If I recorded myself reading fairy tales and folklore and stuff, how many people would listen?

I bought a Brother Grimm’s folklore book and I’d love to put it to good use.

(Keep in mind Brothers Grimm does sometimes have a dark twist compared to modern day fairy tales.)

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When I’m older and have my life figured out I hope I’m living in the English country side in a beautiful old stone house with vines covering some of the sides, basically a place out of fairy tales. I want my kids to grow up surrounded by beauty. It’s a lot to ask for but who’s to say it’s not possible.


Finding Magic in Everyday Occurrences with @thelittlethings_love

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(This interview was conducted in German.)

The venturesome flight of a ladybug, a pleasant shadow cooling the skin, the touching lightheartedness of children playing – Corla Schöner’s (@thelittlethings_love) photographs are like a love song to life. And for her, everyday moments are the melody. “They are pure, fragile and at the same time so incredibly strong that they soak our thick skin and, if we allow it, get up in our soul,” says the special education teacher from Frankfurt, Germany.

Corla lets her images tell little fairy tales beyond words, taking the viewer on a journey. “I think that photography can be a way to reach this well-protected and often hidden place within ourselves. A place that not only shelters our desires and fears, but at the same time is the place where our individual freedom, joy and creativity is born.”