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After posting my little YOI fairies on Amino, a member encouraged me to draw a Peter Pan for Yurio (He’s a great Tinkerbell _(:3」∠)_ )

So, HERE WE ARE : Otabek Pan and Yuribell, ready to face Captain JJ Hook, yeeeaaah ! \(•-•)/



Once Upon A Time: The Final Battle

My initial idea was to end the panel here but I have two more on each side I’d like to add. I’ll be on vacation for two weeks but after that there will be four more characters added and then I’ll feel like it’s complete. :)

“my biggest fear is that one day you will see me the way i see myself.” || harry hook

  • Black Fairy: Tomorrow is a very special day for Emma Swan
  • Black Fairy: Tomorrow is the day she dies
Je T’aime (Harry Hook x Reader)

You, (Y/N) Facilier, are fluent in French. You speak it at home, when your father is drunk or tired. It is easier for him to speak the language he grew up with and you learned it because he wanted you to know the language. It was your only tie to where you were born. And though you do not practice it often, it is always fun to speak French. Especially with Gil.


You walked through the many alleyways, looking at the scarves and produce that people were selling when you saw Gil and walk up to him happily.

“Bonjour, Gil,” you say happily and watch as his face lights up. (Hello, Gil.)

“Bonjour! Ça va?” he asks and you shrug. (Hello! How are you?)

“Comme ci, comme ça. Tu aime tes œufs?” you ask him with a knowing smile. (Okay. You like your eggs?)

He nods quickly with a lopsided grin.

“Toujours,” he says before a warm arm wraps around your waist. (Of course.)

“What are we talking about here?” Harry asks and grasps your waist tightly.

You frown and look up at Harry whose jaw is clenched tightly.

“Oh, nothing. Just some stuff,” you say softly to him and watch as he glares at Gil.

Gil does not know what is happening and just smiles, eating an apple.

“Doesn’t sound like just anything,” Harry says and starts to walk away, dragging you along with him.

“Au revoir, Gil!” you say and wave, before turning back to Harry and yanking your hand away.

“What has gotten into you?” you ask him and sigh, crossing your arms.

Your usually plum colored eyes are now amethyst because of your frustration.

“Why are you saying those things to Gil, and talking to him in that language?” he asks.

You just sigh and shake your head.

“Why is that any of your business?” you say and lift an eyebrow curiously.

“Because you’re mine,” he mumbles and wraps both his arms around your waist.

He stares down at you with his lined blue eyes and you can’t help but wrap your arms around his torso as well.

“And I will tell you everything you need to know and you don’t need to know about this, Harry. We’re just talking,” you say and kiss his cheek.

His eyes narrow at your sentence but he sighs and just pulls you close and holds you.


A couple days later, you are eating with Harry in the chip shop and Gil walks up and sits in front of you two and you engage in a conversation with him.

“Ça va?” you ask and munch on your fishy dumplings. (How are you?)

He smiles and shrugs.

“Comme ci, comme ça. J’ai dû nettoyer les chambres du bateau,” he says and shrugs. (Okay. I had to clean the rooms of the ship)

You pout and smile slightly.

“Uma t’a forcé?” you ask and sigh. (Uma forced you?)

The two of you are interrupted by Harry standing up and slamming his hands on the wooden table.

“Stop it! Stop talking in that stupid language! For all I know you could be flirting in front of me!” he says angrily and storms out.

You stand quickly and apologize to Gil before running out.

“Désolé,” you say and run out to find Harry.

“Harry!” you cry out and grab his arm.

He spins around to face you angrily and yanks his arm away from you.

“What do you want? Shouldn’t you be back with Gil, speaking French to each other lovingly?” he cries out.

You huff and shake your head.

“Harry, there’s a reason I’m always speaking French to Gil,” you say and sigh.\

He taps his foot impatiently.

“Yes, tell me?”

You take his hands and smile.

“Gil knew French all his childhood and had to learn English once he started attending Dragon Hall. It comforts him and is easier for him to speak French whenever he can,” you explain and wrap your arms around his neck.

He nods and wraps his arms around her waist.

“I thought he was taking you away from me.”

You smile and kiss him gently.

“Je t’aime.”


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Our Little Land Lover (Harry Hook x Uma x Reader)

Warning: Polyamory and a little bit of swearing.

You walk around the docks, collecting little trinkets and telling people fake fortunes in exchange for food and clothing. Your amethyst eyes entrance anyone passing by, including Uma and Harry Hook.

The two had been together for a little while, never saying or doing anything major in public. While they were together, it never really stops them from noticing good looking people. Harry flirts and Uma simply laughs it off and knows that he is hers and she is his. But you, you were the simple exception. The way your eyes light up and shine when different types of light hit them, or the way you scam people so easily and take everything you need but not too much. They wanted you. And they always get what they want.


It is a simple normal day. Steal, eat, steal more, and go home to enjoy your riches. Every day is a new day at the isle and you try to make it the best. Or the best it could be in your prison.

After stopping at a few shops and telling a couple fortunes, you decide to eat at the fish and chip shop by the docks. It may not be the best food, but the company was always great. Harry and Uma were always talking and chatting you up. It was obvious that they were a couple but they flirt with you endlessly and it makes you slightly concerned.

You walk in with a small smile on your face. Uma instantly gets up from her seat and finds you a table.

