so my boyfriend and i are looking for a specific children’s book that he vaguely remembers…

we don’t have many details, and we’ve been scouring the internet for it for the past few hours.

the most information we have is:

it’s an older children’s book (+10 years), there was a blue fairy that died keeping crickets warm during the winter, one was named nettle, 

there was a wizard who decided to sneak into some place and got shrunk after that,

the fairies had left their home or something like that?

it might not have been fairies, though–that might be a possibility, though he feels they were fairies (he says they were as big as crickets in the story)

it’s one book, not a series.

like i said it’s not much but if you have any information on what this book could be, please message me?

anonymous asked:

No offense to Dan but even though we have only seen silhouettes of your Beast's human form, I already prefer your Beast's looks to both Disney's animated and live action BATB princes. Like the first reaction when I saw him on the cover was "Dang, do you use loreal, you beautiful angsty man?"

Aww, I’m sure this comment would have him blushing terribly (and completely unable to hide it without fur)!

Snow White and Rose Red

Take away their foxes

and you’ll wind up dead

Retelling Prompt - retell the Snow White and Rose Red fairy tale with this picture as your spark. Are they witches with their familiars? Shape-shifters? Hipster girls working for a wildlife conservation non-profit? Or something else?

Read the Grimm’s Snow White and Rose Red, pdf version

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