fairy girl on a swing

Give me all the AUs that focus on Mabel’s fear of growing up.

Give me Mabel in Neverland, Mabel who’s so good at flying that she almost hits her head on the ceiling as soon as the fairy dust touches her, Mabel who laughs that she’s not going to be anyone’s mother just because she knows how to sew. Give me Mabel fighting pirates and believing in fairies and swinging Lost Boys (and Girls) through the trees with her grappling hook.

Give me Mabel with a daemon that’s constantly changing form, slipping from squirrel to cat to pig to butterfly moment to moment as if doing so will hold off the inevitable day when he won’t be able to change at all. Give me Mabel whose daemon used to match her brother’s more often than not being frightened of how it will feel when they finally settle into different things.

Give me Mabel who see faeries in the woods, not the small sparkling ones, but tall and glamorous and ageless, who call to her with promises of eternal youth and sing The world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

Give me the OTGW AU where it’s Dipper who leads them into the Unknown but Mabel who unconsciously keeps them there, not out of despair but out of uncertainty. Give me Mabel who’s frightened of the road home without knowing what it is, because when life is changing so quickly the static calmness of limbo feels safer, even if she can tell it isn’t where she belongs.

And give me, every time in every universe, Mabel who decides to be brave, to grow up without losing herself, to let herself mourn over leaving childhood behind but also to look forward with hope instead of fear. And give me a world that rewards that hope.