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Anyone: Why are you single 

Me: I just haven’t found anyone yet

Me to Me: No one will ever be as perfect at my bias ever they just haven’t noticed me yet so I’m just waiting for my own little cute korean drama scenario where the most perfect person comes into my life and they love me like Jung Joon Hyeong loves Kim Bok Joo and we live happily ever after where the sunset falls on the horizon and I stare into their eyes forever and ever

The Signs as Fairies
  • Aries: a little trickster who likes to mess with humans by moving objects like their keys, sometimes they even mess with other fae, they'll take things sometimes but always leave gifts like stones and flowers in return, they glow like embers
  • Taurus: relishes in beauty, collecting gems and shiny things, surrounding themselves with flowers, lives in solitude and is scared of nothing, often revealing themselves to humans, they shine like gold and have wings like corn-silk
  • Gemini: likes to tease humans and other fae alike, they are social and live in the trees, they especially enjoy technology and may mess with phones or anything particularly shiny, they decorate themselves with feathers and flit about so fast they're hard to see
  • Cancer: quiet, shy and gentle, Cancer fairies take care of animals and do helpful little things for any near humans, they live in small groups near water and you might spot them dancing across rain puddles, their eyes are like opals and their skin glows with the light of the moon
  • Leo: these pretty fairies collect shiny bits and pieces and like to hoard away pretty gems and maybe your jewelry, they are highly social and can't stand to be alone, they are very protective of their loved ones and home, they often reveal themselves to human children, they are like small stars and dance with fireflies
  • Virgo: these fairies will often help humans by cleaning their homes or finishing small projects like sewing, they are healers and take care of the animals of the forest, they make their homes in the trees and take refuge with the birds, they blend into the forest, decorating their skin with the earth and leaves
  • Libra: harmony is important to Libran fae, they live in small groups and build their own societies, they keep the forests and gardens they live in safe and healthy, they often twitter in human's ears, they glimmer like Venus in the night sky, skin like clouds and smiles like the horizon
  • Scorpio: these fairies live alone and are usually found near water, they are very hard to find and will cast spells on humans who dare to come near, they sometimes seek out humans but are very very shy, they have dark eyes that hold all of the world's secrets and their skin is painted in intricate patterns
  • Sagittarius: these little fairies are bold and brave, they often don't live together only because they are so busy exploring and collecting trinkets, Sagittarian fairies are very social and often play with human children, their whole being shines and flickers like a flame
  • Capricorn: Capricorn fae are quiet and reserved, they live in gardens or forests and take care of the plants there, they live in the earth and gather crystals, they also help humans out around the house by cleaning and sneak ingredients into your food to make it better, their skin is constantly stained with earth yet it still glimmers like mica
  • Aquarius: they live to serve other fae, humans, and animals, they live in groups of fairies and like to play games and tease humans but also do little things to assist them, they play with birds and butterflies and decorate themselves with flowers, their skin is marked like a blue jay's wings and they shine like the moon through a layer of clouds
  • Pisces: little Pisces fae are always kind to all beings, they live in or near water, they play with animals of all kinds and help them, they often grant humans bits of preternatural knowledge, their skin is pearlescent and their eyes shine like light on water and their wings are like the night sky

Some more variations!

These babies are, as always, totally viable babies!

Every variation here is based off the Fairy Egg Group! These lil ones are based off the lower-most evolution of their lineages, so even though the Easter Bush is labeled as Roselia, it’s a Budew-Togepi variety. Baby pokemon can’t breed, though, so they’ve been labeled with their older forms.

The fun thing is the top three eggshell patterns are based on anime-canon eggs for that particular species! Cleffa eggs are pink with white stars, igglybuff eggs are that soft purple color with pink spirals, and happiny eggs are striped!

Beneath the Shade of the Sunflowers

Hi guys! This imagine was inspired by early beat poetry, (namely Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsberg) so I hope that you like it! It’s starts out really sweet, but ends really filthy? I hope that’s okay lol???? I just wanna blow Tom Holland? (But also love him, and make sure he’s happy forever?)

