Se kishte qënë trim dhe trimi nderohet kudo.

Mitrush Kuteli’s Rapsody of Ymer Aga 

 “Because he’d been a brave man and brave men are honored anywhere”

The Rapsody of Ymer Aga is an Albanian legend of the zone of Ulqin. Ymer Aga is called for the army the very day of his wedding; before going he made his new wife promise to wait for his return for 9 years. If after that time he’s not back she could marry again.
Unfortunately, Ymer Aga is taken as prisoner, though during his time in the cells he still sing and play with his compainions. When the 9 years came near their end, he abrubtly stops his joyful behavior, he starts having bad dreams, stops eating and drinking and even the king’s daughter worry so much that goes to talk to him. After some esitations the princess temporary free Ymer Aga when he gave her his besa (a sacred promise) to return after he’ll take back his wife.
When he arrived to Ulqin, he goes to his house and find his bad dreams came truth: the father dead and forget, the mother alive but blind and his wife is going to another man. No one recognize him, so Ymer Aga fake his own death and ask the krushq (the men that take the bride to the husband’s house) to talk to the bride because Ymer Aga left him this as his amanet (his spiritual will).
After some words his bride recogize him and run dancing to the krushq: fate retuned her to his first destiny, but when they’ll have children their families can join though another marriage.
Ymer Aga have no time left to stay with his family and runs fast to his prison in the “cursed black land of Spain” where the king is ready to kill is own daughter for betray. When he comes back to the king, he sees how much of a brave and honourable man Ymer Aga is and frees him and his compains.


Photographer Magda Wasiczek Captures the Macro Fairy World of Nature

Polish photographer Magda Wasiczek has one important aim in her artistry, to capture the vast and tiny beauty of nature. Wasiczek brings attention to the small details, we can’t detect with our naked eye. She captures the unusual and ethereal wonder, which seems to exist only in a fairy tale book.

Couple Travels the World Through a Series of Spellbinding Fairy Tale Photographic Narrative

Couple Victoria Yore and Terrence Drysdale share a passion for romanticism and nature. The model photographer duo travels the world together and showcases the many wonders and treasures of nature through a series of dramatic landscape shots in their series Follow Me Away. Their whimsically dark, yet enchanting images seem to be plucked straight from a fairy tale.

Fairytale-Inspired Color Pencil Illustrations by Lia Selina

Russian artist Lia Selina has an obsession with fairy tales. After the birth of her daughter, she combined her passion for drawing and her love of fairytales in a series of enchanting illustrations, which feature a range of whimsical, woodland creatures and familiar fable personas, including fairies, and witches.

She says on her Instagram blog:“Every doll is a unique story for me. My inspiration comes from the nature — flowers, trees, birds, wind and water. Every season of the year brings new ideas and, of course, I love fairy tales.”

Composes with colored pencils on a simple notebook, the charming drawings instantly transport you into a magical realm, where animals speak and coexist with humans closely.