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Some more text posts that nobody asked for but I still have a ton of because I had too much free time over the summer


My heart is heavy tonight as I say goodbye to some of my dearest fictional friends. Fairy Tail and the FT fandom have both been so phenomenally uplifting and influential for me, it’s hard to believe it’s actually over. It feels like we’ve been through a lot together, doesn’t it?

I won’t keep this too long, because, ya know, emotions and whatnot. But I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the fandom, thank you to Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, and most of all thank you to Hiro Mashima! You have given me the greatest adventure, and my life will forever be entangled with this beautiful experience.

Now, on to our never ending adventure!

p.s., this is sort of sneakpeak to my submission for the FT 11th anniversary collab. But with the last chapter coming out today, I figured I could get another use out of it too.

FT 100 Year Quest Wish List

So with the new FT sequel out, there are a couple things I’d love to have happen! 

  1. Natsu and Gildarts conversation from Chapter 417
  2. Jellal has to appear and be part of story (not just a mention)
  3. Laxus needs more spotlight
  4. Aquarius appearance
  6. Lucy performing Urano Metria (still a little pissed she didn’t in Alvarez)
  7. Mira scenes (i.e. More of her Satan soul, etc.)
  8. Jerza meet
  9. Lucy experiencing side-effects from rewriting END book (because seriously, Gray getting rids of it was WAY to easy and Zeref said they are forever changed, and he would have known about Gray’s power)
  10. Virgo!
  11. Gray and Juvia moments
  12. END Natsu
  13. Spirit King’s connection with END or something related to that
  14. Lucy badass moments (i.e. more fighting, star dress, etc.)
  15. Igneel (i.e. flashback)
  16. Frosch appearance
  17. Dragons
  18. Fairy Tail guild scenes
  19. Natsu and Gray fighting
  20. Gray strip
  21. Ichiya scene
  22. Loke appearance
  23. Crime Sorciere (Cobra, Meredy, Midnight, etc.)
  24. NALU MOMENTS! (Ongoing!)

Some of them are questions from FT that weren’t answered in the last arc, and some are way out there ideas!

Feel free to reblog and add some of your own too! :)