fairy tail 120

If magic's true nature is darkness, so be it.
And if it's light, that's fine, too.
Magic is alive!
Its role changes with the times.
It grows, along with us.
Every person has their version of what "magic" is...
It can become light, or dakness...
Or red, or even blue...
And it is living freely, together alongside Fairy Tail.
I learned that all from you.
My Reaction to Fairy Tail episode 120 :

Everything about this episode was absolutely AMAZING . OMG . I can’t even .

They all go their powers back because ULTEAR made the tree back to normal .!! And they were all so kick-ass in using their magic to win . OMG .

AND THEN . AND THEN the rest of the guild showed up and everyone was to happy and dancing and hugging and I was over here all -ASDFGHJKLLHDSF-

And then the Raijinshu saw Laxus and they were so cute . Fangirling over him as if he was some piece of meat . B'wahaha . And Freed was having some type of heart attack and fangirling and the same time cause of Laxus .

And THEN . When Laxus finds out about Elfman and Evergreen && how he puts his hand on Elfman’s shoulder . OMG . HE SHIPS IT . HE APPROVES . IF LAXUS SHIPS IT , IT’S CANON .

And Juvia comes back and she wanted Gray to ‘punish’ her . But he didn’t want to (we all know he secretly did) .

And then when Erza put on her nurse uniform and started 'treating’ both Gajeel and Gray at the same time . And then both Juvia and Levy got jealous . 



I can’t even . This is by far one of my favorite episodes && my favorite arc .