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Can I have a list of sexy blonde guys in anime?(I don't really like long hair). If you can't find any that's ok!

hmmm sexy blonde guys in anime. Excluding any with long hair.

Matsuoka, Masamune (Aoharu x Kikanjuu)

Toma (Amnesia): Not a very good anime in my opinion… also Toma isn’t all that great of a choice… But he is blonde and attractive.

Kanbara, Akihito (Beyond the Boundary): Sexy may not be the right word but he sure is an attractive cutie!

Kaginuki, Rem &  Nanashiro, Mage (Dance with Devils): The two blondes

J. C. Ashenbert, Edgar (Earl and Fairy): He’s blonde…

Tsukishima, Kei (Haikyuu!!): It’s the glasses thing again…

Yogi (Karneval)

Agemaki, Kei (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

Kurusu, Shou (Uta no Prince Sama)

Yagami, Riku and Kohinata, Hozumi (Prince of Stride: Alternative): Currently watching

Heiwajima, Shizuo and Kida, Masaomi (Durarara!!)

Kise, Ryouta (Kuroko no Basket)

Anyway that’s what i’ve got from the anime i’ve watched so far! I decided to stick to yellow-blonde for the most part. Feel free to send in more!

May I Have this Dance

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time!Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

I accidentally answered @thesingerqueen’s prompt privately. Stupid tumblr. This one is for: McKirk + Royal!Au

“Presenting his royal highness, Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy, Crown Prince of Atlantea.”

As soon as the announcement is made, the whispers begin, and Leonard feels a scowl coming on. It’s well known that Prince Leo, as the public insists on calling him, doesn’t really do public appearances, not official ones anyways. He hasn’t been at an actual political even since he’d surprised the world by forgoing the military, a royal tradition, and instead enrolling in med-school .

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