Beneath the Shade of the Sunflowers

Tom watched her glide a tube of soft, rose lipstick over her mouth and smear concealer beneath her eyes. She dragged a heavy brush through her hair and sighed at her reflection.

    He crossed across the room and slid behind her in the chair she sat in, her legs crossed while Tom’s legs spread behind her back. They were so close that Tom could feel her inhaling. “Sweetheart, what’s the matter?” He moved a stray piece of her hair behind her ear.

    “Meh,” She voiced back to him, looking down at the floor. Tom knew something was bothering her, he just couldn’t decipher what.

    “Don’t give me that, what’s wrong? Let me help fix it,” Tom said as he traced her shoulders through her jumper.

    “I just, don’t, I don’t know, feel that pretty right now.” She paused and Tom’s mouth dropped open, the million and one beautiful things about her were ready to leap from his lips, when she cut him off by speaking again. “I’m breaking out on my chin, my face is too square, and my eyes are too big for my face. My thighs are just, ugh, you know what? Let’s not even talk about those tree trunks right now,” Her lower lip trembled and water sparkled in her eyes. She stopped and leaned forward to fiddle with a makeup brush.

    Tom quickly removed his body from it’s place behind her own, and got down on both knees onto their floor, taking her face in his palms. He kissed her closed eyes and wiped the tears away the best that he could. “Let take you somewhere that will make you feel better.”

    She nodded and Tom grabbed her bag from their kitchen table as he locked the door.

    Truth be told, Tom had planned to take her to this place under better circumstances. He wanted to plan a candlelit dinner, maybe get some eclairs and strawberries, definitely some champagne, but he knew she needed this place right now. Her hand was curled beneath her head as she leaned up against his car’s window, while Tom kept one hand focused on the steering wheel, and the other hand holding her own.

    Tom had found the place while he was hiking with some of his friends and he was completely awestruck by how much it reminded him of her.

It was secluded, hidden beneath layers of trees and leaves. When the wind blew and tickled the leaves, it sounded like groups of fairies flitting from tree to tree. Overgrown sunflowers, daisies and weeds scattered the ground with color and he could hear the soft brush of waves somewhere that he was unable to locate. When the sun bled through the leaves, everything was enveloped in a hazy, dreamy glow.

He wanted to build her a treehouse here.

Tom could picture them, kissing underneath a tree, while the leaves rustled around them and her hair tickled his chin. He thought about her voice echoing through the emptiness, the love that only she could portray through her words, marking the haven as their own.

Tom could visualize them fucking in the treehouse. Blankets, pillows, stacks of novels would be scattered all over the floor, and she’d be begging him to love her harder. He’d hold her hand when she came, and he’d lick the drops of their time together from in between her legs and they’d share a bottle of water when they just couldn’t go anymore.

He parked the car and guided her to the spot, helping her over rocks and debris. Tom couldn’t wait to show her how much she meant to him, even though he wished that he’d had time to build her their treehouse, and to cook her something sweet for dessert.

After thirty minutes of walking, the pair finally reached their destination. Tom let go of her hand and watched, his back up against a tree, as she spun in circles, drinking in the image of their place around her.

She couldn’t believe that Tom had stumbled upon this place. It was like pixie hollow brought to life, and she opened and shut her mouth like a guppy, unsure where to start her exploration.

“When I got lost on that hike I told you about, this is where I ended up. I knew it was made for you because it’s the most ethereal place that I can think of, that I know of. You belong here, with all the trees, and the flowers, and the light. I’m going to make this all for you.” Tom’s boots crunched across the leaves as he made his way over to her. He noticed her eyes were glittering in the sun again.

“I know that you said that you don’t feel pretty right now, so I’m going to comfort you in Allen Ginsberg’s words, because you know that they’re inherently better than whatever falls out of my mouth.” Tom reached out for her, “Poor dead flower? when did you forget you were a flower? when did you look at your skin and decide you were an impotent dirty old locomotive? the ghost of a locomotive? the specter and shade of a once powerful mad American locomotive?

