fairy tail arcs


how about some dragon stew???

hey technically that’s not cannibalism, that guy’s human shut up

meanwhile those two are cuttin the veggies

Translated by me, Hiro’s newest tweet: 

“I don’t think Fairy Tail has ‘ended’ yet, even with the original about to. There are some projects, so please, just wait.”

I seriously hope he is referring to games, merchandise, spin-offs…because a new generation thing would just ruin the current story, in my opinion. It’s also possible he is referring to the new anime.

Fairy Tail is ending?!

I just heard that apparently Fairy Tail might be ending and yes, i legit cried. 

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Like a lot

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Fairy Tail has been a massive part of my life for a long time now and  has helped me so much through my loneliness and depression. I have such an unreal connection to it and it’s my escape. So, if i have to say goodbye. I will re-watch every episode, re-read every chapter and every side story and do everything i can before i raise my hand to the sky. 

Cry. And remember the people who have changed the way i view the people in my life and taught me to never say no to an adventure. Thank you Fairy Tail. I will never forget you.