fairy tale illustration


Finally my artbook is done!!! 22 illustrations (snegurochka, snowhite, Beauty and the beast included), 2 color process and a full explanation of my creation process. I’m tired but really satisfied. If you wanna order this artbook sent me a mail to ra.ro81@libero.it

Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty

Briar roses are quite prickly and while compared to garden roses, ad spinning wheels ran many young women’s pre-industrial lives.  Interesting how often the ‘princesses’ in fairy/folk tales are really just the landlords’ daughters in actual social position, how very far removed the people telling these stories (you know, The People) were from actual royalty.  Anyway, her nightgown looks comfy at least!  Sometimes when I’m super tired I want to sleep for a hundred years…with no annoying princes to wake me up.

You can get a print on my etsy!

Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales,
With illustrations by William Heath Robinson.
London, Constable and Company. Ldt.

The Real Princess

There was once a Prince who wished to marry a Princess ; but then she must be a real Princess. He travelled all over the world in hopes of finding such a lady ; but there was always something wrong. Princesses he found in plenty ; but whether they were real Princesses it was impossible for him to decide, for now one thing, now another, seemed to him not quite right about the ladies. At last he returned to his palace…


Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Fairy Tales, and last week I saw the French live action movie from 1946 for the first time! It’s so strange and beautiful. For those who enjoy black and white films and fairy tales I highly recommend it!

I couldn’t help but do a few storybook style Illustrations inspired by it.