If someone is in slightly infantile mood, I can recommend this locally popular 1955 fairy tale comedy called There Once Was a King… (Byl jednou jeden král), starring (and co-written by) Jan Werich and directed by Bořivoj Zeman, with English subtitles made by the uploader.

Based on a literary source by Božena Němcová called Salt Over Gold, it´s a story about a selfcentered king (who calls himself Me the First), who likes to hear from everyone around how much they adore him. When one of his daughters, Maruška (Milena Dvorská) tells him “I love you like a salt,” the king is offended by being likened to something so average, banishes Maruška from the kingdom and in order to show everybody how redundant it is, he prohibits any use of salt in the kingdom. Hilarity ensues.