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With that they got up, opened wardrobes, presses, cupboards, and brought out pretty dresses; dressed themselves before the mirrors, sprang about, and rejoiced at the prospect of the dance. Only the youngest said, “I know not how it is; you are very happy, but I feel very strange; some misfortune is certainly about to befall us.” (x)

Fairy Tales
For most of these children, for instance, their only acquaintance with the classic children’s fairy tales comes from Disney.

“No search, no choice, no sacrifice, no sorrow, no redemption, no truth. And lousy prose. This is the stuff on which we are raising our children.“

The above article highlights how much we’ve lost with the sugar-coated, watered down versions of classic literature.

Also, were you aware of all the Christian elements found in ‘The Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Anderson, upon which Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is based? You can read the original text here

“Little Gerda repeated the Lord’s Prayer. The cold was so intense that she could see her own breath, which came like smoke out of her mouth. It grew thicker and thicker, and took the form of little angels, that grew more and more when they touched the earth. All had helms on their heads, and lances and shields in their hands; they increased in numbers; and when Gerda had finished the Lord’s Prayer, she was surrounded by a whole legion. They thrust at the horrid snow-flakes with their spears, so that they flew into a thousand pieces; and little Gerda walked on bravely and in security. The angels patted her hands and feet; and then she felt the cold less, and went on quickly towards the palace of the Snow Queen.”

Reminds me of an unpopular opinion about Frozen raised by peterdwebb last year. Food for thought.