I was messing around with stuff and so I was like “what would a combo of Rowan and Jo look like”

so here’s a Rowan/Jo kid I guess. Not/never canon of course. I do like her design though, maybe I’ll edit it so it’s not obvious Rowan and Jo. Maybe not I dunno

Gardevoir/Mr. Mime, Bisharp is in there but pretty faint and only aesthetically. Typing is Psychic/Fairy

as for a name? idk since she doesn’t actually exist. But maybe Ash???


So these are my current in progress shots.  Season 3 Time Travel Emma needs some detail work with a paint that is coming in the mail.  There is a ton left to do on the black fairyas her dress needs several more coats of detail and i’m going to try and sculpt a headpiece.

This is Minhyuk from Monsta X. Full name Lee Minhyuk, born November 3rd, 1993, visual + vocal. And now let me tell you why you’ll fall for him.

Let me just start by saying Minhyuk is literally sunshine in a person. Every time he smiles it’s like another sun rises in the sky. And not only does he laugh a lot, he can make other people laugh too. Monsta X are all pretty funny in their own way (including awkward-dad-robot Shownu) but Minhyuk is a master. He’s also Monsta X’s MC, and he’s damn good at that. He has a friendly, approaching, sunny personality that shines through on screen. Just watch him be an unbelievable ball of adorableness in the 3rd episode of Monsta X’s show Right Now (which I recommend 100%):

And his voice is so lovely and nice to listen to. True, he doesn’t get a lot of parts, but you can always pick him out and I really like his voice. My older sister (who’s not a Monbebe) really likes to listen to him talk. Just hear him in this performance of Amen, 100% live (he’s the first singer):

Can a person be this cute and lovely? Minhyuk breaks all laws of existence. And just look at him

My beautiful fairy

A real person? Are you sure?

Sexy on stage like what

And the most precious smile

Basically what I’m saying is, if you don’t get into Monsta X and Minhyuk, you’ll regret it.

Photo credits: May14thDay (closed :( ) + MinStory + Be my peterpan

Monsta X’s new song All In is out now.