Fic: The Warbler Prince- Klaine (Glee) Ch. 10/14 (Valentine Prompt Challenge)

Title: The Warbler Prince ( AO3 - S&C )

Rating: T

Pairing: Klaine

Summary: A Klaine spin on a classic tale, this retelling of The Canary Prince takes place through fourteen chapters, each one inspired by a different love song. Fourteen days, fourteen chapters, one story of a great love that must fight to overcome every obstacle. The question is, does every retelling have the same ending, and will our boys really prove that true love conquers all?

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Chapter Ten: Thinking Out Loud

It took Blaine hours to tear himself away from Kurt and return to the castle. He only parted when he did so that he might see the king before it was too late in the day to request an audience. While the man might be his father, that did not mean that Blaine was privileged enough to see him at any given time, so he had to follow formal rules.

He tore himself away with the goal of getting the evil woman who plagued Kurt’s life locked up and freeing the man he so loved. That was the only thing that kept the prince’s feet moving as he strode from the tower and toward his speckled mare, who waited patiently by the tree to which she was tied, grazing merrily at the grass and shrubs that littered the forest floor.

“C'mon girl,” Blaine whispered, taking the reins and hopping up on his horse. “Time to stage a rescue.”

Darlin, I will be loving you…

Blaine urged his horse quickly on toward the castle where he had grown up, where he’d been safe for so many years. It was the place where he just knew Kurt could find the same safety. He just needed to get everything worked out so that what needed to happen could happen.

I fall in love with you every single day…

The horse was fast and true as always, and Blaine dropped her at the stables with an extra scoop of oats for her troubles. He hurried to his chambers to make himself presentable so that his father was not angered by his lack of appropriate behavior, then rushed to the throne room.

“Father,” he bowed after his presence was announced by one of his father’s attendants. “I have news of the identity of who wounded me.”

The queen gasped, then the king urged his son to continue, so Blaine explained. Once Kurt’s stepmother’s identity was revealed along with the malicious nature of her crimes against royalty, a decree for her arrest was penned immediately.

“Father, I would also like to release the boy whom she holds captive. She has no right nor reason to keep him as such, and I have fallen in love with the man further,” he said, standing tall and strong before his father. “I plan to ride out to rescue him and bring him here to live with me.”

I’m thinking out loud…

The warrant was finished and Cooper cleared his throat from the area to the side where he’d stood and listened to the entire conversation. Blaine turned to look at his older brother, happy to see the supportive gleam in his clear blue eyes.

“Father, I will ride to the woman and shackle her rightly. She will be brought to justice and locked in the dungeons where she belongs.” After checking that the ink was dry, Cooper took the decree and headed out.

Hoping that you’ll understand…

After making sure that his parents were pleased with his plan, Blaine turned on his heel to find his loyal men. Wes and Nick were swiftly ordered to ride out with Cooper to assure the elder prince’s safety. In the meantime, Blaine retired to his chambers to prepare for a rescue mission for which he had no idea what all he would need.

And we found love right where we are…

The Witch and the Dragon

Once upon a time there lived a great and terrible dragon. He had scales as dark as coal and eyes that glowed like the sun itself. The fire in him was so hot that water boiled in his presence when he was mad. He had a roar like the thunder during the very wildest of summer storms. He roared a great deal, for any dragon his size comes with a great and terrible hunger -  and nothing makes dragons so irritable as an empty stomach.

This dragon lived in a cave on a high hill above a prosperous kingdom. And every time he grew hungry he would roar so ferociously that they could hear him all the way to the borders on every side. He roared so loud that hens wouldn’t lay eggs, cows wouldn’t give milk, windows shattered and the very stones in the walls rattled.

The king announced that any cook to placate the beast would be paid thrice their weight in gold.  A stream of cooks went to the hill to placate the dragon. But none could keep up with his demands, and soon enough he would gobble them up in anger and then roar for another as soon as his belly grew empty again. The best of cooks, the worst of cooks, male or female, young or old, rich or poor. All of them went into the dragon’s belly. Even the king’s own cook was killed eventually. And still the dragon roared.

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Ethereal Photography of Dewdrops on Dandelion Seeds

With the sole use of his iPhone and a macro camera Squidcam, photographer Autumn Sasala captures the ethereal beauty of dewdrops deposited of Dandelion seeds. To capture their delicate grace, the photographs are taken early in the morning, where dew is formed as a result of condensation.

The ethereal images showcase cotton candy pink and blue hues, which seem to resemble the images of a fairytale, where woodland creatures live under the fragile petals of the wish making Dandelion flower. The dainty images beautifully capture the microscopic world of science and flowers in a serene and romantic sensibility. The photographs seem to have been taken in a realm, where time has stopped, where each droplet of water is standing still for a second, before it gently rolls down.