You were never no locomotive, Sunflower, you were a sunflower!   

And you Locomotive, you are a locomotive, forget me not!

So I grabbed up the skeleton thick sunflower and stuck it at my side like a scepter,

and deliver my sermon to my soul, and Jack’s soul too, and anyone who’ll listen,

—We’re not our skin of grime, we’re not dread bleak dusty imageless locomotives, we’re golden sunflowers inside, blessed by our own seed & hairy naked accomplishment-bodies growing into mad black formal sunflowers in the sunset, spied on by our own eyes under the shadow of the mad locomotive riverbank sunset Frisco hilly tincan evening sit-down vision.”

By the time Tom finished, her eyes were glazed over and she was biting down on her lip, rubbing his hand between her own, every so often pressing warm, rose colored kissed down onto his knuckles.

When he opened his mouth to continue, in his words this time, explaining how exquisitely dulcet her beauty was, and how she was his sunflower, she placed a soft kiss onto his lips.

“Let me show you how much I love you,” She said and pulled him by the tips of his fingertips onto the floor where she began to lay. “In the wise words of Gary Snyder, of course.”

Rapidly tugging his arms from the confines of his coat, he shoved it under her head when the pair finally reached their destination in the grass, hidden beneath the leaves of the sunflowers who appeared to be holding hands.

Rolling on top of her, and bracing his elbows on either side of her head, “I don’t want to bump your head on a rock.”

She quirked her head to the side, and laughed against his chest, pushing his over to straddle his lap. She slid the jacket beneath Tom’s head and mimicked his voice the best she could, “I don’t want you to bump your head on a rock.”

Tom pushed her hair all to one side and she flattened out against the firmness of his frame, kissing him as deeply as she could. He cradled the softness of her cheeks between his palms and groaned when she bit his bottom lip. Feeling the flutter of her eyelashes, Tom opened his eyes and felt her moving the rosy, wetness of her mouth down to his neck, while her hands began to unbutton his flannel.

Soon, her lips traced the lines of definition on his chest. Tom groaned and wound his fingers up into her hair. When he pulled her back up to him, her skirt had risen up and he could spot the bows on her pink panties and her mouth was slick from her kisses. Tom groaned again.

“What?” She asked him softly, peeking up at him through her lashes. “Do you like it?”

“Baby,” Tom leaned up on his elbows, “are you fucking kidding me? Of course I do, M’just making sure that my girl is doing okay.”

She made her way back up his body, kissed him lewdly on the mouth and answered him. “Course I am, I love you. I love it here. I wanna make it ours.”

Tom ached in his jeans and he whimpered when she slid her covered center over the bulge hidden inside his jeans.

Crawling onto her knees, she planted kisses down the length of Tom’s chest once more. Her voice was velvet when she spoke again, “What my hand fol­lows on your body/ Is the line. stream of love/of heat, of light, what my/eye las­civ­i­ous/licks/over watch­ing/far snow-dappled Uin­tah moun­tains/Is that stream.”

Tom watched as her tongue flicked over the area just beneath his bellybutton and Tom felt like he  was going to burst. Her nimble fingers plucked the bottom of his jeans open and she licked the length of his chest while she unzipped his zipper.

“What my/hand curves over, fol­low­ing the line./“hip” and “groin”/Where “I”/fol­low by hand and eye/the swim­ming limit of your body.”

One of Tom’s hands made the move to sweep her hair out of her way so that he could watch her. She sucked one of his fingers into her mouth and Tom was engulfed by the damp, tightness that rested behind her closed lips. Her tongue traced over his knuckle and Tom’s hips bucked. How he wanted her tongue elsewhere.

Her hands made slow work of stroking him through his boxers, all the while his finger rested inside her mouth. Their eyes never left each other’s as Tom felt her hands softly drift over the sensitive tip of his cock.

