The Signs as Popular Anime
  • Aries:Bleach
  • Taurus:Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Gemini:Soul Eater
  • Cancer:Sword Art Online
  • Leo:Attack On Titan
  • Virgo:One Piece
  • Libra:Hunter X Hunter
  • Scorpio:Ouran Highschool Hostclub
  • Sagittarius:Death Note
  • Capricorn:Fairy Tail
  • Aquarius:Free!
  • Pisces:Tokyo Ghoul
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The Horrors of Summer Camp: Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima 

Summary: Thanks to a harmless dare, an innocent stroll through the woods turns into a night they would never forget. NaLu. AU. 

Rated: T

*** Collab with proudtobeaginger ***

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“C’mon, guys,” Cana waved her bottle of vodka all around, “It’s just to lighten the mood.”

“Cana,” Gray exhaled. “No one wants any of that.”

“And no one wants any of that,” she gestured to Gray’s bare chest.

“Huh—WHAT THE?” his gaze dropped downwards.

With hearts in her eyes and hands to her cheeks, Juvia cried out, “Juvia wants all of that!”

“Gahh,” Gray flinched away from the strange girl, “stay away…”

“Put some clothes on, Ice Perv,” Natsu grumbled as he worked on lighting the bonfire.

“Shut it, Ass Flame,” Gray glowered, his hand curling into a fist.

“Natsu’s right, Gray,” Erza said sternly, causing Gray to flinch. “Put your shirt back on this instant.”

“I would if I only knew where it went…” he muttered, scratching his head.

“Juvia is cuddling with it, Gray-sama!” Juvia gushed while clutching his shirt to her chest.

Gray let out a choking sound before tearing it out of her grasp.

“Is this big enough?” Natsu asked in referral to the fire.

“Looks good to me,” Lucy commented as the blazing fire roared all around the pit. It roared a little too much actually as she watched the flames lick Natsu’s arm… “Actually…can you tone it down a bit?”

Natsu shot her an incredulous look, “How do you expect me to do that?”

“I don’t know!” she blushed, suddenly feeling stupid. “It’s just that if the fire is too bright…we might get caught…”

“Relaxxx, Luccyyy,” he grinned as he sat down on the empty space next to her on the bumpy log they were using as a bench. “You worry too much,” he threw a lazy arm over her shoulder.

“You don’t worry enough,” she sweated-dropped, pulling away slightly.

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