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Here are some select shots from my first ever Otakon Photo Suite! I’m so proud of this costume that I decided to make this one be the one that gets special treatment. I’m so happy with these photos and I think I look so good in them!

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YOUR FUTUREVERSE ABO AU IS AMAZING \o/ though smh yurio keeps looking like murasakibara from that extra game knb movie to me lol except more angry and blonde ofc and it makes me laugh harder ha ha

WOW so I’m answering this like two months late bc I meant to draw a response but I never got around to it…but HERE TIS

I also noticed several months into drawing older!Yurio that the way I draw his hair is pretty much the same as longer haired Mukkun, but admittedly they both have pretty similar hair styles to begin with and both tie their hair back so it wasn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination…

Height difference and personality aside, I like the thought of these two interacting bc they both have they’re both bratty but violently aggressive and also share the nickname “fairy.” <3

but like seriously tho Yurio’s way shorter than Kuroko, it’s super mindfuck to put charas of these two fandoms together, but that’s honestly mostly bc KnB peeps are all freakin’ giants…

and thanks for liking my silly AU! :’D


<p>I went to a fairy event this weekend and tried out a Shironuri look for the first time. </p>

<p>Dress and Flower Crown made by me: PrincesssChristie</p>

<p>&#10024;&#128149;&#128156; do not remove my caption &#128156;&#128149;&#10024;

My ootd from Monday. We went out to eat for one of my brother’s birthday. His birthday was actually Sunday, but meh… It was really nice. ^_^
Tee~ Miss Alphabet
Overalls~ Torrid
Stockings~ Lolita Charm
Sneakers~ Converse
Hair star~ handmade
Hair elastics~ Cute Can Kill
Star necklace~ The Children’s Place
Pearl necklace~ 6% Doki Doki
Moon necklace~ Kawaii Power Up
Everything else~ offbrand/etc.

My Top 5 Anime Crushes

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#3 - Gray Fullbuster: Fairy Tail

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