fairy tail chelia


PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FAIRY TAIL FANZINE! Where this drawing is featured!

I didn’t know who everyone else was drawing but I wanted to make sure none of my favorite characters got left out.

Note: In the fanzine, Yukino has blue eyes. That was my mistake. 

No matter how great the crisis... The light will shine. That’s what it means to have friends... That’s what it means to be a guild!!

Things that are bullshit and still upset me: Natsu pushing Gajeel off in the four dragons battle. Sting and Rogue losing. The miserable treatment the Raijinshuu got in the Tartarus Arc just so Laxus can shine. The general treatment such powerful characters like the Raijinshuu and Oracion Seis are getting just so they can’t accidentally steal a main character’s show. Jellal beating Oracion Seis by himself. The fight against Jacob. Dimaria reappearing after Chelia lost her magic because of her.
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