fairy poem

it is part of the
human experience to feel pain
do not be afraid
open yourself to it

- evolving

Girl with a wolf mask.
girl who bites back.
girl with teeth, with claws,
girl with blood on her mouth.

he thinks he can catch her.
thinks he can hunt her down, rifle at the ready, point aim fire point aim fire point aim fire and
he misses.

but there comes a point when even god gets tired. even monsters need sleep. even wolves let their guard down.

girl with a doll face.
girl with no bite.
girl with shiny teeth, with painted nails,
girl with a lipstick mouth.

she looks in the mirror
“this is what he’s done to me,”

girl learns how to fight with bare hands. learns how to tear skin from bone.

new wolf mask
new claws
new teeth
girl never sleeps again.

—  red riding hood wasn’t looking for anyone to save her– lily rain

Flower Fairies ; Fuschia Aesthetic

“Five funny fairies, Fond of fairy-cakes
Flying far from fairyland, Foraging for food
Five fairies feasted, on flowers full of fat
Freesia, Fuchsia, Fairy-fluff, frosted with fig fudge
Five fat Fairies, full of fairy food
Floating back to fairyland, flying far from fast.” - Nick Bagnall

Make no bargains
with trickster gods in the hills.
They may come to you as children or lost students
in bad shoes asking for a cigarette.
Smile, offer the token and do not linger.
Don’t give out your name.
Or they will follow you down the road and lure you into a fairy doorway.
The fair folk live at dusk
and never know what day of the week it is.
Or isn’t.
—  This reality is witchcraft
1. Aurora

Say princess
Say beast
Spinning needle
Eye of an eagle
Line of princes
Undeniable feast

Eternal slumber
They’re worried
No wonder
Weapons carried
To the tower
They hurried

What a surprise
They heard cries
A girl’s voice
It is not
Monster’s choice
Tied in a knot

Wearing a gown,
Her shining crown
Was set down
Holding a sword,
A mighty lord
She launched onward

Blood gushing allover
A demonic hungover
The creature landed
At hell, stranded
A victorious princess
Everyone rejoices

This is the tale
Narrate it, don’t fail
Not a true love’s kiss,
But elaborate kinesis
Queen of disaster
Happily ever after

.                                              pixie
         you are                    a princess
       a being of                a fairy queen
       pixie dust              incandescence
         magic               sparkling –       a
            never           and                      l
      have I laid       grace                   l  
   eyes upon  –  such                      u  
   such unrivaled                           r
      pulchritude                          e
        have you                      
           fluttered – into my heart?
           out of a                                w  
         fairy tale or – did                   o
        artist’s dream     the                  n
        or maybe just       heavens         d
         maybe came           create          e
            to be just                   you         r
               for me                          for
                you                                me?
                  are                 y
                    a            a
                       f     n
—  Pixie girl, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

Flower Fairies ; Daffodil Aesthetic

“I wander’d lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils,
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” - William Wordsworth