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Sorry for bringing this up but I'm generally curious. If you're not Japanese, would it be considered cultural appropriation to dress fairy kei? I would hate to offend anyone or get ridiculed for dressing in a pop-culture fashion from another country.

Nope! It’s not a traditionally Japanese fashion, and while it originated in Harajuku it isn’t really using any cultural aspects, it’s just cute pastel clothing. It also has origins based on American 80′s cartoons (Spank! style) so it really isn’t offensive at all.

Wearing something like a kimono is different, but even then it isn’t cultural appropriation unless you’re wearing it in an offensive way (eg: ~sexy geisha~ halloween costume)

 Most Japanese people encourage foreigners to wear their traditional clothing, and it’s the same with Harajuku fashion! 


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❤Kiki and Lala are just sooooooo cute here and that Unicorn OMG!! LOVE 

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= DIY: Fairy Kei Donut Earrings !? 

= Stuff I used:

❤ Polymer clay, Sculpey clay softener, 20 gauge wire, 2 ear backings, kitchen foil, pliers to cut and mold wire, the back of a small paintbrush,  flat surface, an oven, tweezers, a dotter, nail file I think that was it he he I am SOOO Bad at listing my supplies he he :D

= I do want to mention that if you want to glaze your donut then you are more than welcome to. Another thing was that if you want to add some resin glue to the back of your ear stud to make it more secure then you can also do that. I hope you had fun and liked this tutorial by the way.


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❤Second Song by Klpecraft - song name “8bit goa” I downloaded free from