Seventeen as fairy tale characters
  • S.coups:the mighty king.
  • Jeonghan:the insanely hot princess.
  • Joshua:the handsome knight from a far away land.
  • Jun:the surprisingly good-looking peasant who becomes the hero of the story.
  • Hoshi:the noble steed.
  • Wonwoo:the black night (the villain).
  • Woozi:the fairy.
  • DK:the old wizard.
  • Mingu:the Kings loyal servant.
  • The8:the jester.
  • Seungkwan:the Maid.
  • Vernon:the spoiled little prince.
  • Dino:THE DRAGON.

When I’m older and have my life figured out I hope I’m living in the English country side in a beautiful old stone house with vines covering some of the sides, basically a place out of fairy tales. I want my kids to grow up surrounded by beauty. It’s a lot to ask for but who’s to say it’s not possible.


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