E D G E   o f   t h e   W O O D S

They chain a dog
to a rusted fence
1, 2, 24 hours
1, 2, 7 days
Devoid it of touch
Bereft it of decency
Leave it under the beating sun.
And then they come back
And tell me:
You are rabid.
I must put you down.

Oh, poor dear.
A rusted fence,
A creaking leash.

Metal is malleable.
One day it will break.
And believe me.

It will break before I do.

- This is not whimper, this is a roar.

[nikka ursula (n.t.)]

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Aquarius Gay women

January 21-February 18

Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Erogenous Zones: Ankles, calves
Best Traits: Intellectually brilliant, idealistic, altruistic
Worst Traits: Oblivious to the obvious aspects of human nature, abrasive, a super-rationalizer

In Life:
Ms. Aquarius is a great thinker, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Therefore, if she seeks out intellectual challenges and finds them, she is on the right track. Aquarian women with too much time on their hands, or who are intellectually lazy, are quite dangerous to themselves and others. This is one righteous lady, but she needs to earn her righteousness.

She needs to understand the world around her and tends to be a deep thinker. Not deep in the water-sign way. She is not so much interested in the complex emotional motivations of human beings; she is more fascinated by the bizarre ways our psyches actually play out. She is less interested in why Jackie Kennedy stayed mum during hubby Jack’s affairs and more interested in what she did to further the advancement of high culture for a generation of Americans. Analyzing Lady J’s choices and how they affected society is more interesting to an Aquarian woman than replaying the former first lady’s past. The past bores most Aquarians. They can barely stay awake for the present. It’s the future that turns them on.

Hopefully, Ms. Aquarius has a job or a sideline that allows her to focus much of her brainpower into one direction. She is, after all, a fixed sign, and like other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), she is at her best when she puts all her energy in one direction.

Ms. Aquarius has many talents. She is a gifted scientific thinker and has a knack for using the latest technology to her advantage. As I’ve mentioned, Aquarius is the sign that is most closely associate with the future, therefore she is always one step ahead of the rest of us. She is also on the cutting edge of her own time. She is forever young because she is forever hip.

However, Aquarian women do have the irritating habit of having to be contrary for the sake of being contrary. If you are raving about some gangsta rapper whose CD you adore, you can expect Ms. Aquarius to jump in with some heavy judgments about how LL MC Doggy whoever is only encouraging violence among his own people and should stop making records altogether. A few months later you may hear her playing the same record for her own listening pleasure. When confronted, she’ll go into a diatribe about how free speech should be protected, no matter how offensive the content of the speech may be.

Sound hypocritical? To a degree, it is. But Aquarians who can recognize their own hypocrisy and then force others to admit to their own are doing the world a great service. And that’s what these chickies are here for… to change the world.

From Queer Astrology for Women
By Jill Dearman