fairy poodle


I had to check out the Harriet model after the momentous discovery @jinglefruit made with the introduction of his winged poodle, Cotton. Consequently, I spent most of my day yesterday designing an assortment of wings and created this trio of faerie poodle sisters. Say hello to Daphne the normal purple poodle, Darcy the normal blue poodle, and Dolly the peppy pink poodle.

So My Fursona Ideas

So yall know Azazel right? Well he is not my fursona…well not my main one anyways…I want a fursona that says ME. Im gonna list some ideas i have. If anyone wants to help DM Me!!!


Axolotl, Bearded vulture,  Okapi, Dragon (Wyvern Or Drake Form), Olm (Basically a long axolotl), Panda Bat, Skunk, Pink fairy armadillo, Tufted Deer, poodle moth…..


Crown of Thorns (kind of a need), Angelic, Devilish, Sharp teeth/beak, Stigmata Hands….

If anyone wants to help out that would be gr8888888!


yay so these account for my Inktober day 4-6 ~

in honour of episode 3 coming out in a couple of hours (yay!!!) because the gay is intensifying and these are some of my favourite stills from episode 2 :) 

(view the captions for the picture ^^)


my best friend looked over at me rewatching episode 2 when we were out for breakfast with friends and she started fawning over how cute Victor’s dog is, so this is for her :) he is so poof i can’t even (this is coming from someone who is scared of dogs as you all know haha…)

another bonus because i felt like it ;) and because victuuri got me like ;* 

{please don’t repost as your own or without credit thanks!}