Hey guys I thought I’d take a break from asks and represent my undying love for the holidays around the end of the year. Here are some Christmas Pokemon for now, but I’ll most likely do Thanksgiving subspecies as well! 

Here’s the first, 25 notes and I’ll evolve this guy! (Based off some poisettias)

Deerling (Festive Form)

In more tropical areas, Deerling are known to turn bright green and red in the winter rather than sport their normal white coats. However, the same chemicals that turn them these colors and make them more cold-hardy, also give the deerling more poisonous attacks. 

If this post gets 50 notes, I’ll evolve this guy! (based on and old Christmas bear)


As a much smaller and more domesticated subspecies of Stufful, this pokemon is a popular Christmas gift to children. However, it is very manipulative, using it’s cute looks and demeanor to get want it wants.

If this post gets 75 notes, I’ll give the evo line for this guy! (Christmas tree!)


This subspecies of Treeko grows larger and bushier thanks to the symbiotic relationship it has to the bioluminescent fungi that reside in it’s tail. While Treelite lose their natural camouflage, strong electrical vine attacks keep predators away. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm writing a story where my MC has to go on an adventure but I think he's too alone... So I wanted to give him a companion but I want that character not to be a human but rather a spirit of some kind? Something that can hide easily and won't interfere with the tip, easy to carry but not a weapon. Something mystical (it's a fantasy world), do you think you could help me out?😊 thanks in advance!💖

  • A sprite
  • Do they have to be carried? Could it be a ghost only they can see?
  • A tiny fairy
  • A tiny dragon? Mulan style?
  • a gremlin

I was messing around with stuff and so I was like “what would a combo of Rowan and Jo look like”

so here’s a Rowan/Jo kid I guess. Not/never canon of course. I do like her design though, maybe I’ll edit it so it’s not obvious Rowan and Jo. Maybe not I dunno

Gardevoir/Mr. Mime, Bisharp is in there but pretty faint and only aesthetically. Typing is Psychic/Fairy

as for a name? idk since she doesn’t actually exist. But maybe Ash???

When the stars are the only things we share (1/?)

Title: When the stars are the only things we share (1/?)
Pairing: Ten/Rose, Hospital AU
Rating: K+ (?)
Beta: sequence-fairy

A/N: So, this was supposed to be a secret santa fic for tenshair but I absolutely suck and life and school got in the way and…I really wanted this to be good. This is a cancer patients au and although nobody dies, it is heavy so if anything like that triggers you, please don’t read. I’m basing all of this off of my own experiences, but much of this is based off memories from some years ago so if anything is inaccurate, forgive me. I tried to stick to what I know, which made this very different for me to write so..hope you enjoy. Title from Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich.


Rose turns over in her bed with a huff of frustration, wincing a bit as she moves too fast and the IV needle in her arm yanks slightly under the tape holding it there. She levers herself up a little on her arm to look over the handrail on the bed and peer through the darkness. She sees her mum asleep on the air mattress on the floor, a soft familiar wave of relief rolling through her. She thinks about how weird it is someone can look so tired in their sleep, and not for the first time Rose worries about her mum. Someone should. She thinks her dad probably would have.

Yeah, Rose realizes why she should be more worried about herself–and she is, obviously–she’s twelve and she has cancer so that’s kind of a definite thing, but still, she and her mum take care of each other. They always have. Not everything has to change.

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This is Minhyuk from Monsta X. Full name Lee Minhyuk, born November 3rd, 1993, visual + vocal. And now let me tell you why you’ll fall for him.

Let me just start by saying Minhyuk is literally sunshine in a person. Every time he smiles it’s like another sun rises in the sky. And not only does he laugh a lot, he can make other people laugh too. Monsta X are all pretty funny in their own way (including awkward-dad-robot Shownu) but Minhyuk is a master. He’s also Monsta X’s MC, and he’s damn good at that. He has a friendly, approaching, sunny personality that shines through on screen. Just watch him be an unbelievable ball of adorableness in the 3rd episode of Monsta X’s show Right Now (which I recommend 100%):

And his voice is so lovely and nice to listen to. True, he doesn’t get a lot of parts, but you can always pick him out and I really like his voice. My older sister (who’s not a Monbebe) really likes to listen to him talk. Just hear him in this performance of Amen, 100% live (he’s the first singer):

Can a person be this cute and lovely? Minhyuk breaks all laws of existence. And just look at him

My beautiful fairy

A real person? Are you sure?

Sexy on stage like what

And the most precious smile

Basically what I’m saying is, if you don’t get into Monsta X and Minhyuk, you’ll regret it.

Photo credits: May14thDay (closed :( ) + MinStory + Be my peterpan

Monsta X’s new song All In is out now.