“Darling, be a good girl. Suck me off,” Tom groaned, freeing his hand from her lips.

“Always a good girl for you,” her voice soft and honeyed.

She obeyed and liberated Tom’s aching cock. She licked her lips, watching with her hands in her lap, as it leaked precum.

“C’mon good girl, show me how sweet you are. Take care of that for me.” Tom’s voice melted into her ears as he gently wrapped a hand around her hair. He loved watching her struggle to take all of him in her mouth.

Bringing her lips so close to it that Tom could feel her breath, Tom looked down as she carefully guided her tongue over his slit, licking away his early excitement.

“Does daddy need to remind you how he likes it?” Tom’s voice was gruff and heavy with want.

Blinking up at him, and she held direct eye contact as her lips enveloped his cock.

She gagged around him and Tom was caught between a smirk and a moan. Her tongue licked over the vein on the underside of him, just how he liked, and Tom begged his hips to stay put. He didn’t want to thrust into her mouth right now and surprise her, he always asked her if he was allowed to fuck her mouth before he actually did so.

Tom hissed and helped her up and down his length. He could feel the softness of her cheeks in between his legs and her mouth was just so warm. Tom didn’t know how much he could take.

“You’re doing so good, your mouth is so perfect.” Tom stroked her cheek. “Is daddy allowed to fuck your mouth today, good girl? It is okay?”

She blinked up at him and did her best to nod with him in her mouth. He was already starting to drip down her throat.

“Yeah, it’s alright sweetheart?” Tom clarified once more.

When she nodded her head, Tom wound a second hand through her hair and wrenched his hips up off the ground to buck into her mouth.

Her tongue circled around his tip and she held onto a loop in his jeans as he started to fuck her mouth just as roughly as he would if he was in between her thighs.

Maintaining eye contact, she moaned, knowing Tom loved the vibrations around him while he was so sensitive.

“Do you wanna be a good girl for me and swallow daddy down?” Tom asked, hips barely stilling.

She nodded and Tom thrusted up into the heat of her mouth a few more times, before she felt him spill himself past her lips.

She sucked him off through his orgasm as Tom whispered and groaned about how sweet, and how good she was to him.

After she’d ensured that she had swallowed him all down, she released him from her mouth with a saturated pop. Tom noticed that he had a ring of rose colored lipstick around him as he zipped himself back into his jeans.

She sat back on her heels, feeling shy after what they’d done. Tom looped his arms behind her back and pulled her up to him. He kissed her ever so delicately on her lips, “Are you okay, darling? Do you want some water, do you need anything?” He cradled her to his chest and stared down at her, surveying her mouth for any signs that he’d been too rough on accident.

“Beneath this long caress of hand and eye,” She recited the last line of Gary Snyder’s ‘Beneath My Hand And Eye The Distant Hills, Your Body.’ “‘we’ learn the flow­er­ing burn­ing, out­ward, from ‘below.’” She kissed Tom again. “I’m okay. I love it here, and I love, love, love, love you.” She licked her way down Tom’s still bare chest and Tom stirred once again in his jeans.

“Why don’t you let me show you, with my words and my mouth, how much I love you, my little sunflower?” Tom asked, laying her down, once again in the grass.                      

does anyone else want a place to discuss fairy tail, among other things, as well as make lots of new friends? if so then join the fairy tail WhatsApp chat. just follow the rules below and ill add you to the chat as soon as possible. If 24 hours have passed and you are still not in it please contact me so that i can fix the problem. to join you must be comfortable giving me you phone number but know that I will not share it with anyone

How to join

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Chat Rules

  • This chat will not tolerate hate directed at any person, ex; hate for ships is okay, but hate aimed at the shippers isn’t
  • dont fight with others in the chat, if you have disagreements please try to work it out in a civil manner
  • if you aren’t following the rules then I can and will kick you out, but I will probably give you a warning first

I hope that you join and I cant wait to talk to all of you


   hello one and all!!  this is a simple,  laid back,  low maintenance harry potter au group verse!!  it’s going to be set present day and we can just make things up as we go along!!  this is meant to be a no - stress zone and just for fun.  you can bring in as many muses as you want into the au just remember to have fun and be respectful to everyone.  once this gets going,  maybe i’ll plan events and things like that later down the line!


