Afro puffs, free flowing afros or wash and go hairstyles are typically worn by women who are natural. This hair style involves washing the hair applying oils, leave in conditioners, or gels to set, hold, and define coils or curls in place. Although these style are easy to preform, there is a downside to carefree hair styles. 

Typically when hair is left out and bunched together you will start to noticed that single strand knots or fairy knots have formed on your hair. Single strand knots feel like little balls on the strands of your hair. Tiny knots can appear on a single strands of hair due to hair wrapping around itself resulting in microscopic knots. There are only three ways to combat these knots: overlooking them, cutting them off or trying to unravel the knot, which is almost impossible.

If you want to stop getting these horrible knots try wearing your hair in protective styles like twist and braids, or low maintenance styles like bantu knot outs, braid outs, or twist outs. Try smoothing out the strands of your hair before styling to prevent these knots from populating your tresses. Blow drying your hair on the cool setting will slightly straighten your hair making it smoother and easier to style.