“Party of one, do you want your usual?” she asks, a charming smile on her face.

You nod and bite your lip.

“Hurry back,” you say and she winks, walking off to get your order.

The seat next to you is quickly filled by none other than Harry Hook.

“Well, hello there lass,” he said and grinned, leaning close to you.

His gorgeous eyes and mischievous smile is a beautiful pairing and you could not help but be attracted. The thing was, you were also attracted to Uma and it was obvious that Uma and Harry were a couple. They simply like to flirt.

“How are you doing today, did you steal anything from innocent children yet?” you ask simply with a small smirk on your face.

“Not children, but I did my best to steal some jewelry from that Trumaine girl. I know you like your shiny things as much as I do,” he says and lifts up a necklace with his sharp silver hook.

You take a look at it and shake your head.

“Dizzy is an innocent child so I can’t take that. Anyways, you shouldn’t be stealing for me, Harry,” you say and then smile slightly

He pouts and places the necklace on the table.

A voice calls out from the kitchen and Harry turns back, shouting something back.

“It seems like you’re needed,” you say and look over at the boy.

He smiles gorgeously and lifts her hand, placing a kiss on it slowly.

“See you soon, beautiful.”

You roll your eyes and scan the room, seeing Uma walk forward with a tray of food.

“The best for you,” she says and puts the tray of food down in front of you.

“This is great, Uma. I usually get the scum when Gil serves me food,” you say and dive into the dumplings in front of you.

Uma takes the seat in front of you and looks down at you smiling.

You look up and roll your eyes. Why do Uma and Harry think it is okay to flirt with you relentlessly.

“You love the dumplings so I had to force Gil to make them,” she said and shrugs, smiling at you.

You two converse for a while before Harry comes out of the kitchen and whispers something in Uma’s ear. The two of them seem angry.

Uma gets up from her seat and looks back at you quickly.

“We’ll see you soon,” she smiles and walks away with Harry.

You sigh, missing their company but you eat your food and continue with your daily activities.

After stealing from some people, you go back to your stall and take over for your dad. Making your purple eyes glow, you read tarot cards and give people fortunes. You would make deals with people, but you deem it far too hard so you let your father deal with it.

In the middle of a tarot session, two familiar voices interrupt.

“Leave, you little rat,” Harry says to the customer sitting in front of you and holds his hook up.

The person runs and you can’t help but sigh and roll your eyes.

“You can’t just scare away my customers, I need that money,” you say and look up at the pair.

Harry pulls out a couple coins.

“We want our fortunes read, lass,” he says and sits down. Uma sits next to him and you sigh, picking up all your tarot cards.

“Fine,” you mutter and lay out the cards, doing the reading.

The two turn to each and smile widely.

“Do the readings say anything about you being ours?” Uma asks and your eyes widen, looking up to them.

“What?” you ask, dropping all of the cards on the table.

Harry reaches from the other side of the table and takes your hand.

“We want you, to be ours,” Harry says and grins.

You slowly nod, still stunned. They know that you like both of them because they knew that the other was flirting. It is perfect.

You stand and reach over to hug the both of them and they lay a kiss on your forehead. Your cheeks flush and you can’t believe that this is real. They are yours now.


A couple days later, the three of you walk along the docks and you kiss both of them before they get on the ship and stare back at you. You hate water so all you do is shake your head and wink before walking away to go back to stealing. Uma and Harry look at each other with a grin.

“Our fucking land loving idiot,” they say together and shake their heads before going away to do their duties.


A/N: I really think this needs to be a more reoccurring thing.

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Harry’s Tattoos in Auradon

- The FG tries so hard to track down who’s giving tattoos, but NO ONE will tell her.

- Belle and Ben get matching beast tattoos from Harry in secret. It’s actually really cute to see the queen-mother giggling and sneaking through the school with her son to get an ‘illegal black market’ tattoo.

- Belle also refuses to tell the FG who gave her the tattoo. Beast secretly loves it and fully supports her getting anymore she wants.

- Mal storms into Harry’s room in the middle of the night and demands he tattoo one of her designs on her. No one told her that he was the secret tattoo guy, but she narrowed it down.

- Harry and Mal actually become pretty close buddies as they partner on designs. Mal is a great artist and a lot of people want her designs as well.

- Harry teaches Mal how to do stick ‘n poke tattoos when she asks, but she likes designing them more than actually giving them.

- When Jane gets her first tattoo, her mother FLIPS HER SHIT and calls an emergency school meeting where she demands someone tell her who gave it to her. No one does.

- Harry gives the tattoos for free for a while until Uma tells him he could make some serious bank by charging. He’ll take cash or favors. He doesn’t really care what people pay with, so he has little drawers full of trinkets. Evie likes to pay him with new clothes, Carlos pays him with tech work and updates, Mal pays him with spells.

- Harry earns the nickname the Crimson Market so that people can talk about him and his tattoos without the FG being able to track down who it is. (The crimson is obviously b/c of his jacket, which he still wears, and it’s like ‘black market’ but red.)

- FG will try to follow students at night when she thinks they’re sneaking off to the Crimson Market, but every time Harry has an appointment, Mal will give the person a ‘get lost’ spell where they can’t be followed, or an ‘invisibility’ spell until they get to Harry’s room.


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