fairy market


Fairy: A marketing firm.

Chantilly Lace: A bustling office. That must be exciting.

Fairy: It’s a challenge for sure. Some times I think I spend more time in the office than I do at home. 

Chantilly Lace: I’m sure.

Fairy: And what do you do?

Chantilly Lace: Oh? Me? I’m a painter.

Fairy: Very nice. Is that your work on the wall back there?

Chantilly Lace: I did that one, yes.

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Fairy Togami:
- Found only in high class places such as 5-star hotels, expensive restaurants, or the Togami Headquarters.
- Expensive taste. Consumes and accepts only high quality goods and treatments, nothing less! :p
- Seems to not be able to stand the company of anyone else unless they’re fellow Togami fairies >u>“
- Very competitive and able to do lots of things. Quite perfectionist and truthful, so he may be mean when criticizing.
- Unlike the other Fairies, most (if not all) Togami Fairies won’t let any random commoner be their Keeper. They choose their Keeper carefully and will only let you have them if they see you fit *__*
- If you’re chosen as their Keeper, they’ll have high expectations of you and won’t tolerate any failure. Of course, since they’ve chosen you, they’ll give their 100% and see to it that you succeed. Their pride usually won’t let them accept that they’ve chosen the wrong person. Togami fairies are perfect especially for perfectionists and ambitious people who wants to make it to the top! XD
- Continuous failure might cause them to reevaluate you and leave you. You might have quite a strict life, but if you can keep up with it, the end WILL be fruitful *__*
- Ability: Togami fairies can read the market, or the field, whatever ‘battlefield’ you’re competing in (sports, sales, art, etc. counted in). Show them your current work and at one glance, they can tell you whether it’s gonna succeed/fail in the market. If it’s not gonna succeed, well… Attempt to impress them by finding the solution~ :D

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I swear to fuck, staff, whatever godawful sexist datatrawling you and yahoo have cooked up to suddenly put this bullshit: 

front and centre on my dash needs to fucking stop, OK?

I mean, if I wanted a company to assume I give a shit about laundry detergent because their data says I’m female with a kid, then I’d stay the fuck on Facebook while sipping a cheeky chardonnay liberally seasoned with tears of despair, on account of how I’d be dead inside.

You wanna advertise shit on tumblr? Maybe take a goddamn trawl through the kinds of products your userbase is already reblogging and recommending enthusiastically and which aren’t typically advertised elsewhere, like FtM underwear and geeky gadets and Mountain Lodge candles or whatever, and try to lock that shit down instead, maybe by, oh, I don’t know, forming innovative partnerships with the many small businesses now flourishing as part of the digital craft economy and utilising what makes tumblr a unique marketplace for such items to turn a profit rather than just shilling us the same ugly crap we’re getting everywhere else.   

Just a thought. You’re welcome.   

Old folk tales: Fairies are devious and cunning creatures that will slit your throat if you aren’t careful
Disney: Fairies are beautiful and marketable creatures that every little girl should look up to
Touhou: Fairies are hilariously stupid cannon fodder for our protags to gun down on their way to fight people who actually matter, lol

It’s a refreshing change of pace, to be honest.