fairy fairies

187-MACHEEP [Papier Mache-Sheep]
-The Colored Paper pokemon
-Ability: Cheek Pouch - Harvest (HA)
-Dex: “It lives in small groups roaming the fields in search for berries to it, and only the most colorful ones; eating only makes the most colorful berries makes their wool shine with the most amazing color.  Since their digestion is so slow, the berries they eat remain so much time inside they become naturally crystalized, which makes them a very unique and rare candy, but as to date selling this candy is against the law, for to get it, it must be taken from inside the MACHEEP before it is fully digested.”
    -Magical Leaf
    -Natural Gift
    -Happy Hour
    -Cottong Guard

–>Evolves from MACHEEP at lv 30 with no affection<–

188-KRAMPURRITO [Krampus-Burrito]
-The Steel Frame Pokemon
-Ability:  Intimidate - Stamina (HA)
-Dex: “Many tales are told about KRAMPURRITO and how it cames to be, many beleiving it as a malevolent creature who eats misbehaving children with its iron teeth although many think that is only a legend to scare small kids. This pokemon who was once a small herbivore has now evolved into a vicious carnivore that will pray into any small creature, pokemon or human, and will require a strong hand to tame, it is not strange to hear of a trainer that has been attacked by its one KRAMPURRITO, many with the missing fingers to prove it .”
    -Wood Hammer
    -Iron Head
    -Metal Sound

–>Evolves from MACHEEP at lv 30 with 2 levels of affection<–

189- PAPIERAPHIM [Papier Mache-Seraphim]
-The Paper Dress Pokemon
-Ability: Pixilate - Serene Grace (HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons body is lighter than paper and can easily take flight into the air, yet, it can witstand a storm without moving an inch, such power has made people to believe this pokemon to have supernatural powers, to be blessed or even to be considered a divine messenger. To raise this pokemon one must take deep care of it, to always keep it clean and groomed, for it will react with adversion to any form of impurity, and the sight of blood can make it fall ill.”
    -Hyper Beam
    -Petal Blizzard
    -Dazzling Gleam
    -Nature Power


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13 Things You Didn't Know About The End Of Fairy Tail (Probably)

NEW VIDEO MY SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Here are 13 hidden things in the last chapter about :

1- Arius & Mia : What does these names means ?

2- Lucy & Day Break : The importance of the name of Lucy’s award

3- Lucy & Michelle : Lucy’s book “Iris Adventure

4- Musical Note Covers : A coded message ?

5- Lucy Heartfilia : The wink to her 1st design

6- Makarov Drear : His old design

7- Makarov & His handicap : An mistake in the last page? Or?

8- Natsu & End : The missing scar ?

9- Natsu & Anna : Who is the child at the center of the room?

10- Natsu 1st day in FT & FT Zero : The symbol of the last words of Mashima !

11- Gray & Juvia : 413 Days - The hidden clue!

12- Erza & Jellal : A wink to their childhood !

13- FT : 11 years of adventure! - But not exactly…only less than 1 years !!

Good watching ;)


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I’m so sorry for my absence (4 months without videos: o, don’t kill me I have a good reason XD)

Thank you so much for all your private messages, your support and to always be there even though I don’t publish videos! it made me so happy!

But don’t worry ! I’m not dead ^^ (for those who asked me! lol )

There are two more videos that I have to edit and that I promised you so

- Part 2: Confirmation theories in the last chapter and why fairy tail will continue

- and Part 3 : will be about why the Nalu exists

 Simply, I’m working on a big project about fairy tail, a huge project where I’m going to need all your support !!! It is for this reason that I was unable to reply to your messages, make new videos, drawings etc.

Because I’m totally immersed in this big project, it takes all my time since almost 7 months, I work really to the maximum, and I’m so excited to make you a video to explain everything !!!

 I cannot say anything yet because I would like to do things well, I really waited to write at least 250 pages to be able to be sure of myself and start totally this project ^^

 For those who know my work with my theories, imagine this but 100X more sought ^^

 I really hope that this project will be realize and that my subs will support me and appreciate this, because it’s a project that could take me a lifetime! I cannot wait to tell you about this, because for months I have to keep everything for myself XD

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Descendants AU where the VKs has to wear these bands around their wrists when they get to Auradon, which could shock them if they were doing something considered bad.

  • The Fairy Godmother was the one who had the controller and although she had one of two incidents where she was hesitant to use it, she has never actually pressed the button.
  • The controller and bands were supposedly unbreakable and would only be damaged by an extreme amount of magic.
  • Even through the bands, the group could still feel a rush of energy from all of the magic in the air when they crossed to Auradon.
  • Evie being totally determined to make them fashionable despite claiming that the bands are one of the most unflattering pieces of jewelry that she’s ever seen.
  • The bands served as a painful reminder to the VKs that no matter how much fun they have in Auradon, they are different than everyone else.
  • The first time the button was ever pressed was during the Family day incident when Jay got in Chad’s face after he pushed Evie. When The Fairy Godmother didn’t comply to his orders, King Adam grabbed the controller and pressed the button, which sent the four VKs into fits of agony.
  • At the Coronation, Malfiecent got ahold of the controller and had used it against the VKs when they didn’t follow her orders. Despite the group being in utter pain, Jay managed to hit the object out of her hand with a stick, which sent it flying to the ground and shattered into pieces, wheras their bands unlocked and fell the floor as well.
  • “Unbreakable, my ass…”
  • When Maleficent was defeated and the whole situation was handled, the four had been told that they were allowed to stay in Auradon. They still expected to be forced to wear the bracelets but, suprisngly, The Fairy Godmother had stood of for the bunch and claimed that they had done more than prove themselves to be truly good.