 01.  don’t leave anyone out and make sure to reply to everyone who makes a starter!
 02.  don’t get all grumpy or upset if someone makes a mistake regarding harry potter/hogarts whilst rping in this au,  there’s no need to make a fuss.  it happens folks!
 03.  be polite and patient,  every one has replies and a life outside of this little au.  ♡
 04.  have fun!!
 05.  tag to track:   group au: harry potter.


   just leave me an ask/im with the muse(s) and their house!  i’ll do the rest.

* ♡. CURRENT HOGWARTS STUDENTS (under the cut)!

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for auld lang syne, my dear

Otayuri Week Day 2:  Social Media or Celebrations

Words: 1.7K

Featuring: a group chat, an inconsolable instagram fandom, and a new year’s engagement

AO3 link

Skating Gays

–10 Dec, 14:32–

Christophe: So what’s everyone doing for new year?

Katsudon: …why?

Christophe: I’m going to London and wondered if any of you wanted to join me


Katsudon: We will?

Victor: I’m booking plane tickets now so yes, pack a bag

Phichit: This is going to make for some great Instagrams I can see it now

Phichit: I’m in

Kazakhstan’s Hero: I’ll go if Yuri goes

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Communication Problems

Context: we were starting a homebrew campaing, and the characters were: a blind minotaur, a fairy, a human and a mute goblin who communicates via text on a paper. The fairy hates the human. We had to find an inportant book for the minotaur, but we had to pay a gigantic entry free that we didn’t had

Human: So, why don’t we break in the library?
Minotaur: No we can’t, I don’t like this idea. It’s better that we do some missions and pick money to enter.
Human, hella pissed: Okay, fine, you can do what you want, but I won’t stand here waiting. And fairy - *picks fairy* - I need to have a converstion with you.

So the four are separated in two groups: Fairy and Human, and Goblin and Minotaur.

Human: Okay fairy, I think is time to make a truce: We go to the library, steal the book, make that stupid minotaur pay a ton, and split the money between us. What do you think?
Fairy: I think you got a new ally for the time being!
And the two do a bro fist, with the human almost killing the fairy.

Minotaur: So, let’s pick some missions already, shall we?
Goblin, passing a paper note to the BLIND minotaur: …
DM, laughing like there’s no tomorrow: YOU JUST REALISED THAT!?
Minotaur (OOC): The blind minotaur stuck with the mute goblin, with no means of communication, what could go wrong?
Human (OOC): *laughing at the minotaur’s demise*
Minotaur (OOC), laughing too: Oh god, shut up.

cxlestiaal  asked:

Do you have anymore rogue art ? I just love it !

Can I add some Stingue?? Yes?? thank

I’m so sorry

Sting’s shirt is based on @blue-shadow-fire-dragon‘s picture and @lisannastraussisanangel’s headcanon

I have way too much unused Slayer art in my folders

boop, new fanfic:

Some Observations on Fairies - by Patchouli Knowledge

It’s been a very long time since I wrote something new with a comedy slant, so I decided to give it a shot again. Also, I’ve been wanting to write something with Clownpiece in it ever since VFiS started, so here it is.

AO3 blurb:

A case study by Patchouli, documenting a normal day for a group of fairies: After learning that Clownpiece has never seen candy before, the Fairies of Light decide to rob a candy shop. 


