Elk River, MN-based Dan Pauly of The Rustic Way builds wonderfully charming asymmetrical cabins featuring slanted roofs and walls, tiny windows, and crooked chimneys. They’d be equally at home in a fable, fairy tale, or Dr. Seuss story. Put one in an open field, and we’re guessing an enchanted forest will eventually grow up around it.

Pauly designs and builds cabins that function as guest cottages, playhouses, outhouses, garden sheds, and even saunas. A 4th generation woodworking artisan, Pauly’s family emigrated to the US in the 1800s and his great-grandfather built barns in central Minnesota. Some of those barns are still standing and are a big part of the reason Pauly specifically uses reclaimed wood for his own cabins:

“As I uncover an old barn or shed, I realize that it could be the same lumber that my great-grandfather used more than 100 years ago… Until you have dismantled an old barn, you can’t imagine the painstaking effort it took from Old-World craftsmen to erect it. They were each a work of art… This wood reflects our natural heritage, and has a much richer and more attractive patina and grain than modern wood.”

Visit The Rustic Way website or Facebook page to check out more of Dan Pauly’s fantastic cabins.

[via Colossal and Twisted Sifter]

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