Hi ! It’s Book-I-liked-when-I-was-young Time !

This week it is about “A good little devil” (“Un bon petit diable” in French), from the author Pierre Gripari. 

Now, I am French, and Pierre Gripari was/is a very popular and successful children writer in France, which is probably why a lot of his work was available at the local library and why I was able to read (I should say devour) most of his children books, for I was a huge fan. 

I remember little-me eagerly waiting to go back to the library, arms full of books to be returned, then snooping in the shelves, looking for another of his book I hadn’t miraculously found yet.  

His stories were always somewhat weird, and definitely really hard to predict. Some of them were funny, others were quite sad, other were absurd (I love absurdism. Special mention to his book “Je-ne-sais-qui, Je-ne-sais-quoi, ou la femme de bon conseil”, unfortunately I’m not sure an english version exists :/) - or just.. weird. But no matter waht would be the story, it would never miss to make me dream and travel. And they definitely influenced me, both in my view of the world and in my writting style. 

I’m pretty sure “A good little devil” was one of the first book I read from Gripari. That must explain why I’ve kept a really vivid memory of it. His children books were mainly short stories, so you would often have several other stories in the same book.

 [SPOILER ALERT] It’s hard to not completely spoil the whole story, but in short, it’s about a little devil who doesn’t like to be evil, and he can’t find his place were his devil parents lived, so he left to try and find a place were he could be happier - heaven, for example. When he goes there, he must pass several tests; one of them includes playing with numbers (sort of). Happens I really really like figures and numbers (talk about a nerd..), so this specific part of the story definitely resonated in me, when he have to think “differently” about a specific number, then he redraw the number in a slightly different way, and then the number came to life, popped out the paper sheet, and walked away. Sight. Simply thinking of it makes my day.[END SPOILER ALERT]

So, if you’re got young children/nephews/nieces/peeps who likes to read, from 8 to 12/13 years old, I would definitely recommend to give it a go; not sure the english versions are easily accessible though, will try and find another author (hopefully more widely known and translated) for next time :)

Byebye and see you next week!

PS: English is not my first language, feel free to point out mistakes I wrote!

the hand with the knife

once, there was a maiden
with three brothers…

name: micha
academics: uneducated
athletics: sturdy
blood type: o
favorite food: duck
animal: sheep
age: 14
xp emotion: offering you comfort or aww!
basic quest: “redefining the self” (lurid/green) i don’t want to be like this/this is who i am now
starting quest: the object (knife) (emptiness 1)


  • knife 2
  • superior torment 1
  • changeling 1
  • chop wood, carry water 2
  • daydreaming 1
  • sad story 1


  • bond: i’m burned by the touch of a friend 2
  • weathered

miraculous arcs:

accursed 1

  • curse: sickness of the heart. hating the world, but also themselves.
  • trigger: gentleness
  • sanctuary: the wild heath, achieved through diving into pools of stil water
  • MP bonus (1)
  • falling from the world
  • world-breaker’s hand

this is the weirdest, most fucked-up fairy tale i’ve ever read, so of course i’m going to make a character for it

if i were playing this character i’d try to have one connection perk to the elf in the story

i would definitely play world-breaker’s hand as world-cutter’s knife

with all the “don’t touch me” going on i don’t know if they’re playable in a proper game tbh. BUT, if i were to play them in a game, i’d want to a) have character development/recovery based on shifting skill points around b) having some of it be What Was The Deal With The Elf Anyway, and developing the character’s feelings around that

see: undertale, neon genesis evangelion

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I always wondered what love would be like. I imagined it being like the movies. Kissing in the rain, both loving eachother just as much and a happy ever after. But in reality it’s kissing between the commercials and the popcorn eating. It’s arguing but knowing we will always figure it out. But it’s also realizing that the love we have now might not be there tomorrow

Inktober 2017, 4/31: The Wolf and the Crane
A WOLF who had a bone stuck in his throat hired a Crane, for a large sum, to put her head into his mouth and draw out the bone. When the Crane had extracted the bone and demanded the promised payment, the Wolf, grinning and grinding his teeth, exclaimed: “Why, you have surely already had a sufficient recompense, in having been permitted to draw out your head in safety from the mouth and jaws of a wolf.”
In serving the wicked, expect no reward, and be thankful if you escape injury for your pains.
– Aesop’s Fables, translated by George Fyler Townsend