  • If you squint really hard, you can tell that Star is my favorite member of the Fairies of Light.
  • Cirno is there too. 
  • If you thought Renko was a sarcastic asshole of a narrator, let me introduce you to: Patchouli Knowledge.
  • As promised, some kind of shitty fairy version of Ocean’s Eleven.
  • Remember when I talked about how I’d gotten a story idea so dumb that only one other person would think it was a good idea? This is it. The idea was framing a story as a thesis paper by Patchouli, so you get about 500 words of her ranting about the sorry state of modern scholarship before the story itself actually starts.
Unfinished sketches

Newt x artist reader

Newt has a perfect saturday planed In the forbidden forest, until he stumbles across you.

Master list

Originally posted by surrender-unicorn

Newt awoke to the early morning sun, shining through the crack in the curtains of his four poster bed. Stretching, and flinging the patchwork quilt back, he almost leapt out of bed, grabbing a change of clothes and his wash bag, he quickly got ready for the perfect Saturday he had planned.

Pulling his rain boots on before hurrying to the nearly empty great hall, where he had a quick slurp of tea and a slice of toast, before he stood to leave he grabbed a handful of toast for the giant squid.

Newt walked briskly through the corridors, desperate to get outside and take his first breath of fresh, spring air.

Newt slowed to stroll once he pushed open the heavy ornately carved door to the grounds. Morning due still clung to the emerald grass, the sun making the drops sparkle like diamonds.

Newt tossed a slice of toast into the lake, a large Tentacle emerged from the seemingly black water, scooping up the snack and dragging it down to the waters inky depths.

A fond smile on his face, newt carried on down the worn dirt path, and to the edge of the thick forest, where countless magical creatures called home.

Stepping carefully so as not to disturb anybody. Coming to a clearing, newt spotted a girl perched on a large rock, sketch book in hand, pencil flying furiously across the page, a slight furrow of concentration on her brow. She was rather pretty, newt thought, looking utterly at home among the trees, rays of sun shining through the leaves, and onto her, giving her an almost other worldly glow.

A fairy was posing opposite her, looking over its shoulder, so the girl could get every detail of the creatures delicate insect Like wings.   

Newt crept into the clearing, unfortunately he wasn’t as stealthy or graceful as he was in his head. His rain boot rustling the leaf littered forest floor, startling the fairy, disappointment clear on the girls pretty face, as the creature fluttered away.

Newt leant sideways, in front of the saddened girl, ‘excuse me, hello, I  can show where the fairies habitat, if you like?’ newt offered, finding his courage. The girl looked up at him with nothing short of wonder, ‘your, your Newton Scamander?’ she asked, slightly taken off guard, newt only nodded. “professor grubblyplank suggested I speak to you, I think she was getting tired of my questions.’ Newt chuckled ‘but I would love to see the fairy habitat, if it’s not too much trouble.’ She added, getting to her feet and bundling up her things.

A broad grin creeping onto newts cheeks, as the pair of you walked through the forest, chatting about classes, creatures and y/n art, which she had promised to show him. Ducking under branches, and stepping over logs, offering each other assistance when required.

Newt pushed up a thin leafy branch, for y/n to duck under,  before he guided her to a tree, where he knew a group of fairies called home.

Y/n peeked into the hollow of the tree, observing the creatures, the brightest of smiles gracing her beautiful face, her eyes full of excitement as she looked back to newt.

“oh this is wonderful.’


Have a great day and be safe

Now Accepting Reserves!

ONCE UPON A TIME…Was a kingdom straight out of a storybook; bustling town’s people full of life and freshly baked goods, a Humongous castle, home to the beautiful yet mysterious royal family and a lush forest where magic hums with possibilities. Enter the pages and create a fairytale of your very own.

Fable Kingdom is an original character roleplay group, based on the magical worlds we know and love from fables and fairy tales. We invite you to join in as your own version of a well-known character or create a brand new muse to join in the fun.


fairy tail skype group

hello fairy tail fandom! i really want to put together a skype group chat where we can discuss the latest chapters, ship moments, and everything fairy tail! you will gain followers and friends from joining!! so if you’re interested in making new fandom friends then send me your skype through an ask or message <3 (ps. please reblog this for signal boosting)