fairy poodle

To go along with Snekromancer and Entrabbi, here’s the Grass fakemon starter. It’s a Grass/Fairy Dryad-themed dog Pokemon. Its species names are Cottipup, Dandaline, and Dryaniche.

Cottipup is a very playful Pokemon that is full of energy. It can be too energetic, and can be a hassle for some to handle. It loves to roll around, especially in the dirt. It sheds its cotton fluff constantly, and needs regular grooming.

Dandaline loves to lick everything it comes across, both in order to taste it, and to commit it to memory. Its affinity for nature has become more apparent. It loves to lay in the sun, collecting energy within its fluff that it could then use to share with others or feed to plants.

Dryaniche has become one with nature, and is capable of understanding the wants and desires of the trees and plants around it. Normally having a kind heart, it will take care of Pokemon and humans in need. However, it possesses a wrathful side to those attempting to harm nature, and will even curse them. Despite its kind heart, it can’t help but have a playful side that loves pulling some pranks on travelers lost within the forest. 

Dex Entries

Cottipup- “This hyperactive Pokemon is very high maintenance and will constantly roll around in the dirt and grass while outside. It’s fur works as a natural mulch, and fresh grass and plants will grow wherever it sheds.”

-“Constantly in search of new places to play, it will pounce upon any new plant it sees. It never seems to harm any plants it decides to roll on, perhaps thanks to its light weight. It gets along well with any Grass-type.”

Dandaline- “It has a memory far greater than that of an average human and even some Psychic-types. It loves to lick new things, remembering the taste allowing it to remember most any other detail about the object even years later. Because of this, it is a master of tending and identifying plantlife.“

-"Its fur, a plant material similar to seeds and cotton, collects energy from the sun, which it can transfer to others both flora and fauna alike by nuzzling against them. It is a very caring Pokemon and will readily give its collected energy to those it thinks needs it.”

Dryaniche- “It can communicate with trees and all matter of plantlife and acts as the voice of forests. It is not territorial and will care for and guide any Pokemon or Human that ventures into its home while asking for nothing in return.”

-“This Pokemon is normally kind-hearted, but houses a mischievous and wrathful side under its mask. It will not forgive anyone who harms nature without just reason, even its trainer, and will bestow powerful curses on those that make an enemy of it. Even then, it enjoys pulling pranks and giving those who enter its territory a hard time.”


I had to check out the Harriet model after the momentous discovery @jinglefruit made with the introduction of his winged poodle, Cotton. Consequently, I spent most of my day yesterday designing an assortment of wings and created this trio of faerie poodle sisters. Say hello to Daphne the normal purple poodle, Darcy the normal blue poodle, and Dolly the peppy pink poodle.


yay so these account for my Inktober day 4-6 ~

in honour of episode 3 coming out in a couple of hours (yay!!!) because the gay is intensifying and these are some of my favourite stills from episode 2 :) 

(view the captions for the picture ^^)


my best friend looked over at me rewatching episode 2 when we were out for breakfast with friends and she started fawning over how cute Victor’s dog is, so this is for her :) he is so poof i can’t even (this is coming from someone who is scared of dogs as you all know haha…)

another bonus because i felt like it ;) and because victuuri got me like ;* 

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