theoneandonlyshipqueen  asked:

Could you please explain to me the trainwreck that is Gray pushing Juvia in the (latest?) 100 year quest cover? I'm so confused, I thought he was alright with PDA... but maybe not really?

Uwaaah, I don’t think Gray has ever shown to be comfortable with PDA?..Even in the last chapter of FT he dragged Juvia away to …um.. a more private setting :D

Honestly I don’t have strong feelings about the cover, because it’s a relatively (to all the previous ones) boring cover, all the characters are just starring straight, at least Gray and Juvia are having some kind of interaction:

And I think the cover just warns the audience in advance that whatever we’re gonna see is what we already expect to see.

We know that Juvia is a comic relief character, and 5 chapters in she’s playing her role perfectly. Her and Gajeel’s little detective mission is the fun part and I’m really enjoying it (Go Phantom Bro’s!).

As for her and Gray, Gruvia’s relationship has serious development moments during serious battles. She confessed her feeling during a fight (Juvia vs Gray in phantom lord), he confessed his during a fight (Gruvia vs Invel), their unison raid was during a fight, Silver blessing their relationship was also during a fight.., 

All their serious moments were during serious settings, so I stopped paying attention to all those jokes in between ( granted, sometimes they’re not funny, but humour rarely satisfies everyone), because those jokes are during meaningless times. 

I expect when Gray and Juvia reunite if it’s during a fight - he’ll be surprised but then they’ll show us their brilliant stripping team-work. If it’s not - then he’ll probably say something like “uwah! why are you here?!” and she’ll respond with smtg next to “cuz Juvia’s heart was empty without Gray-sama”, and she’ll probably attack-hug him, and he’ll probably say to let him go…. 

Like, we know this. We also know it doesn’t matter how “rude” Gray will sound, cuz they’re still gonna be together, and fight together and have more beautiful moments of development. That’s just Gruvia’s dynamic…

Even during the Avatar arc, when Gray kind of rudely asked “what are you doing here”, the next thing we see is combo-stripping, and so we get to think “OH WOW! so they were training together all this time, perfecting their team-work skills and got even closer!! Wow-wow-wow!!” And after the fight, he was so down and felt so bad about what he had done he sincerely apologised to Juvia, and she accepted. Yet a lot of people still paid more attention to the greeting, than they did to..well pretty much the rest of the arc lol. 

So let’s not jump to conclusions, and try to enjoy the best we can in the mean time… Just gotta be patient, because with Gruvia - 

It’s always worth it!! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

And thank you for your patience, waiting for me to reply to this! ( ᐛ )و