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[Fairy Tale Characters, Hogwarts Style] Odile Aesthetic

Odile, were she a Gryffindor, would have been in love with Prince Siegfried long before Odette and he ever met. Her passions are so strong for the Prince that upon her learning of his covert romance with Odette, Odile would react with jealousy and go to the ball in Odette’s place in order to assert her affections. Alas, because of her strong resemblance to Odette, Siegfried mistakes her for the white swan princess he fell in love with, even though Odile corrects him, saying that her name is Odile and not Odette. Odile is too blinded by her own obsession to see how much harm she is causing – both to Odette and the Prince she loves. Her downfall is selfishness.

Odile, were she a Hufflepuff, would be a child starved for her father’s love, even despite his neglect and abuse. Rothbart captured the lovely Princess Odette for her resemblance to his deceased wife, hence why Odile and Odette (who are around  the same age) have such a strong visual similarity. When Odette falls for another man, Rothbart decides that his daughter must impersonate Odette at the ball so as to break the the two apart, and Odile, despite her moral misgivings, goes along with the scheme in order to please her father. After all, she tells herself – her father will get over Odette eventually, and when that time comes, Odette, being a beautiful princess, will have her pick of suitors…right? Her downfall is passivity.

Odile, were she a Ravenclaw, would be a detached, deathly logical perfectionist, determined to be right about absolutely everything. She isn’t exactly jealous of Odette, but more than just a little condescending toward her – when she hears of the Princess supposedly falling in love at first sight, she gets it in her head that she will prove once and for all that such love is not real. When Siegfried is fooled into thinking she’s Odette, she feels victorious, and when Odette reacts so badly, Odile reacts with disdain, and her broken-hearted father is so disgusted by his daughter’s lack of feeling that he lashes out and transfigures her into a black swan permanently. Her downfall is coldness.

Odile, were she a Slytherin, would have been fond of Odette in her own demented way. Because she and Odette are both contained by Odile’s father Rothbart, Odile sees Odette almost like a friend, though Odile actively keeps Odette from leaving the castle on the lake or from meeting others. When Odile finds out about Siegfried and Odette, she’s immediately suspicious of the Prince – there’s no way that he’s really in love with Odette, so he’s clearly taking advantage of her innocence! Odile, determined to confront Siegfried, masquerades as Odette in order to get close enough to kill him…what she didn’t expect was Siegfried being unusually kind to her, or Odette following her and seeing the two of them together. Her downfall is mistrust.


[Fairy Tale Characters, Hogwarts Style] Cinderella Aesthetic

A Gryffindor would be a defiant Cinderella. This is the Cinderella working a low-paying job while also going to school full-time in a desperate attempt to earn enough to get away from her abusive stepfamily, who frequently demean and punish her for her bad behavior. She’s the sort to chase a once-in-a-lifetime audition that could put her name up in lights, rather than just to seek a day off at a fun party. She’s no one’s damsel in distress – her romance is purely by chance.

A Hufflepuff would be a traditional Cinderella. She knows that this is a fairy tale – there’s no point in messing with the classics or trying to over-intellectualize everything, because people fell in love with the fairy tale and its magic exactly the way it was. She understands the theme of her story, and of her life, is the importance of hard work, goodness, resilience, optimism, and true love. No matter what misery is inflicted upon her, she remains ever gentle and kind.

A Ravenclaw would be a unique Cinderella. She is outcasted by most of modern society – she’s seen as odd and is scorned for her interests, but she still dreams of one day finding someone who might accept her as she is. When she goes to the ball at the local castle, she’s unrecognizable in a gorgeous dress she secretly stitched together herself, and for the the first time in her life, she’s finally able to be herself . Finding an intellectual equal in the form of a handsome prince is a blessing that she never would’ve seen coming.

A Slytherin would be a political Cinderella. In this time and place, she’s fenced in by societal walls too steep to climb, so she’ll bide her time and hold her tongue, waiting for her chance. She and the prince meet long before the ball, so the prince goes out of his way to make sure she can come. The entire kingdom must attend? Check. Masks to hide everyone’s identities? Check. Now all she needs to do is leave before everyone takes their masks off at midnight and leave something behind that could only be traced back to her…