The Fairy’s answer by Kathie McMillan
Via Flickr:
“Woodland Frolics” written and illustrated by Doreen Baxter. Made and printed in England by Hazell, Watson & Viney, LTD. of Aylesbury and London. First printed in 1952. This edition by the Brockhampton Press LTD of Leicester.

Little Red Riding Hood

This spread will be a real dive in your childhood and its effects on your present.. and how to use it or your future!

1: your childhood fears
2: how did they influence your past
3: how are they affecting your present
4: your childhood hopes
5: how did they influence your past
6: how are they affecting your present
7: the person both your fears and hopes built
8: how to use your fears to grow stronger
9: how to use your hopes to move on in life
10: the person you could be


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Photographer Magda Wasiczek Captures the Macro Fairy World of Nature

Polish photographer Magda Wasiczek has one important aim in her artistry, to capture the vast and tiny beauty of nature. Wasiczek brings attention to the small details, we can’t detect with our naked eye. She captures the unusual and ethereal wonder, which seems to exist only in a fairy tale book.

Couple Travels the World Through a Series of Spellbinding Fairy Tale Photographic Narrative

Couple Victoria Yore and Terrence Drysdale share a passion for romanticism and nature. The model photographer duo travels the world together and showcases the many wonders and treasures of nature through a series of dramatic landscape shots in their series Follow Me Away. Their whimsically dark, yet enchanting images seem to be plucked straight from a fairy tale.