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Magical by Steve Jurvetson

A Fairy Tale

Two friends set out for a walk in the forest to discuss the meaning of life. While they were walking, the eye of the first friend landed on a small bird’s egg lying on the path. “What a perfectly-shaped egg,” she remarked to her friend. “And see how white it is! I shall take it home and see what kind of bird will hatch from it.” The two friends marveled at the egg and continued on their way.

Not long after, the eye of the second friend found a white stone on the ground, remarkably similar in shape to the egg. “What a wonderful stone!” she exclaimed. “I will take it home and treasure it, for it must be worth something.” And the two friends continued down the path.

A little while later an imp (whose kind are known for their treachery, after all) leapt into the path of the two startled friends. “Fear not!” he cried, raising his hands to show he had nothing to hide. “I merely wish to see the two small treasures you have found on your walk. I promise, I shall return them immediately.” So the two friends reluctantly allowed the imp to examine the egg and the stone.

The imp held them in his hands, turning them over and sniffing them. “These are lovely things of which I am quite jealous,” he said to the two friends. “Nevertheless, as I promised, I will return them to you.” And, in a quick gesture unnoticed by the friends, he handed the stone to the friend who had found the egg, and the egg to the friend who had found the stone. Without another word, he darted away into the forest.

“What a strange little creature,” the friends marveled to themselves, “and yet, how noble of him to keep his word.” And they returned to their own homes. The friend who thought she had the stone kept the egg up on a shelf where she could admire it. The friend who thought she had the egg put the stone in a warm place to hatch it.

A week went by, and the imp’s deception finally manifested. A magical bird hatched out of the egg, and the friend looked in horror at the broken eggshell. “This wretched bird has broken my beautiful stone!” she cried, and she flung the bird out the window, where it flew away to the imp. The stone, of course, showed no signs of hatching. “Whatever was inside this egg must have died!” cursed the other friend, and she threw the stone into a small pond, where the imp fished it out.

And in the end, neither the friend who wanted the stone but got the egg, nor the friend who wanted the egg but got the stone, benefited from their walk in the forest. The trickster, however, gained a beautiful stone, a magical bird, and the trust of the two gullible friends.

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Where and when did it show that oct still loves her bro?

DO YOU HAVE A SIBLING? Have you never been in a serious fight with them? Have you ever spent a year not talking to them even though you live in the same house? Have you never been angry enough at them that you lash out and say horrible, true things because you know exactly what hurts them the most? WELCOME TO FREAKING LIFE. It’s ugly. And so is love. Sorry to burst your fairy godmother bubble, Cinderella.

There is already precedence for the Blake sibling relationship to come back from a seemingly permanent break in season 1. When Octavia told him that he killed their mother. And when Bellamy told her his life ended when she was born. And they separated and might never have seen each other again. Yet they did, and they came back together and said how much they loved each other. This is how they interact. Season 4 is worse. The fight is worse. The cause is worse. The situation is worse. The doom is worse. Their individual mental states are worse. And Octavia is on her own personal journey that is precisely about breaking away from Bellamy and it needs to happen.

And yet, every time Bellamy is in danger from outside sources (not her own lashing out) Octavia is there to defend him and get in the way. Maybe she’s framing it as her rage and impatience, but it keeps happening when she sees her brother in danger. 

You: Octavia is mean and a bitch and hurt Bob and I hate her and it’s proof that she hates her brother because she is the literal Devil TM even though this show works in shades of gray not black and white extremes of good and evil I don’t care because I don’t like her so she is The Devil.

Me: Octavia is mean and a bitch and hurt Bob and I never liked her but she still loves her brother despite her broken mental state and dangerous tendencies to lash out violently at people when she’s hurting, but that same love makes him the target for her easy rage because he’s always been there and that’s actually a pretty true psychological reaction even though it sucks, because she’s not evil she’s fucked up and damaged and I hope she manages to fix her broken head and own up to what she has done and grow and become better.



Giselle Masterpiece Theatre & Lukas Leading Man as Anastasia & Dmitriy by ArLekin26113

“Fairies with gossamer wings,
Bring forth beauty, grace and joyful things.
Fairies of the earth are caretakers of our soil, water and trees,
They watch over beautiful creatures such as bears, bunnies and bees.
Fairies ask that you breathe in and appreciate the vantage point from which you stand,
Then trod carefully and respectfully with each intentional step you make across this beautiful land.”

“…tell me, do not you think me very ugly?”
“That is true,” said Beauty, “for I cannot tell a lie, but I believe you are very good natured.”

“So I am,” said the monster, “but then, besides my ugliness, I have no sense; I know very well, that I am a poor, silly, stupid creature.”

“‘Tis no sign of folly to think so,” replied Beauty, “for never did fool know this, or had so humble a conceit of his own understanding.”

“Eat then, Beauty,” said the monster, “and endeavor to amuse yourself in your palace, for everything here is yours, and I should be very uneasy, if you were not happy.”

—  Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, Beauty and the Beast

”Bittersweet & Strange”

Drew this last year before they had released any character or costume designs and just got around to coloring it now, right on time for the premier weekend.

Where Did All the Fairy Godmothers Go?

It happened so slowly, most didn’t even realise it was happening.

The disappearance of the Fairy Godmothers.

Nobody knows where they went, but then again nobody bothered to ask. It seemed as though they’d always been there, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that no-one asked where they went until it was too late to get an answer. 

After all, the world was a big place and growing bigger every year. There were so many people. More than when the Fairy Godmother’s had first appeared.

More people than they ever hope could help. 

Magic could only do so much when they were so vastly outnumbered.

What was once commonplace became a lottery of sorts. Who would be amongst those lucky enough to meet a Fairy Godmother? To have all their dreams come true? Their problems solved? Who were the haves and who were the have-nots?

It didn’t matter how good a person was, all that mattered was being in the right place at the right time, crying the right amount of tears.

Really, it was inevitable that the backlash against Fairy Godmothers would rise over time, as the world grew bigger and fewer people got a chance at a magical happily ever after.

People always want a quick fix for their problems.

Yet, in the midst of the uproar, the anger, the envy, people forgot that Fairy Godmothers were people too. Of course, they weren’t entirely human, so it was easy to strip them of said humanity, to see them as these beacons of fate, handing out happily-ever-afters on a whim and leaving the rest of the population to rot.

It was easy to forget the fairies who had raised their children in secret.

Easy to forget the ones who loved and watched over the orphaned ones, as though they were their own.

Easy to forget the ones who protected them against the darker forces in the world, as well as those who wielded them.

Until, one day, people began to notice that it had been weeks since they’d spotted the familiar flutters of sparkling wings. There were no whispers of magical happenings at peoples’ doors, no rumours to spread. Cries for help went unanswered for everyone. It seemed at last that the world was equal- at least in terms of those hated magical shortcuts.

Some celebrated a return to fairness, others felt stabs of guilt at having pushed an entire group of beings into hiding. A few hoped they’d come back if only to help those less fortunate- who now seemed to be suffering more than ever in the fairies absence.

(There were certain murmurs among the younger folk, those who had been too small to ever be graced by fairies power, about how vocal those in positions of power had been in their hatred for the Fairy Godmother’s. But those criticisms were quickly squashed by those who were louder, older, angrier.)

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and soon Fairy Godmothers were a distant memory. They became nothing more than stories to tell dazzled children, all with the understanding that Fairy Godmothers weren’t real- that if their children wanted a happily ever after, they would have to earn it like their forefathers before them.

Fairy Godmothers didn’t exist.

And their children would just have to accept that and move on.