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Name: Ally
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Hello! Im a wannabe pastel kid that ADORES fairy kei and Vaporwave. I love the 80’s especially. I have tons of cute stationery that I really want to use! I love to meet new people and I’m open to talk about whatever! I like to watch anime and old cartoons! (On Chowder atm) Music wise? I love most oldies! Do you wanna talk about plants with me? because holy moly do I love plants. Especially flowers and succulents! (Im also really big on; thrifting and videogames!!) Thanks for taking the time to read this short description of me! xoxoxo

Preferences: N/A

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Sweet Pastel Koala Halfsuit: Will be up for auction soon!

More detail on one of the 48-hour challenge suits that I recently cleaned up more.

Comes with: Mask, handpaws, armsleeves, legs/pants.
** Feetpaws NOT included! **
*** I will NOT be making any additional parts or modifications to this suit, at this time! ***

Design was inspired by baked sweets, 80’s cartoons, fairy-kei fashion.

Currently has no assigned name or gender, so it’s all up to the buyer!
Some names that have been suggested are:
Cannoli, Cupcake, Kiwi, Gummy, Sprinkles, & Kewpie.

List of details, measurements, & features can be found here:

Light is the oldest game in the world. © Замечательная серия книг. Когда же 4?
These are wonderful books. When will the fourth part come out? 💗💙