fairy apple

La Reine des Neiges et quelques autres contes, par Hans Christian Andersen.(1805-1875).
Illustrés par Edmond Dulac.(1882-1953).
L'Édition d'Art
H. Piazza. Paris.

Le jardin du Paradis

“La Fée écartant les branches de l'arbre se glissa dessous.”

Of Apple Cores and Dancing

Princess! Levy + Knight! Gajeel commission for @walk-tall-my-fr1ends! Thank you for the commission, Sarah! You are so amazing and sweet <3

characters: levy, gajeel, natsu, lucy, cana

pairing: gajevy, with small hints of nalu

word count: 1.8k

Levy tried to love her betrothed. She really did. He was handsome in his own way, and she enjoyed his company. The way his eyes lit up when he talked about his cat was something that she’d always admired–as a friend. If he found the right woman, he might fall head over heels. Natsu and Levy were more friends than they were lovers, and most of the time they spent alone together was talking about Levy’s problematic crush on the guard who had never paid her a second glance.

One of those times was spent when Gajeel was on guard in the perfect place for Levy to stare at him out the window with a dream in her head of being married to him with twins–a boy and a girl. Natsu sat on the stoop, eating an apple noisily.

Her mind’s dreams being interrupted, Levy growled at her betrothed and bustled to the other side of the room to brush her hair. When he saw her for the first time, she wanted to look her best.

“So you like the grumpy type, eh?” Natsu questioned from his position in front of the window in Levy’s room as he aimed the apple core at Gajeel below.

“He’s not grumpy!” Levy said from her side of the room where she brushed her hair. When there was silence from Natsu at the window, she became suspicious. He was like a toddler–anytime he was alone and it was quiet, Levy got nervous. Placing her brush in its’ spot, she ran to the window.

“Natsu?” she asked, looking around. The man was nowhere to be found, as usual, but she could hear a familiar voice yelling obscenities up at her. A voice that she had heard only in her dreams and to the king.

Peering down, she found that Gajeel had his arms crossed and was staring up at her. Even from how far up she was, Levy knew his gaze was intense. She would love to be stared into by those eyes.

“Sorry!” Levy offered, throwing her hands up in the air with a confused expression. Gajeel threw one last word at her–which she knew was a bad one, considering how many times she had heard Natsu use it at people that won a game against him–and walked away to the other side of the castle.

Well, Levy thought sadly, at least she had brushed her hair that day.

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Ever After High Schools

The world of Ever After High offers so many possibilities that are rarely ever explored. One of these is what other high schools exist in the universe of Ever After High. Here are my headcanons. 

Ever After High

This one’s obvious since it’s the main school that all of the descendants of fairy tale characters go to. But it’s not all of the descendants, is it? There are several fairy tales missing. Where do those people go to school? I’m glad you asked.

Beanstalk High

School for giants, but I imagine that trolls, ogres, and the occasional elf also attends Beanstalk.

Wonderland High

I really wish that they would expand on the wonderland characters and on their world as a whole. It would be great to see a spinoff episode about students at Wonderland High. Even if school only lasts for a day.

Camelot High

A school for knights, and ladies, and the occasional wizard. Camelot High is like Ever After High in that it is full of honorable knights and stuffy traditions. Can you imagine the potential characters? Can you imagine the potential male characters? Seriously, EAH needs more guys. This would be a great place to put them.

The Academy for Mythological Beings

TAMB for short. TAMB is full of gods and goddesses of all mythologies. This is where several of Cupid’s cousins go. I like to imagine that they’ve been banned from sports because they all have magical powers that help them win every single time.

Hecate’s Academy for the Magically Gifted

You know how every district has that one kinda scary school? Well, that’s Hecate’s. Filled with witches and wizards using their powers for both good and evil, Hecate’s will take anyone with magic. As such, they get some pretty scary kids.

Classic High School

This is the school that everyone forgets about because they aren’t good at sports and never end up on the news. Classic High is filled with characters from classic novels. And I mean the original characters. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, Pip from Great Expectations. All of these characters go to school together, and man is it dramatic. 

Neverland High

This school doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, it hasn’t existed since Peter Pan moved to Neverland. High school is part of growing up, and Neverland is about not growing up, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a school.

Forest High School

This is a school that miscellaneous side characters attend. This school is all about figuring out who you want to be. These students don’t have destinies like the ones at Ever After or Camelot High, even though they’re from the same area. This is the Hufflepuff of the high schools - the place where everyone is accepted, no matter what.