Sleeping Beauty

Title: Sleeping Beauty

Word Count: 2202

Characters: Sam x Reader

Summary: The Reader is the princess of a well known kingdom. She has everything what she wants but something happens on her birthday and suddenly she is trapped in another world and meets Sam and Dean.

A/N: There are so many Dean x Reader fairty tale AU’s, I wanted to do one for Sam. This is kinda for my best friend sam-winchester-imagines​. Thank you for everything darling. I love you. Feedback would be great! 

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“Happy Birthday my dear”, the king said and gave you a light kiss on the cheek, his stubble brushing against your soft skin which caused you to giggle.

“You could have at least shaved for this big day, your highness”, you teased him with a sly smirk on your lips. He hated it when you addressed him so formerly. He might be the king but after all he was also your father.
The King touched his own cheek and smiled lovingly at you. His eyes seemed to look through you, thinking about different times. Times when your mother was still alive.

“You sound just like your dearest mother”, he told you and kissed your cheek for a second time before he started stroking through your hair. “And you also have her beauty.” 

You blushed at his words. Your mother had died on the day you were born and it hurt to know that she had died so you could live. She had died for you and you couldn’t remember her. Of course you had seen massive pictures of her. The palast was paved with pictures of her and your father. There even was a picture where she was holding you in her arms when you were a baby. A known artist had painted it for your first birthday and it was the favorite picture of the king. Maybe because it was the only picture that showed the whole family.

You had stared endless times at those pictures on the walls in the great hall. On the floor. In your bedroom. You had stared at them, tried to imagine how your mothers voice would’ve sounded, how her hair smelled. But no matter how hard you tried, she remained to be a stranger, some woman in a drawing.

“Excuse me, my King. May I inform you that the guests have arrived the palace”, a servant curtsied infront of your father before he did the same infront of you. “Princess Y/N.”

“Yes, yes of course. You are excused, James”, the King turned around to you again. “Are you excited my dear?”

You nodded and took the arm your father was handing you. With a last deep breath you started following him, into the great hall where all your birthday guests were waiting for you. Strange that it felt like something was missing.———

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