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[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Snow White ~

↳Set in Ancient China where Zhou Xun plays Snow White, Gong Li is the evil Queen and Feng Shaofeng plays the palace guard/huntsman who falls in love with the princess when he is sent to kill her. He steals her away in the middle of a snowstorm and they hide in an abandoned house in a mountain village. The Queen’s soldiers track them down and the huntsman is force to fight them off at the village’s entrance while the Queen disguises as an old woman and gives Snow a poisoned apple. Realizing he can’t keep the soldiers at bay for much longer, the huntsman runs back to the house where he finds Snow lying dead. He falls to his knees, embraces his love one last time and is struck down by a soldier. 

omfg y’all. It seriously just now occurred to me… that the running joke in Daesung’s Dome Tour earlier this year was “Show me something!” So now he’s gone and done it and named his next tour the D Show. The D Show.

What’s he gonna show us? His D? We gonna see One Night D-LITE come out to play?

Why. Why is he like thisssss