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Pony a Day 2: Day 45 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I tried to include as many different items from my collection as possible to maximize the 80s toy pastel aesthetic, as well as at least one pony from each generation! 

May the anime/manga fans of the world have a collection like mine or bigger.

I hope that this pile will continue to grow for years to come. 

Can somebody PLEASE draw this with nalu or gajevy or gruvia or jerza or whatever ship??? I’M ACTUALLY IN TEARS HAHAH

I should not forget to mention that she’s pregnant and he’s obviously panicking and obviously being overprotective pfffffft hahaha

Oh my god

Natsu and Lucy Are Awesome Parents - Birds and the Bees

All the Dragneel kids are scared out of sex after they get the talk from one special story…

Natsu: Did I ever tell you about your cousin Larcade? Oh boy, he was a strange one. So the entire guild and a bunch of other mages were all fighting your uncle and all his flunkies. Things were going pretty okay in the war–despite me being unconscious after trying to blow Gray’s brains out–until suddenly your cousin shows up and casts this really big spell. Because your mom and I were good PATIENT kids at the time, who knew sex was something that you shouldn’t do until you’re DEAD!!

Lucy: Natsu…

Natsu: Anyway, as I was saying, this spell started giving everyone this weird magic orgasm of death. Except, it only worked on people who weren’t virgins. So me and a bunch of us GOOD INNOCENT KIDS were excluded from this pleasurable pit of death because we didn’t have sex. So the moral of the story is to never have sex. Ever. Or your cousin will come here and orgasm you to death.

Lucy: No…no…that isn’t the lesson here

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