Bed Time Fairy Tale Tarot Spread.

Separate your deck into Major Arcana, Swords and Court Cards. Pull a card from each blank space to tell the story.

Once upon a time in Tarot Land, there was a Hero named, (Your Child’s name). This Hero was supposed to rescue the Towns People in Tarot Land from an evil MAJOR ARCANA Card (1) curse.

But there was a problem, Hero (Your Child’s Name) was afraid of the,  MAJOR ARCANA Card (2), which happened to be guarding the treasure of Tarot Decks that would break the evil spell and free all the Towns People within Tarot Land.  The Hero knew they needed to rescue the Towns People of Tarot Land though.

So, the very brave Hero jumped on their horse and headed for the castle. As soon as the Hero got there, they decided they needed to do what was right. The Hero received super strength from MAJOR ARCANA Card (3) and went into the Castle. The Hero proceeded to the dark room where they found the treasure of Tarot Decks guarded by the MAJOR ARCANA Card From Position 2 (4) 

The Hero knew they needed to cut the card. This was the key to stopping the evil spell. The Hero pulls out their A Sword Card (5) But before The Hero could break the curse, they discover that A COURT CARD (6)  was the villain who put the evil curse on the towns people of Tarot Land.

The Hero, used their Tarot powers and defeated the COURT CARD From Position 6 (7)  The Hero battled their fear and won. The Hero saved the Towns people of Tarot Land and all the Towns people could again read Tarot Freely and live happily ever after!  

Do you weep, love?
Do you weep for the tragedy you made
out of your life,
do you weep for your youth, spoiled?
For the endless nights you could have done something,
and yet you were waiting for something to find you?
Well, did it find you, darling?
Did the prince find you?
What of the adventure;
what happened to that, sweetheart?
—  Wasn’t life as beautiful as you thought it’d be? Aurora M.S

Here’s my graduation film from CalArts! Thanks to my friends and family who supported me along the way!

Watch other films made by my classmates: vimeo.com/channels/calartscharanimfilms2015