If someone is in slightly infantile mood, I can recommend this locally popular 1955 fairy tale comedy called There Once Was a King… (Byl jednou jeden král), starring (and co-written by) Jan Werich and directed by Bořivoj Zeman, with English subtitles made by the uploader.

Based on a literary source by Božena Němcová called Salt Over Gold, it´s a story about a selfcentered king (who calls himself Me the First), who likes to hear from everyone around how much they adore him. When one of his daughters, Maruška (Milena Dvorská) tells him “I love you like a salt,” the king is offended by being likened to something so average, banishes Maruška from the kingdom and in order to show everybody how redundant it is, he prohibits any use of salt in the kingdom. Hilarity ensues.

By the way. If you like fairy tales, then you need to read Naomi Novik’s Uprooted.

It’s hard to go into all of the details why it’s awesome without spoilers. I’m more or less going to ask people to trust me.

Novik takes some of the classic tropes and beautifully subverts them into a story that isn’t just well written, but…like I said.

Spoilers. I can’t tell you what she does that’s so wonderful.

Just read this dang book.

To the Mistress of the Labyrinth:

There was an inscription found at Knossos, tablet KN GG(1) 702, that reads:

To all the gods, honey
To the mistress of the labyrinth, honey

It seemed to me the kind of thing begging for a story.

To the Mistress of the Labyrinth

She props open the door to her labyrinth on warm summer nights, leaves trails of candles to mark the way, and dead heroes’ clothing in still-sticky beehives. She builds a new shrine from old tithes, stacks the abandoned offerings of centuries past with fairy flame and woolen underthings, plasters the gaps in her stone walls with little but her anger, her patience.

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10 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture

Norway started out as a kingdom in 872 and has existed ever since. It has also saved quite a bit of its traditional architecture. Traditional Norwegian architecture makes it look like a land out of a fairytale. Stave churches – so named because of the Norse words for their load-bearing poles – were extremely popular back in the 12th century, and their unique shape matched with all-wooden construction make is simply spectacular.

Norvegian vernacular (as in, built to local requirements and using local materials) architecture is wonderful. Moss and even trees grow on the roofs of wooden or stone buildings, making Norway a sort of Norse Shire. Have a look, and plan your next holiday accordingly!

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Intriguing and Mythological Tattoos by Kamil Czapiga

Polish tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga utilizes the classic technique of pointillism to create visually intriguing tattoos of whimsical and folklore imagery. Occasionally featuring wild animals, Czapiga’s designs showcase Slav mythology and spiritual connotations, which add beauty and depth to the art. Composed in all black ink, the tattoos are multi-faceted in concept and obscure. The inclusion of geometric patterns and the monochromatic tone accentuate the and reinvent the meaning of contemporary body art.


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Lucy Heartfilia: the precious daughter of a really rich Business man, Jude Heartfilia. After her parents died and her father’s company got bankrupt, Lucy worked for the new family that bought the heartfilia mansion. she was treated as bad as a slave. her mother who was a celestial wizard gave her all of the golden keys. Lucy secretly trained with her celestial spirits and no one know she had those keys.

Natsu Dragneel: the Younger brother of King Zeref. He didn’t like staying in the palace and act like a prince, he is a fire wizard who love going out training. He met Lucy in the forest when he almost got killed by his enemies, Lucy helped him though she was gone when he woke up. The King wanted his brother to find a bride so he invited all young singer women in the kingdom to the royal ball and she must be a wizard to fight with the prince before the prince choose her to be his partner.

Lucy didn’t want to be a princess, she wanted to prove she’s strong. However the mean owner of the mansion ripped her mother’s dress and locked her in the basement. Her celestial spirits helped her to go to the ball and met Natsu again.


AU inspired by Cinderella ;D

maybe i will draw this AU more.