fairy tail chapter 359

So I discovered a bit of foreshadowing in the recent chapter:

Chapter 2 of Fairy Tail, Loke was lectured my Makarov about flirting with the a councilman’s daughter

And thus, having been told that, he must have gotten information from her back then that would prove useful now, like knowing where some other ex-council men are.

And by whom did he get that information you ask?

That’s right Lucy. A woman. So it foreshadowed a bit and I thought this was very interesting. Although, it didn’t have to be Mikelo’s granddaughter from the start. In the second chapter’s panel it said Reiji’s grandaughter, which he could’ve gotten this information from as well and also from Mikelia.

But I just love how Wendy got all flustered when seeing Mikelia:

I just thought I’d point this out if some of you haven’t read the first part of the manga. And, I’m very curious as to how many councilman’s daughter Loke dated. Probably a lot, just knowing him.

Why Ship Miraxus?

In response to this post.

I’m just going to break down and address each point separately for now. 

“Laxus; smug and constantly provoking others for his own amusement. Has literally never displayed any kind of feeling towards Mirajane; plainly cold relationship, although seems to acknowledge her power”

Now, you see, this comment here bothers me, because I’m not sure if we’re both reading the same manga anymore. 

Since when has Laxus acted smug or provoked others for his own amusement? Oh, that’s right, since before his character made a complete turn around and he changed into a better person. Laxus may have done those things in the past, yes, but he would never act that way towards his friends now. He changed and is now is a kind, calm, gentle, and considerate person who cares about and fights for his friends, and if anything, is a far cry from the smug guy he used to be, who didn’t once care who he hurt for his own amusement. 

And yes, Laxus has literally never displayed any kind of feeling towards Mirajane. The same can be said about Cana. Laxus has literally never displayed any kind of feeling towards anyone. So what? 

I also disagree in the fact that Mira and Laxus have a cold relationship. Like, what the hec does that even mean? Because it looks to me like they get along pretty well. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the guild has a cold relationship. Unless you’re insinuating they dislike each other, which is obviously not the case.

Mirajane; puts up with nobody’s crap nor provoking, not to mention her kinkyhobbies. Aside from chapter 359, where she states Fairy Tail will not forget Laxus’ courage, nothing either; important to note that, considering Mirajane’s kind nature, she’d likely dedicate similar words to any other guildmate.

Okay, this, just, literally makes no sense. What does her kinky hobbies have to do with anything? None of what you just said really relates to each other. And as for Mira’s kind words towards Laxus:

>>>>>>>>>>“I find the people that say “Mirajane is kind so she would have done and said the same to anyone” totally ignorant and in denial. Like no.

Did we see her go to anyone but Laxus? Did we see her talk to Freed, Ever, or Bixlow? Sure, she may have checked up on them, but the fact is Mashima chose to show Mirajane saying those specific words to Laxus and no one else

Is Lucy not kind? Is Erza not kind? Why not have them go in and say something? It’s not what she did, but in the context of which she did it. We’ve never seen Mirajane get any specific scene like this before WITH ANYONE in the guild. Not when Lucy was injured, not when Elfman was injured, and not when Wendy was injured. We’ve never seen her personally go in and talk to any one of her friends who were injured, and say the words she said. If we had recurring scenes like this then I’d say “Okay, this is typical Mirajane”

What a way to be totally ignorant to the possible fact that there is/might be a possibility that Mirajane and Laxus DO have merit as a couple. Just because it conflicts with your otp or you don’t agree with it. Really? 

Of course, if it were any other character in her position such as Freed, Cana, or Lisanna, of course everyone would be going “OMG, my ship is canonz!”>>>>>>>>>>>


"important to note that, considering Mirajane’s kind nature, she’d likely dedicate similar words to any other guildmate.”

And yet, she hasn’t. Like, why do people keep ignoring the BIG picture about this moment?

Helloooo. It’s like the tension between Mira and Laxus before this means nothing to people. It wasn’t just Mirajane saying “kind words to a guildmate” like I’m sure as hell you wish it was, but this moment was so important because it was complete callback and parallel to not only how Laxus’ character has changed completely, but how Mirajane’s views and feelings about him have also changed as well. It’s a significant moment for her char. and is a big step for their relationship, because not only has this not happened with anyone else, but it shows us that she truly does care for Laxus AND personally recognizes, acknowledges, and appreciates what he has done for his guildmates. This is something that  brings them closer, not farther apart.

Where is this ship going? Personally, I think this would be one of the most turbulent relationships in the history of manga and anime. Laxus’ inner feeling of superiority and constant teasing and/or provoking would go to the point of deeply irking Mirajane, who would end up reacting in similar fashion than when she did in the Phantom Lord arc; a fight for dominance is where the whole relationship would go due to Mirajane’s firm personality. Kindness does not mean weakness; the fact that she is kind does not mean she has to put up with whatever people throw her.

