October 21, 2016 - Purple-crowned Fairy-wren, Purple-crowned Fairywren, or Lilac-crowned Wren (Malurus coronatus)

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These fairy-wrens are found in two separate populations in northern Australia. They eat insects and some seeds, foraging in leaf litter and dense foliage. Cooperative breeders, chicks from previous seasons help their parents raise new broods and defend their territories in dense vegetation near rivers. If conditions are good enough, they may raise more than one brood in a year. Though they are classified as a species of Least Concern by the IUCN, one subspecies is declining due to habitat loss and degradation, mostly caused by livestock and fires.


Superb Fairy Wren

music: Adam Lambert ~Ghost Town

Purple-Crowned Fairy Wren

A member of the Maluridae family, the Purple-crowned Fairy Wren is endemic to Australia. It was first discovered and recorded by surgeon J.R. Elsey on A.C. Gregory’s Northern Australian expedition of 1855. The preferred habitat of this striking little bird is in tall grasses near a river or spring.