Things to note about the Original Cinderella by J. and W. Grimm

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  • The step-sisters were “beautiful, with fair faces, but evil and dark hearts”
  • The father is still alive (and a dick)
  • The mother dies from plot convenience
  • She wears an old gray smock and wooden shoes
  • Cinderella sleeps in the ashes, which is why shes called Cinderella
  • Shes humble, but seriously? What are you doing planing to do with that twig? Hint: She grows a magic tree with her tears, that fulfills her wishes, via bird
  • There are a lot of birds involved in this one
  • The step-mother doesn’t tell her straight away that she can’t come along. Cinderella has to do some dumb tasks first, cause PLOT
  • She can talk to birds
  • Hazel nut tree bird is a bitch - “Throw gold and silver down to me.” = gives her a pretty dress instead of actual money so she can run away from her abusive home
  • Her step-mother and siblings don’t recognize her, cause shes wearing a dress
  • Cinderella is really good at hiding / running away from people
  • Her father is an idiot
  • The prince tries to trap her with pitch
  • Cinderella has really tiny feet
  • The step-sisters mangle their feet in order to fit inside of the golden slipper
  • Birds have to tell the prince that there is blood coming out of a slipper. Twice
  • Because they’re dicks, the stepsisters get both of their eyes picked out