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ULTIMATE FAIRY TALE MEME : [ 3/5 Genre Swaps ]
Red Riding Hood as an epic fantasy film

‘In a world plagued by werewolf attacks, a single group of women serve to protect what few people remain known as the Red Riders. Taming ordinary wolves to be their companions, and charging against the attacking lycanthropes upon black steeds with silver swords in hand, they have been venerated as the world’s primary force of good. Yet as a lunar event that occurs once each thousand years, the opportunity to wipe out their feral foes seems to arrive.’


Day 83: Ivan Bilibin

Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (August 1876 – February 1942) was a 20th-century illustrator and stage designer who took part in the Mir iskusstva and contributed to the Ballets Russes. Throughout his career, he was inspired by Slavic folklore.

Ivan Bilibin was born in a suburb of St. Petersburg. He studied in 1898 at Anton Ažbe Art School in Munich, then under Ilya Repin in St. Petersburg. In 1902-1904 Bilibin travelled in the Russian North, where he became fascinated with old wooden architecture and Russian folklore. He published his findings in the monograph Folk Arts of the Russian North in 1904. Another influence on his art was traditional Japanese prints.

Bilibin gained renown in 1899, when he released his illustrations of Russian fairy tales. During the Russian Revolution of 1905, he drew revolutionary cartoons. He was the designer for the 1909 première production of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Golden Cockerel. The October Revolution, however, proved alien to him. After brief stints in Cairo and Alexandria, he settled in Paris in 1925. There he took to decorating private mansions and Orthodox churches. He still longed for his homeland and, after decorating the Soviet Embassy in 1936, he returned to Soviet Russia. He delivered lectures in the Soviet Academy of Arts until 1941. Bilibin died during the Siege of Leningrad and was buried in a collective grave.


→ AU: Henry VIII’ Six Wives as fairy tales characters REDONE

Jane Seymour as the Sleeping Beauty

  The king forbids spinning on spinning-wheels or spindles, or the possession of one, throughout the kingdom, upon pain of death. When the princess is fifteen or sixteen and her parents are away on pleasure bent, she wanders through the palace rooms going up and down and then chances upon an old woman who is spinning with her distaff in the garret of a tower and had not heard of the king’s decree against spinning wheels. The princess asks to try the unfamiliar task and the inevitable happens: the curse is fulfilled. The old woman cries for help and attempts are made to revive her, but to no avail. The king attributes this to fate and has the princess carried to the finest room in the palace and placed upon a bed of gold-and-silver-embroidered fabric. The good fairy who altered the evil prophecy is summoned by a dwarf wearing seven-league boots and returns in a chariot of fire drawn by dragons. Having great powers of foresight, the good fairy sees that the princess will be distressed to find herself alone and so puts everyone in the castle to sleep. The king and queen kiss their daughter goodbye and depart, proclaiming the entrance to be forbidden. The good fairy’s magic also summons a forest of trees, brambles and thorns that spring up around the castle, shielding it from the outside world and preventing anyone from disturbing the princess..


[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Tangled ~

↳Set in Ancient India where Sonam Kapoor is Rapunzel, a beautiful young woman who lives with her evil stepmother on a fort in the middle of a great lake and Ranveer Singh is Raj, the lovable scoundrel that finds her. Stolen by the evil witch as a baby from the palace, Rapunzel grew up lonely but bright. Her only company are the doves that fly from the nearby mountains that surround the lake until, one day when the witch leaves on her monthly travels, a young ruffian shows up at the fort. Raj tells Rapunzel he was running from some unsavory folks and, having found a small barge hidden away in some trees by the shore, used it to flee his pursuers. Slowly but surely as the days go by, the two fall in love and Raj convinces Rapunzel that the world isn’t such a scary place as her mother had her believe. They flee the fort using the barge and Raj shows Rapunzel the beauty of the land. One day, they reach a city where a great, colorful festival is taking place and they join in the dancing and merry making. As luck would have it, the King and Queen are in attendance and they recognize the lost princess. They family reunites and the princess is crowned and taken to live in the castle with his family and Raj as her husband and consort.


W.H. Auden 

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drew’s disney’s descendants auViola, Princess of Corona, daughter of Queen Rapunzel, the Found Princess, and Prince Eugene of House Fitzherbert

One of the most unique landscapes in Auradon is the kingdom of Corona, which exists on a massive island, reached only by a series of stone bridges from the forests of Rosencourt. The cities and villages circle the palace, set upon the highest hill, and the people of Corona are generally a loving and compassionate people. Corona is sister kingdoms with Arendelle, a bond brought tighter by recent family ties. The Coronan coat of arms is a lemon-yellow sun on a purple field, and their words are “The Lights Will Appear.”

King Harold the Good and Queen Bethany are still alive, but their days as rulers wore them down as they spent so many years in strife, hoping their missing daughter would one day return to them. The princess reappeared at the palace after spending her whole life in captivity, and she spent the following years learning about her history, her family, her kingdom, and her people, and she brought a creativity to the government that made the people of Corona fall even further in love with her. Wishing to spend their later years as a family without the pressure of ruling, King Harold and Queen Bethany passed the crown to Rapunzel early and a few years after her coronation, Queen Rapunzel married Eugene of House Fitzherbert and gave birth to their twins, a girl called Viola and a boy called Sebastian. Queen Rapunzel and Queen Belle struck up a strong friendship during the establishment of Auradon that has brought the kingdoms closer, and Viola, Sebastian, and Beau grew up seeing each other quite often, making them perhaps the closest friends among the various ambassadors at the start of the summit.

Viola has been blind since birth. Her mother was always a very visual person, her passion for art brought her joy during her years locked away in the tower and ultimately the sight of her parents’ floating lanterns was the key to their reunion. Sebastian inherited this creativity from their mother but Viola was by nature a very physical child, preferring to run, climb trees, wade through the brooks. She also took after her father, spinning lies when she broke any rules and shrewdly talking her way into and out of any situation in which she found herself, a talent which would later manifest itself as political cunning. Viola met Prince Chandran of Maldonia when they were younger and she fell so in love with the kindness that he showed her that she’s been determined to marry him ever since, and has been hopeful that the Maldonians would agree to send him to the summit.