Again, what “inner feeling of superiority and constant teasing and/or provoking” are you talking about? Because that’s certainly not Laxus. Unless you’re totally disregarding the change of char. development he went through, then that is a complete misunderstanding of his character. Like, why do you keep bringing up the past? Unless you don’t know how to differentiate then from now in the manga. I feel like I would just be repeating myself at this point, but it’s obvious this heated tension between them, as a result of Laxus previously being a complete jerk, no longer exists. Unless Laxus reverts back to his old self and starts treating his friends like shit again, sure, Mira has every right to kick his ass. But that would make the whole point of his char. development kind of redundant, wouldn’t it? 

I have no idea what kind of fight for dominance you’re talking about, unless you’re talking about in the bedroom.

And speaking of teasing, this just goes to show you also don’t understand Mira’s character at all, because she is the MASTER tease in the guild. Just read “Explain the mysteries of Fairy Tail” corner. Hec, just read the manga.

Brief reference goes to Mirajane’s kinky hobbies… Don’t think Laxus and those match well, but eh; unlike the previous point, I have no canon evidence to afirm so.

Conclusion; My view on this ship can be described with one world; dysfunctional. No offense to fans, however.

Omg, are you serious? Kinky and Laxus don’t match well? Well, you obviously don’t understand any of the characters. Other than it being obvious that most of the guys in FT have at least some ounce of pervertedness in them, because you know, this is Mashima we’re talking about, Laxus and Mirajane are probably the most sadistic ones in the guild. Laxus may not be as kinky as Mirajane, who knows, but he def. has his dark, sadistic side too. They’re both crazy. And that’s only one of the things they have in common.

Why Ship Miraxus?



Laxus/Mira Similar Character Development



Indirect/Direct Hints





Manga Moments





Cause I’m so not rewriting my points here again, when I’ve explained them perfectly well already. You want to know why we ship Miraxus? Just look around.

Look, my babies are becoming so popular! What was once seen as a crack pair by most is suddenly being considered a real problem for other people. You know your ship is on it’s fine way to shooting canon because of all the shots it gets from other ships.

Tartarus Arc Anime Schedule Estimates

Since the FT anime is starting to air the Sun Village and Tartarus arcs, I thought I’d share something I was playing around with a bit ago - a set of rough estimates for how long it’ll take the anime to get through those arcs and when we’ll be seeing certain events that I came up with by trying to figure out how the anime might group things together with sets of openings and endings.

I based my estimates on the following guidelines:

  • The anime usually converts one or two manga chapters into a single episode
  • Each set of an opening and an ending usually lasts for ~13 episodes
  • (It is also the number of episodes that get aired in a quarter of a year, which is helpful for the how long will things take part of this exercise)
  • Thus each grouping should have no more than 26 chapters in it, and should probably have less than that
  • The groupings should have roughly equal numbers of chapters
  • The splits should make sense narratively (i.e. not having the opening and ending change in the middle of a battle)

I used those guidelines to come up with the following four groupings, which I think turned out rather well.  Each grouping would take about 3 months to air.

Sun Village and beginning of Tartarus Prologue: 341 - 358 (18 chapters)

  • Warrod Sequen introduced
  • Team Natsu vs the treasure hunters
  • Erza vs Minerva
  • Lucy, Wendy, and Flare vs the treasure hunters
  • Gray vs Doriate
  • Natsu meets Atlas Flame again, finds out about END
  • Silver introduced
  • Laxus + Raijinshu vs Tempesta
  • Fairy Tail declares war on Tartarus

End of Tartarus Prologue, Tartarus Part 1 and 2: 359 - 378 (20 chapters)

  • Fairy Tail tries to protect the Council members
  • Natsu vs Jackal
  • Erza and Mira get captured
  • Elfman gets controlled
  • Jellal vs Oracion Seis
  • Guild destroyed and Cube gets invaded
  • Natsu meets Zeref
  • Natsu, Lucy, and Happy vs Franmalth
  • Wendy vs Ezel

Tartarus Part 3 and 4, beginning of Part 5: 379 - 397 (19 chapters)

  • Mira vs Sayla
  • Alegria
  • Lucy vs Tartarus
  • Lucy summons Celestial Spirit King at the cost of Aquarius’ key
  • Celestial Spirit King vs Mard Geer
  • Minerva vs Erza
  • Sting + Rogue vs Mard Geer
  • Gray vs Silver + Juvia vs Keith
  • Gajeel vs Torafusa

Most of Tartarus Part 5 and Part 6: 398 - 416 (19 chapters)

  • Acnologia and Igneel show up
  • Acnologia vs Igneel
  • Erza vs Kyouka
  • Natsu + Sting + Rogue vs Mard Geer
  • Lumen Histoire revealed
  • Sting + Rogue vs Jiemma
  • Natsu + Gray vs Mard Geer
  • Dragons defeat Face
  • Acnologia kills Igneel
  • Dragons reunite with their dragon slayers
  • Fairy Tail disbands and everyone parts ways

Of course, these estimates are pure guesswork, but I think it’s pretty likely that things will end up working out at least somewhat close to this.  So yeah, I hope everyone is ready for a year of pain and feels, since it looks like that’s how long it’s going to take the anime to cover these arcs.