fairy tail fan art

Kisses in red.

Ahh, another comic strip. I’ve never drawn so many kisses before >///< but I’m super proud of how it turned out :3 

Oh yes… Knightwalker doesn’t like to share, so she’s marking what’s hers. I guess this happen after she has that nightmare? She wanted to show Minnie how much she loves her lol. Minnie seems very happy too with them, and more since she knew about the nightmare. 

Ahhh I want to thank my waifu @thelostkuchiki uvu for helping me with the colors uvu 

 @boogey56 I finish the comic strip! Guess Kara wasn’t there to throw something to them…. but… indeed there was people…


Grandma Irene saving her smol grandchild’s innocence. 

The gruvia feels

So, @arya-aiedail​  senpai did such an amazing lineart that I couldn’t resist to colour it. When I read the “feel free to colour” I thought I needed to give it a try. Hope everyone likes my colouring and thanks Arya-san for the opportunity. :D

Lineart: @arya-aiedail

Colouring: @yaminoreturner 

My computer has been really buggy, so I haven’t been able to use my art programs:( But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from participating in NaLu Week! So good old fashioned inking it is!:)

I’m a little late to the party, but this is my entry for Day 1: Longing

HAPPY NALU WEEK! I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am!!!:)

P.S., I just adore Natsu with long hair! Kyaaa!

I won’t let you see this side of me, Lucy.                                       Never.

inspired by x

The reunion that we didn’t see.

I know, I know, I’m so behind! Story of my life. But I have two days off in a row starting tomorrow, so I’m hoping to catch up on these prompts!!!:D

Here’s my entry for NaLu Week Day 2: Reunion! More traditional inking, because my computer program is still corrupt! T^T

I can’t stop drawing him with long hair! But I’m okay with it ^_^ Someone please color this for me because I can’t use photoshop right now.